Now there are two seals of Nine Obsidian Town Stars in Xu’s hand, one is Quqing Mountain Fire Obsidian Star Seal, and the other is Cai Shaochu’s Earth Obsidian Star Seal.

Other nine obsidian star seal is a also can’t find it.
Xu retired his horse and made arrangements.
Almost at the same time, the Shang Long sound entered the Xu tui com.
"Xu tui, I’ve been fighting in the West Jinde Taibai Star Mansion, but I’m going to the moon for a long-range attack," Shang Long said.
"Teacher Shang, why are you going to the moon?" Xu tui doubts
"I sensed the moon, that is, the moon obsidian star, in the western government of Jinde Taibai Star, and the moon obsidian star was restrained by the western government of Jinde Taibai Star. If the moon obsidian star has a defensive territory, I should be able to course the moon obsidian guardian.
At worst, at worst, I will defend the moon to the death when you fight for it! "said shanglong.
Xu retired and considered it as soon as he agreed.
The moon is the last line of defense of the blue star, and it must be guarded by a strong man. You can’t put a fish through the net into the blue star.
Blue star retreat when necessary!
When a large amount is needed
Interstellar migration is not simple, and population migration is extremely complicated.
Especially nowadays, there are many people sending channels, and Bluestar needs to transport a lot of construction materials to improve its production line.
Without the basic conditions, even if enough bluestar humans are transferred, they will just die.
In a flash, the strategic goal changed.
The former is to defend the small universe in heaven.
Now it is not the first goal to defend the small universe in heaven.
Now the first goal is to attack the enemy and force the implementation of the fourth iron and blood plan!
"Colonel, I’ve been sitting in the fire obsidian star mansion. I feel that I can launch the fire obsidian guard, but I don’t know that my fire obsidian star jade seat is broken," Qu Qingshan said.
"No matter how much he can suppress first, how much he can suppress."
"Xu back I have entered the earth obsidian star jun fu Kyle launched earth obsidian guardian" Cai Shaochu sound.
"The horse" said Xu’s retreat and asked, "By the way, is your jade seat in Tuyao Xingjun Mansion broken?"
"Not in good condition," Cai Shaochu said.
Xu back frown how can there be such a difference?
In an instant, Xu retreated and went straight to the other nine obsidian star mansion.
Others can’t get in, but Xu tui can get in with two big six imperial seals.
It’s a pity that none of the other Nine Obsidian Star Junfu has the seal of Nine Obsidian Star Junfu. Otherwise, you can definitely get a few more Nine Obsidian Star Junfu to launch the Nine Obsidian Guardian.
At this moment, I want to give it a try through the two six royal seals and see if I can pass the six royal seals and then launch the nine-obsidian guardian through other nine-obsidian stars
Spirit cluster universe channel here outside the sun high temperature fire curtain south wood, wood is more high and complete drinking.
"Even if the mental body is left, it will be formed!"