"What’s the matter with you two? I will spare you! " Yip hon a head two big "line line, both of you stop or guard camp, each of you send me a company!"

Xiaoyuan Ma stopped talking, Bian Ge wanted to say something, but Luo jiaqi suddenly interrupted the call; "I’m not going, sir. I’m taking a guard camp!"
Yip hon nu way "where are you so many useless talk to me what to do!"
Luo jiaqi walked bitterly and called the troops listlessly
At this time, Yip Han suddenly connected to the emergency communication of Liangshan. "There is a situation at two o’clock, five o’clock, eight o’clock and eleven o’clock on No.1. The enemy is about to attack. Repeat, the enemy is about to attack!"
"Roger that, number one. Liangshan, keep an eye on the enemy’s movements."
"Luo jiaqi-"
"Don’t go yet. Organize the defense!"
"Yes-"Luo Qi drawled and promised to turn around and wave hard at the team that had just finished. "What are you doing? Don’t hurry back!"
Yip hon continued to reach an order in the line: "All units should pay attention to the enemy’s upcoming attack. Zeng Ruima informed the servant army to suspend the plan and all personnel should defend on the spot."
"One regiment, two regiments and the guard battalion have hidden the guns for me and are not allowed to leave the ridge of the ship white?"
"Personnel are also not allowed to stay on the ridge of the ship. Give me a place to hide. Commanders at all levels show me what your soldiers should do. Can’t I teach you?"
The meaning of this passage is not to tell the soldiers not to interfere, but to let the servants and the enemy die first.
At the end of the command, Yip Han turned around and looked at the horizon, and he couldn’t help but feel a little anxious.
Zeng Ruiyin appeared again. "Teacher, I have informed the Freedom Army of your order, but they still have troops."
"What’s the matter?" Yip hon-ma turned to look at the rear of the Jyukai and saw that the two-story warship had already married ten thousand servants and more servants came from his direction.
Ye Han was anxious immediately. "All units pay attention to all units. Pay attention to the horse and report that the number of servants left by each ship is fast!"
"The number of Red Sea reports is about 2,000!"
"Caspian is also two thousand!"
"Hai Hao reported about two thousand …"
Each ship reported one by one, and everyone answered that it was about two thousand.
There should be no problem for two thousand people to guard a warship, but then Yip Han saw that the servant army had just calmed down with a lot of machine guns and ammunition. The dog day didn’t bring out all the machine guns, did it
Qi biochip scanning function Ye Han’s eyes changed a scene and a series of data appeared. His fundus statistics proved that he was guessing by machine guns.
Yip hon wanted to call names, but he didn’t know who to call names. He couldn’t wait to find out the leader of the resistance organization and beat him up.
However, the current situation is very obvious. It is very unlikely that the resistance organization will attack the sinkhole and continue to follow the order. If Yip Han insists on ordering the servant army, the final result is likely to be that the servant army will turn a blind eye.
Both sides have their own positions. At this time, it is very likely that they will completely tear their faces.
Yip hon-pak, at this time, the more you have to think about it, the more you finally bite your teeth and make up your mind. No matter whether the servants beat off the enemy’s attack first, "all units pay attention to the enemy’s upcoming attack. Everyone pay attention to concealment. All landing craft hide behind the battleship. No fire is allowed without orders!"
If the servant army takes away the machine guns, then the near-anti-guns of each ship are the strongest firepower nodes of the defenders, but the shooting speed of the near-anti-guns is too abnormal. If you don’t know how to control the fire, you can light all the shells in a few minutes.
Good steel blade near anti-gun must be careful to make it possible to make a final decision when necessary.
Chapter 16 A blow at the head
A moment after everything was ready, Yip Han received another communication from Liangshan, "No.1, No.1 enemy is heading for our position after the knot, and it is expected to contact in ten minutes."
"No.1 received Liangshan’s ready fire support … if you don’t attack and kill one, it’s one."
"Liangshan White!"
"Lishan reported the situation"
"Lishan reported that our ship is still being repaired, but the laser gun is fine. The starboard magnetic gun is normal."
"It’s good to attack the laser gun on the horse. Save the point on the magnetic gun."
"White from the mountain …"
"Liangshan to enemy number one, a large number of light bugs have been found in the enemy. Repeat, a large number of light bugs have been found in the enemy!"
"No.1 received the priority of eliminating light insects from Liangshan Mountain!"
"Liangshan White"