Shi Yan and others are also paying attention to the announcement.

After being bounced for more than five hours, they really waited for more than five hours honestly
It was when I saw that this common door would be tested in Galia
They can’t help but regret that there is no public beta in the game and it is in Galia … What can they do if they control the dangerous species?
"Su Zhangmen promised to give a solution and see what he said?"
Shiyan wry smile
He has a little understanding of why the head of Su put the ancestral home in Galia. There is no way for others to give him too much. Although he is a king, there are three other families who make elbows. Unless he brings his own stone family, he can’t be as luxurious as the Lord of Alice Lockhart.
Shi Yan is very suspicious of this Alice, but the age difference between her early twenties and Sue’s boss is not too big. Should there be any ambiguity between them?
Giving so much is actually a dowry?
They are still waiting.
But those people can’t wait.
People like Tian Wei have already established a very deep friendship with their own animals, but they have to be forced to separate themselves because of the injury caused by the former dangerous species. They have put all their hopes on the OL side of Limit.
But who knew that "Limit" OL actually put Zongmen in Galia?
And there is no clan gate in the game. How can these people live?
In this way, won’t they be able to return to them forever?
"You know, at the beginning, Central Asia was limited, and there was a way to fool them into arresting the royal beasts for this reason, but now it is even more difficult to come back."
Before being appeased, everyone quickly fell into anger. Some people have contacted themselves urgently, although they know that they are afraid it will be difficult to resist the imperial trend. After all, now the dangerous species really can’t walk in the street any more …
The people have turned pale at the smell of dangerous species.
Many people even saw for the first time in their lives that dangerous species were like killing human beings.
I’m even more frightened of dangerous species.
And soon their anger was answered.
Sue Zhang officially responded …
He said that he had met with Galia to discuss the Central Asian Empire. Anyone who has dangerous species of royal animals can go abroad to study in Galia, and Galia will give them the fairest and equal treatment.
Moreover, Sue’s head will guarantee that they will be able to get an introduction to the cultivation of the common door achievement method, so not only will the strength be upgraded, but the royal beast can also appear in the downtown town aboveboard and no one has any opinions.
Hearing this, I learned that I might stay away from a foreign land.
Although unwilling, it is really the only way to keep the danger.
They can also angrily do it … Then they are looking forward to the new clan and don’t know how it will be a surprise.
And at this point,