Wenli carefully crossed the hole in the wall, and the list of Stam House appeared in front of him. The tall cactus and sandy soil seemed to be an artificial Gobi landscape, which was really unexpected.

"This guy tastes very unique."
"It’s not careful to play."
Wen Li heard the "clicking" light machine gun as soon as his heart tightened, and he fell down when he called.
When he looked up to warn him, he saw that Chen Yi had plucked the bullet without any pause.
The machine gun shot off about 1 or 15 rounds and stopped.
Stani mansion seems to be pinned down, as silent as night.
Wenli ran to Chen Yi’s side in three steps and two steps, followed him slowly through the Stani compound, and no drug Lord met him all the time.
After scaring people and snakes for a while, Chen Yi finally got into the driveway after half a week around the city. "Now the trouble is over. I want more people and less three people. Other requirements are the same, but I must understand that it would be better if the car can make the construction machinery."
"The government will be suspicious if more than three people are missing in a short time." Wen Li looked at Chen Yi in the eye and said "good"
Chapter four hundred and twelve The Knights (3)
After the modification, Toyota Kauste ran wildly on the highway outside Mexico. The driver was Wenli, the co-pilot seat was Chen Yi, and three stimulated gunmen, like slime, collapsed in a comfortable chair with their weapons loosely slung sideways.
China people who come to Mexico to make a living are just manual workers who have to work hard with guns. It is best not to stop children from crying like Stam, a drug Lord who stops them from crying.
Five kilometers out of the city, the gunmen are still not straight. Wen Li is embarrassed to say, "The curator is so exciting today that if he has the opportunity to send them to the martial arts school to exercise their courage, he will come out."
Chen Yi said lightly, "It’s okay. If they have the courage to work hard, they may go to be drug dealers. I don’t want you to play big territory to finish the work."
Wenli hurriedly should be that Mexican racial discrimination is not inferior at all. In Reinosa, Chinese people have to fight for the country. In addition to genocide, there is a population import. He dare not do two tricks.
At the farm, two of the three gunmen finally recovered their strength and were as soft as newborn deer. The car leaned against the corn pile and became stupid.
Just as the continuous shooting of machine guns in recruits’ ears reminds them of death, they fantasize about death, which makes their stomachs sour and their muscles stiff. This fear is not the slightest reason, but comes from the inheritance of human evolution. It seems that a primitive man saw a cheetah in a vast grassland. He had three choices to escape. Fighting bravely or keeping your muscles stiff is like dying. Generally speaking, you choose the former two. Only the last one can be qualified to pass on his genes. In some stories, when a human encounters a bear, it doesn’t necessarily depend on his perseverance and his ability to hold his breath. You can also rely on the gene rigidity to wait for the bear to choose whether to allow him to continue to pass on his genes.
Every choice will have a consequence, and everyone’s present situation is caused by his choice.
"The new recruits are in it." Wenli came around from the front part and made submachine gun insurance.
"Go in" Chen Yi scanned the surrounding environment.
In Mexico, it is cactus day in the wild and corn day in the farm. In addition to dry sugarcane and cotton planting in the suburbs of Reinosa, the most varied and similar. In fact, different corn looks like the rural scene in northern Shaanxi, China at first glance
However, compared with farmers in China, Mexicans are richer and have more farms. Mexicans earn a lot of money but are less stable. Farmers’ lives are worse. Inspired by liberalism, many farm workers will choose to smuggle or immigrate to the United States. If they can’t go, they will plant drugs and go to American compatriots … At this point, farmers in China seem to be more conscious.
57 South Americans either sat or stayed in the barn and showed complicated expressions to the Chinese who pushed the door.
"Because they are going to take them together today," Wen Lixiao explained, "The stowaways who came to Reinosa are civilians who want to go to the United States."
"How much does it cost to smuggle?"
"I need to work in a sweatshop in the United States for several years, but I need to pay a deposit of 3 dollars less. 9 dollars is the price of free smuggling, and I can still have a bottle of mineral water on the road." I am afraid that Chen Yi will not be able to get a bottle of mineral water. "Bai Wenli continued," 9 dollars is an ordinary Mexican who has saved up for one year and has to sell some possessions to make up for this kind of business now. Many people are afraid that they will not be able to wash the swimming pool after going, but will be tricked into a sweatshop. "
"What are your conditions?"
According to your request, there is no deposit at the entrance of the hall, but the stowaway must ensure that he can’t talk and write letters for five years.
Don’t say such an attitude will arouse people’s doubts-"Tangkou Chen" is indeed doubtful. They will eventually send people who want to sneak into the United States or Canada to the western continent. Whether they can come back after five years depends on their performance. Up to now, Xijiang Shuizhai has not given a definite statement on the treatment of foreigners. In this case, it is obviously very difficult for Chen Yi to ask Wenli to collect three workers with certain skills. Wenli also hopes that Chen Yi can understand his difficulties.
Chen Yidang didn’t understand but asked in Spanish in front of a group of people, "Will any of you drive to the left?"
When he ordered the tone to speak, it naturally produced a more or less "coercion" effect. The Spaniard, who was already in a weak position, made a choice without any resistance
"Knowing agricultural machinery or repairing machinery will also go to the left."
The South Americans present realized that the employer had chosen someone, and immediately someone spoke very idiomatic English and said, "I can speak English."
"Can you speak Chinese?"
This one is silent.
Chen yi secretly smiled for two.
English is no more extensive than Spanish in the western continent.
A total of 33 people were on the left, and a few seconds later, several people moved from the right to the left.
Chen Yi coughed, "There will be an assessment before leaving."
So those people moved back from the left to the right.
"Have you worked in industrial and mining enterprises? Don’t lie to me or I’ll return it. "
This time, two people went over and Chen Yi asked again, but they were all talking about stone enterprises.
"Ask if you have any special skills or you will be repatriated."
Wen Li couldn’t bear to say, "It’s the same when you get there. Soon."
"If it’s people, why should I find Mexicans?" Chen Yi left the drying barn. In fact, he didn’t want the number of Mexicans to be too much than the control of China people in Xijiang Shuizhai. However, in the process of mining, he didn’t want to make a large number of China people because mining is very dangerous and hard. Generally speaking, the heavier the exploitation, the more efficient it is. If Chinese people are chosen to exploit, unless they are exploited to death, they will eventually be integrated into China’s body in Xijiang Shuizhai, which will bring some bad results. It is better to make white-skinned Mexicans Their skin color and hearing their voices can prevent them from merging, just like Americans make slaves. Maybe it is good to integrate them into the Xijiang Shuizhai family after several generations, or just like the Indian reservation can solve the problem of exploitation sequelae.
Wenli had no choice but to demobilize the remaining 22 South Americans according to Chen Yi’s request.
After a while, they left the barn silently.
Even smuggling is not so easy, especially those South Americans who want to rely on their predecessors to make a new life in the United States. They lack the spirit of self-exploration. Whether in Mexico, in the United States or in the western continent, Mexicans are exploited.
"I’m waiting for you here every day. I want to see three Mexicans who meet the requirements. Go." Chen Yi looked at the corn field in front of him, and the light and steaming distorted the landscape, which made people have a strange illusion, beautiful and hot.
Wen Li’s forehead was sweaty and he shouted, "I can’t get three people in one day."