But you have to agree.

If you don’t agree, they can force you to compete.
It should be safe for you to participate less in competitions in other schools.
This thing has been in the limelight for half a year.
Years to batch of new cover your limelight and no one will remember you … "
Cheng Mo wordy a bunch of listen to xu back very touched.
Friendship is not a cover when the Woods fight.
"I know it’s more dangerous than you.
If someone really finds you, I may have someone targeting you.
You limit yourself to high-intensity training every day. It’s too easy for someone to target you, "Xu said."
"I know, otherwise I would be so careful today."
"And Mr. Qian An didn’t say that I should learn rules to protect myself. I’m studying rules here," Cheng Mo said.
"By the way, did you stick to the way I taught you to consume your excess energy?" Xu asked back.
"It’s only been two days, and it hasn’t been effective yet, but there is still a little change."
"What changes?"
"I put it every day for five days after I started the gastric gene base point, and gained four to five pounds every day for the first three days.
I tried it in the last two days. You said that the weight gain of engine theory 2 dropped to three pounds every day. "
Speaking of which, Cheng Mo suddenly got excited.
"Do you know what this means to me?"
"This weight gain will probably keep my weight when my bones grow well and I increase my training every day.
I wouldn’t be fat! "
Xu back silent for a while.
"I’m worried that your bones will grow well and you’ll eat more after you increase your training and then …"
Cheng Mo "…"
Before going to bed, Xu retired and received Chai Xiao’s words.
"Brother, I’m sorry, I was fooled by Yuan Shu, and I called him. He said it was someone who named the party."
"Brother Chai can call my dormitory if you don’t care?" Xu tui said
Words on the other side Chai Xiao corners of the mouth straight sobbed.
Extreme stupidity
Especially …
He is also the limit …
"If someone deliberately gives you trouble, give me my name.
If you give me your name, just tell me that I’m going to get into trouble with him. "Chai Xiao is very generous.
"Thank you Chai Ge …"
"get out! Besides, thank you, I’ll break up with you! "
Hang up and take a deep breath.
The formal class will begin in the day!
It’s really orthodox to learn everything about genetic new humans and genetic evolution!
Looking forward to it!
But he can’t stop practicing!
Chapter 40 Teacher with long horns
June 16th
The first day of formal study
Attended a short school ceremony.
Xu tui remembered a person, Wen Xinglun, president of Huaxia Gene Evolution University.
According to the introduction, he is already 2 years old, which is considered as a normal old man, but the actual pace is vigorous and looks like he is only 4 years old and still very young.
The whole person is full of energy and still exudes inexplicable momentum.
According to the data, Wen Xinglun, president of Huaxia University of Gene Evolution, was a strong player in the field of gene evolution more than 40 years ago.