Yang night also gather together curiously in the past to look into the room also froze.

The light in the room is very bright, which is completely different from the whole Mu family atmosphere. There is a bed in the innermost window of the room, and there is a girl lying flat with a thin sheet. The twin peaks on her chest are really scary!
Yang Ye walked quickly over, took a closer look at the surprise and shouted, "Little girl?"
South glory magic to ask "little nan? Is she the girl who pushed you to Haiti by the Jinshi Islands? "
"Yes, yes!" Yang Yexing excitedly laughed out and looked closely at "She was the first silly girl that day". Looking at Xiao Nan at Yang Yexing with a smile, I don’t know if it was an illusion. He felt that Xiao Nan’s chest was much bigger than when Jinshi Islands first met her.
Just looking at the bed, the little girl turned her head slowly because of the noise, and suddenly her eyes widened slightly. "Ah! Who! "
Yang night saw the little boy open his eyes and got a fright and straightened up. "Don’t be afraid, we are not bad people …"
Before the words were finished, Xiao Nan sat up in bed and stared at Yang Ye in horror and shouted "Li Huai!"
Yang night one leng suddenly realize shit! I’m not masked! How to forget this stubble!
The little girl shrank in horror and leaned against the window, trembling with tears. "Li Huai-"Li Huai, I know you will come back for us, but I really … I really didn’t mean to kill you. Please leave me alone, Li Huai … "
Oh, by the way, I’m a dead man here, Xiao Nan. Yang Ye smiled unconsciously at the thought.
Yang night this smile little girl is more afraid of her for a long time often have nightmares about this, she accidentally pushed Li Huai, Haiti to find her and claimed her life, and now she doesn’t know whether it is a dream or not, but this Li Huai is so real and … And it’s so scary with a smile!
The little girl was frightened and shivered, and took the most original way to escape her fear. She suddenly pulled up the sheet and covered her head, and then she held back all her strength. Suddenly, she screamed, and the glass of the bedside cupboard suddenly cracked.
Yang night and south glory illusion were startled, both covered their ears and looked at each other and ran out of the room.
Outside the building, there has been a chaotic sound of footsteps and people yelling at the little girl. I don’t know how many people will be attracted. Yang Ye dragged Nan Rong Phantom and ran Nan Rong Phantom earnestly shouting, "What are you running for? Why not fight? "
"Can’t play! We can’t let Mu Mingfeng know it’s us without covering our faces! " Yang night low said, dragging south glory magic ran to the end of the corridor along the window they turned in and jumped out to grab the windowsill outside the wall.
There are also figures shaking in the building. Yang looked at the night and nodded at Nanrong Magic. Two people quietly continued to climb up.
On the third floor, there was another room with lights on. Looking at the Yang night probe, there was no one inside, so he turned over and jumped in.
South glory magic followed in and looked around like Yang night.
The room is quite large. There is a big bed, several bunks and a big desk. There are many strange oil paintings and some unrecognizable characters hanging on the wall. In a big frame on the wall, there are more than a dozen scary, twisted and painful masks neatly placed. There is a very old piece of paper on the Facebook desk. Yang Ye walked over and picked it up and stared at it. "This seems to be witchcraft! It’s the page in White Sea Evil! "
Nan Rong Huan also came over and took a look at his head. "That’s Mu Mingfeng now!"
Yang Ye glanced at the single page in a hurry, folded it up and put it in his arms, wondering, "White Sea Evil is a remnant. Then this page should be the second half of White Sea Evil, but what can be a single page?"
"Check it again!" South glory magic said to turn up the desk.
Without it, two people’s eyes were harvested and placed in the bedroom in its direction.
What surprised the two people even more was that there was a huge glass partition on the other side of the house. It can be clearly seen that there was a small garden with flowers, grass, pavilions and real estate!
"Such a big bedroom? And a room garden? This must be Mu Mingfeng’s bedroom? " South glory magic around looking at amazing and said
"It should be?" Yang night nodded, "In this case, I am afraid that I must have his intention." Talking, Yang night gently walked towards the garden.
