Zeng Guomin shook his head and sighed, "Boss, this is really wronged."

Are you happy if you are not a fish? "Ye Chuchu scoffed at this.
Everyone didn’t know whether Zhuo Qiang was happy or not, but when everyone saw him early the next day, he was flushed, which also reassured everyone.
However, it seems that his footsteps are vain and he is overworked, and everyone is a little distressed.
"It’s really bad for a man to be a tune lamp!" Ye Chuchu sighed.
Zhuo Qiang just appeared in the cab for a second, and Christie followed closely into the cab.
Christy Zhuo Qiang is different. She is not only full of energy, but also full of energy. Her face is all smiles.
Chuchu goes to cook. I’m hungry! "ZhuoJiang into the cab first came to that.
Christie also said, "Is that grouper delicious? A large grouper today! "
After Ye Chuchu left, Christie handed the phone to Zhuo Qiang and said, "I saw a few pieces of information. Look! "
Zhuo Qiang was surprised. If it was a text message from Tian Jing, it would be broken.
If Christie knew that he had another girlfriend, I wonder if she would cut off a part of him.
But after all, Tian Jingyuan is his girlfriend, and this guilt is really puzzling.
Even if a third party gets involved, it should be Christie’s fault, not Jing Tian or herself.
I called my mobile phone to see if it was a text message from my mother. Maybe I just received the text message when I floated to the sea yesterday.
"Strong horse is coming for the Spring Festival, can you come back for the Spring Festival? Dad, we both miss you! "
Looking at the text message, Zhuo Qiang felt sad for so long, but he didn’t really understand his family’s heart. It seems that he should go home.
You must go home after 48 this year.
Unconsciously, it has entered the December of the lunar calendar, and in about 20 days, it will be the Spring Festival, the most important unified festival in Daxia.
Because I haven’t finished investigating myself until now, I’m going back quietly this time, so I can’t be too conspicuous
Zhuo Qiang is also trying to take this opportunity to implement the ideas he has just generated, which can only be done if he returns to land.
Moreover, the Long Yun has consumed almost all the food and other necessities, and we have to purchase some this time.
However, the renovation of the cave base can’t be stopped before this. According to the current progress of the Long Yun project, the outside project can be almost done before the Spring Festival.
The construction of the hall inside will not continue until after the Spring Festival.
After dinner, Zhuo Qiangma ordered the Long Yun to enter the cave to widen the tunnel.
Long Yun slowly drove into the hall from the wide hole, and then Zhuo Qiang saw the hall from the screen. The topographic map was different, and the three-dimensional image of Long Yun exploration looked more intuitive.
The hall outside has a huge area of hundreds of thousands of square meters, but the terrain inside is slightly uneven and needs to be renovated when there is an opportunity.
Now it is mainly to transform the passage inside so that the Long Yun can reach the innermost hall directly.
If the Long Yun can sail directly into the department hall, it will be better for Zhuoqiang to have direct contact with air and land.
The exit outside the passage is about 20 meters away from the bottom of the hall, which brings a lot of difficulties to the construction. Two engineering robots have to use the robotic arm of Long Yun to transport stones, which slows down a lot.
However, due to the heavy tonnage of the two robots and the high transportation capacity, the overall progress is still considerable
Although this project is relatively large, there is still nothing about Zhuo Qiang. All he can do is to eat, drink, and exercise.
Christie, on the other hand, is completely glued to his body. Although she comes from a highly developed civilized society, the beauty bone is extremely unified. Of course, the system mentioned here is similar to that of the ancient women in Daxia
She is more serious about this concept than Zhuo Qiang knows all the girls. She thinks this is the most basic standard for everyone.
Zhuo Qiang is worried about this. If she is still so clingy after returning home, it is extremely difficult for him to see Jing Tian.
Although Christie has this, he still hurts Tian Jingfa from the bottom of his heart because she is the girl he really likes.
What happened with Christie was an accident.
He is considering whether to ask Jing Tian to explain it to her when he goes home during the Spring Festival.
Now that Christie and I have cooked with uncooked rice, what qualifications does he have to pursue Jing Tian again? But even if we break up, he always has to give her an explanation.
In this way, Zhuo Qiang, while monitoring the progress of the project, is entangled in the upcoming Spring Festival.
Because Long Yun’s two engineering robots are working around the clock, Zhuo Qianggen has no chance to make Long Yun float to the surface, so naturally there is no way to accept all kinds of information, let alone messages from home.
This isolated life lasted for more than ten days, and the passage expansion project was completed as scheduled. Zhuoqiang finally let the Long Yun float to breathe.
After the Long Yun surfaced, Zhuo Qiangma ordered the Long Yun to be changed into a yacht form so that he could breathe fresh air.
At this time, it was late, and the Long Yun was just able to drive in the dark. It was almost early when the upgraded Long Yun reached Nanxi at the highest speed.
Look at the date. It’s the twenty-fifth day of the twelfth lunar month. Zhuoqiang is eager to go home.
Christie knew that Zhuo Qiang was going home. She looked more excited than Zhuo Qiang.
"Where do you have fun with Qiangkou.com?"
Come on, do you want to meet your relatives when you go back this time? I heard that your custom is that a new wife must meet all her relatives. "