Night mark waved a pike in his hand and looked at the monks who were ready to go. "How big can you break through me? Now they are going to start gossiping. I won’t say much. Let’s kill them first."

At this time, everyone was ready to deal with this Datang army, and they were all ready to fight to the death.
Li Yan’s heart is not optimistic. Although he has not seen the strength of this army in his barracks, judging from the momentum, the strength of this army is absolutely not underestimated. It is possible to die here.
"When it’s really bad luck, it’s just out of the Longtan and into the den."
Li Yan complained a little in his heart that if these people didn’t doubt the truth of their words, they would have made such a situation, and now they might have gone out.
I believe that these troops can really trap us to death, and everyone will rush out with me.’ An alchemist roared at an alarming speed and wanted to escape from this place.
When his monks saw this, they followed him in succession, and they also felt that it made sense that so many monks in the refining god’s condition even beat those military captains across the street, but it was easy for them to kill their own department if they wanted to leave. It was just a joke here
Who can stop the Godsworn who wants to leave here?
Tuoba smiled coldly. "I really don’t know that the little army is not as fragmented as your brothers. You have never seen the strength of the army. Today, I will show you what is the way for the army to kill the enemy."
"A captain began to suppress them."
"yes, general"
With the order of dozens of a captain, they don’t know what magical powers they have learned, and all the magical powers have merged into one place to form a big net from the sky.
"bang! Bang! Hey! "
More than a dozen monks who tried to refine God’s condition bumped into that divine power woven net, and all of them were shocked back. A powerful force formed a natural barrier for them to cross.
"How is it possible that divine power out of body can form such a great power to stop us from refining the Godsworn?" An unbelievable Godsworn said.
"Hum, no matter what means he has, everyone will join hands to bomb this weird net. I don’t believe this thing can defend against all our attacks."
At the same time, everyone nodded in unison.
"Stupid thing. The Datang Dynasty patching up the sky net is not so easy to break. Haven’t you ever heard this sentence? Give me pressure to "
TaBaHan a wave of his hand that piece of condensed by divine power skynet suddenly fell the fine mesh at this time of cutting like a sharp blade.
A Godsworn was surrounded by Skynet. With the contraction of the net that day, the Godsworn was cut into pieces, and blood fell like rain.
"psst ~!" Many monks gasped that this ugly thing should have such great power.
Tuoba Han said with a smile, "Cut up a few monks who refine God’s condition and still be able to do it. If there is a monk who manipulates Nova’s condition, you people will be chopped up without resistance."
Then he motioned for another day that the net would not continue to fall, but float in the middle to form a barrier.
This barrier is simply a gap between life and death in the eyes of all.
Li Yan saw this and couldn’t help but say, "I knew this Tuoba Han couldn’t win the battle. If there was no ten-level assurance, how could he choose to slay these people? You know, people here would fall short if they wanted to get out of here."
However, Tuoba Han didn’t give people a thought to prevent the Godsworn from escaping. After that, he made "the archer is going to shoot these people for me".
There is a mountain peak with a strong bow, and the monks have a spiritual environment and a spiritual environment. However, there is no doubt that the bows and arrows in these people’s hands are all in uniform. The reason is that the bowstring is made of different materials and the strength is different. So, the arrows of the Xuanqi level are enough to threaten everyone.
Lingyunmen Leyi’s face suddenly changed. "Damn the number of these troops, but where did you get such a large number of excellent weapons?"
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven All arrows are fired.
It is impossible for an army in charge of ten cities to have such excellent weapons, which is known to everyone who knows something about the Tang Dynasty.
It can be seen that this army not only has a large number of soldiers, but also has unimaginable weapons. This army is not like an army responsible for the safety of ten cities, but rather like a special warfare army. Only with this army can we get the best military assets and weapons.
Although Tuoba Han is in charge of the army, he is a small group of troops, but it is natural that he has enough money to get a batch of excellent weapons because he plays the role of a rogue all the year round.
It can be seen that it is not these monks’ turn to feel that the troops of the Tang Dynasty are well-armed.