If you can’t suppress the other side with the power of the main gun, what should you do?

Not far from an instant village, the face suddenly changed "not good!"
It didn’t happen as expected
The golden ball of light and the silver awn seem to be completely different from each other without any interference, and they directly passed through each other and flew straight to their goals.
"Retract to avoid the main gun!" Not far from Zhuang, Old Brown, the manager of the former Yunxing Palace, has ordered.
As soon as the manor "hum" retracts, the manor palace is shrouded in it and isolated from the outside world.
"No … jump back to the manor!" Old Brown’s command tone has just sounded, and Zhuang has issued a completely different command "Jump!"
The golden ball is flying so fast that it has already flown to the front of the palace.
When "click" rang, the palace was broken like glass, and the violent storm swept around, which would stretch out the edge of the main gun barrel outside the manor and engulf the building. Old Brown was in charge of the command at the front of the manor, and he felt that the golden light enveloped his whole field of vision …
"Finished …"
Chapter 113 Who wins and who loses
Old Brown suddenly closed his eyes and died himself.
In an instant, the scenery in front of him has become a manor.
"Click, click, click" The front of the manor palace is still crumbling, but it stops in less than a second, and then the naked eye can see the speed of healing.
Self-recovery ability of manor
However, there is no way to restore the manor palace buildings that were shattered and torn by the "Destroyer"
The front end of the manor palace seems to have been bitten by staggered fangs, and it was completely blown away by the exterminator of Zhuang.
At this time, the same shredded cloud hyphae regrouped from all sides and did not seem to be harmed.
But old brown could feel its horror, and some of it escaped in the rubble.
The power of destroying the village with one shot is so terrible!
Not far from Zhuang, he took a deep breath and said, "No wonder this thing is called the destroyer of Zhuang …"
The biggest protective cover of the manor is the periphery of the manor
And this thing may be able to break down some of them, but it is not stable enough. Maybe it can directly tear up some small manors, but it is not the destroyer.
Fortunately, he hid quickly, otherwise the manor palace would have been killed by this gun.
Maybe even he is lucky.
Not far from Zhuang now, I still have a lingering fear.
But Zhuang doesn’t know that it’s not him who is concerned now.
In the eyes of onlookers, the gold and silver light clusters staggered, and less than a second later, both weapons hit each other at the same time.
The destroyer hit the manor palace with one shot, and instantly the manor palace was broken and then disappeared.
This made the onlookers look at a loss and didn’t know what had happened.
Is the Yunxing Palace near Zhuang destroyed or where has it gone? Why did it suddenly disappear?
Is this the true strength of those who destroy Zhuang? You can kill Yunxing Palace with one shot? Not far from killing Zhuang?
Compared with the horrible effect of Zhuang Destroyer, the drill floor factory was unscathed after being shot. It was the discrete floating metal in the middle section of Zhuang Destroyer’s ju pao that seemed to be pinched by a huge force and "clicked" together and sucked into a ball.
However, the appearance of the rig floor factory has not been damaged at all.
It was a long time before the onlookers realized a reality that "the outcome … has been divided"
"Those who destroyed Zhuang destroyed Yunxing Palace with one shot, and Yunxing Palace attacked the rig factory in the least."
"Not far from Zhuang, I am afraid I have died in the exile era just now … after all, there is still no bad weather."
After determining this result, some people sigh, some people are happy and some people are at a loss.
Every once in a while, someone will be called out to challenge the order of the exile era and want to establish a new order.
But most people have failed. The era of exile is still three cities and ten towns, and those in charge still control everything.
Their village will change something in the near future, but it still hasn’t changed.
Can Zhuang keep Taojin Town after his death?
I’m afraid it’s everyone’s crazy fight.
And not far from Zhuang, the Blue Stone Leaf Manor has become a coveted property.
I understand that the giant dogs who watched the war turned around one by one and quickly left them. They should quickly pass the news back to their own level to cope with everything that came.
There are very few war dogs who are not in a hurry to leave but continue to wait and see.
They feel that … the rig factory seems to be in a bit of a wrong state.
They don’t feel wrong.
At this moment, the rig floor factory is in a mess.
Just now, when the silver light hit the rig floor factory, everyone felt like they had been hit by a car, and they were thrown straight up and fell to the ground.
Those who destroy the manor can smash and destroy the manor.