The glass door of the garden flashed in tandem with Yang Night and Nan Rong Illusion, and the garden was not small. From time to time, one or two cats and dogs jumped out of the flowers and plants, wagging their tails at Yang Night and Nan Rong Illusion or simply taking a look and running away.
There is a faint smell of cigars in the garden. Yang Ye Nan Rong Huan looked around the flowers in two directions respectively. From walking across the lawn, he saw that there were not only stone tables and chairs, but also ponds, arch bridges and pavilions in the garden.
Further back, Yang Ye found a closed tin hut, hesitated to walk over and pulled the door, and a strong bloody and rancid smell came to his face. Yang Ye frowned slightly and looked inside the hut, and everything in front of him made him feel that his blood was frozen!
Inside the hut, there are bloody little animals hanging, discarded and soaked, and the scenes of beheading, cutting off the limbs, and breaking their stomachs are terrible.
Suddenly Yang night saw a chopping board against the wall in the hut, and there was another thing crawling again. A closer look turned out to be a hay cutter with a fixed chopping board, breaking a puppy! It seems that someone has just started work, and the little dog is not dead yet. His dying head is rubbing against the chopping board, and his two front paws are shaking slightly, trying to drive the remaining half of his body to flow from the broken part and the blood to the ground along the chopping board. The puppy is looking at Yang Ye with black eyes open and sad for help, but his mouth is slightly open but he can’t make a sound.
Yang night saw blood pouring into his brain, clenched his fist tightly, and didn’t cry out because of rage. Just then, suddenly outside the hut, Nanrong sounded like "Yang night, come and see!"
Yang night hesitated and glanced at the chopping board. The dying puppy’s pleading light in his eyes faded, and his tongue dropped. Yang night bit his teeth and turned and walked out of the hut.
Nan Rong’s phantom sound came from behind a small tin house, and Yang Ye walked along with the sound, which was another surprise!
Nanrong Magic is next to a square pool made of stones, and the pool is full of red blood and stinks. I don’t doubt that it is a pool of blood!
Nan Rong Magic looked back at Yang Ye and pointed to the pool. He was surprised and speechless. Yang Ye walked over and looked at it. He hesitated to get out of the Mu family bodyguard coat and wrapped his right arm. Then he slowly put his right arm into the pool and tried to reach it to the end, then quickly fished it up.
There are a lot of sticky things stuck on the surface of that arm-wrapped coat, but it can be seen that it is some dirty and rotting flesh. As Yang Ye’s arm pool quickly churns up some severed human skeletons and animal skeletons, things like that also pour in from the bottom of the pool. Yang Ye and Nan Rong are surprised to see that those skulls that pour in are still quite small, which is obviously the skeletons of babies rotted or cooked!
Yang night and Nan Rong magic looked at each other and felt queasy at the same time. In the face of such things, most people are under the law.
"Here … is it really Mu Mingfeng’s bedroom?" South glory magic brimming with swallowed a deep breath and said
"What witchcraft is he cultivating the land?" Yang night threw his arm coat into the pool and stared back at Nan Rong’s illusion and said, "It is no wonder that after practicing witchcraft to a certain extent, it will become a devil."
Nanrong Fantasy Yang Ye guided him to the tin house and quickly walked out to Yang Ye and said, "I’m going to kill him!" "
"kill!" Yang Ye also growled, "This kind of person can’t live and doesn’t deserve to live!"
Just at this time, a sound came in from the bedroom door outside the small garden. "Peng Tian, have you contacted Zhang Wenyu? When will he give me part of it? "
"United the gentleman, but … Zhang gentleman can’t tell you what I said."
"It’s like this again. I really don’t know what kind of tricks Zhang Wenyu is playing."
Two figures came in in tandem. Yang Ye and Nan Rong Magic leaned over and hid behind the trees and secretly looked outside the small garden.
"That’s Muming wind in front.
Behind it is Peng Tian’s "Nan Rong’s fantasy novel" I have seen Mu Mingfeng’s photo "