"So … they just grow this huge structure, in order to ensure that they can stretch out the dust and cover the fog, and at the same time, they can get better sunlight. We crazy growth creatures will die soon after running out of nutrients, but now everything here is proved …"

"They have a way to live without finding their prey."
"It seems that they are not things that disappear so easily," said the captain. "How is the communication now?"
"Captain, the communication here is still not working." One of the players adjusted the com at the top of the mushroom. "There is no response to the signal."
"Still no …" The captain said, "Forget it, let’s go."
"Wait a minute …" Suddenly the player said, "There seems to be some … response"
"Response?" Captain hurriedly walked to come over.
Crack!’ At the moment when the captain came over, an image popped up in the communication device, and there was a … creature in the image.
"What is this?" Captain looked at the biological question in the image.
This creature looks round and white, giving the captain a very strange feeling. According to reason, the information received should be some Atlantean troops outside.
"I don’t know …" The player was also puzzled. "But it connected us."
In the picture of "You didn’t act according to the standard character", there is another creature behind the creature. This creature seems to have a big mouth and it actually speaks Atlantean language to communicate with them.
"You are too peaceful with each other, there is no hostility to each other and there is no despair and fear to commit suicide," said the creature. "Why not do that?"
"What did you say?" The captain said, "What the hell are you … Wait, who are you and how did you contact us? Can … "
Bang!’ Before the captain finished speaking, the picture was gone.
"What the hell was that?"
….. at the same time, the other side.
"It seems that they are not the same."
Here is a remote virtual place named’ Moon’. The tumbling person is slowly rotating and tumbling in the star, and Maya, an island on this side, is looking at the image in front of her with the exploding bug.
Its virtual information receiving device has seen a lot of images. Recently, Maya likes to watch an image, which is the image of Atlan.
It has become a fungal world. Maya is interested in it. Those fungi decided to observe them.
However, it recently saw those Atlanteans, who are still struggling to survive in the fungal world. Maya also became interested in them and made some observations on their lives.
And Maya found that these personality creatures were not quite the same as it thought.
Maya has seen many virtual people’s shadows, and many of them are similar stories in which the world is full of destruction and monsters and the virtual people struggle to survive.
In these stories, the main description is not that the imaginary people fight with monsters, but that the imaginary people rob each other in the destruction of the world, showing that they will not be cruel at ordinary times, showing that they can do anything when they live, while the weak commit suicide in fear and despair …
And this group of creatures with the same personality, Atlan, is experiencing the same situation, but they are quite United, and there is no attack, looting, fighting or living to kill the same kind. Although they are divided into multiple camps, the camps will share any news immediately and they will share food at the same time.
This made Maya feel strange because it was different from the usual situation of sexual creatures.
However, Atalanta is just a study of Maya by the way. Its main meaning is that those fungi have stopped spreading in that world and entered a stage of’ self-produced nutrients’.
But they seem to have more stages. Maya found many signs that this creature is entering a new state … an unprecedented state.
Besides, it seems that Chibucha bugs are mixed in.
Chibucha can live in a fungal environment and come to Maya to recognize their main group, the center of the fungal coverage zone. Unfortunately, Atlan didn’t dare to go to Maya and didn’t have a chance to see the information there.
Maya thought of a way.
It’s connected to Atlan again.
"Captain’s communication is coming again!"
Captain Atlan appeared in the picture. Before it could speak, Maya asked the bug to say, "You go to the center of the fungus zone."