The rain falls and the footsteps are mixed with heavy breathing.

A scream came from the rear
Although the stone shell can resist acid rain and corrosion to a certain extent, it is always drizzling and blowing from all sides.
Someone accidentally exposed one leg to the rain, and the skin melted and screamed and fell to the ground, and then the whole person was exposed to acid rain.
Blood, bones, screams …
"Leave him alone!" Terry Warren roared
"Speed up the acid rain and the horse will pass."
During the period, everyone stepped up their pace while they were still on the edge of the rain clouds.
"Seventeen people!"
Paul hung his head in a low voice.
"Seventeen people failed to follow again."
"This kind of situation can be fatal, either because of bad luck or weak strength, or because it is burdensome," Taylor glanced at him.
"Paul, you are so kind. I doubt if you can walk to Hongze domain. You should listen to Ms. Becky more."
Paul should have walked up to an injured person and recited a mantra. The holy light appeared in the palm of his hand to help the injured person recover.
Although the believer of light god is not as good at healing as the goddess of life, there are also many ways of diagnosis and treatment. He has been very busy all the way.
Do your best to help the weak. This is God’s mercy and the world teaches believers not to turn their backs.
Yutel dialect
He obviously didn’t take it to heart
Seeing Taylor shaking his head, he no longer advised him to walk to the target.
"Mr. Zhou, Sir Warren is looking for you."
Zhou Jia nodded
Since that day, when Hong Shaoxiong was punished to bully Taylor, he has never bothered him again. It seems that he has acquiesced in his status.
This should be the case before the crocodile armor fails.
"Unexpectedly," StuWarren handed a bottle of warm wine with a smile on his face.
"Here, Mr. Zhou can still recognize the wind direction, and his talent is comparable to some strange veins in the Mu world. It seems that the road will be much easier."
"Sir Warren flatter me." Zhou Jia took the warm wine and slowly tasted the wine. A warm feeling came into his stomach, and then all the limbs appeared.