"ah? He promised not to … "

"Doing business is in debt. This kind of thing is 2.5 billion. Do you want him to pay in one lump sum? If you don’t listen to him, at most, one-third of you will be justified. "Liu Bian’s tone is quite dissatisfied." I will stay in Jiangning and help you collect debts in the next few months. "
"No," said Liu Chuanzhong. When he was surprised, he knew that Wu Shu had been in the family position for a few months.
But if you think about it, 100 million yuan is really a lot!
The Wangs in Cao Jiahe got the news before night.
The Wangs didn’t express their opposition to the principal, Wang Han, who was only three generations. He couldn’t afford to pay 100 million yuan, but when he could, he actually didn’t pay much.
Cao Yuan, on the other hand, has found all kinds of ways to put and keep gold, and now it is extremely unwilling to give up nature.
He angrily hung up on Liu Chuanzhong’s words and then called back and said, "Since Chen Yi doesn’t want it, it’s my debt to leave me the remaining gold."
"You want to pick up that 1 ton gold debt, too?" advised Nakagawa. If there is a Cao family, it is too difficult to go on. "
"The three of us share it equally and return it equally." Cao Yuan naturally can’t pay for the gold. His tone slowed down. "I don’t believe that Chen Yiyou has gold. He must want to support us. I support him. I don’t believe him."
"What’s the point of things that are not good?" Liu Chuanzhong and Wu Shu also discussed that 4 tons of gold is a big gold mine output, which is not a small number in any way, because the water is too muddy and Liu Bian doesn’t want to know more about it.
Cao Yuan paid the most and couldn’t bear to be tough with him and asked, "Just say let it go."
He just straightened out all the links, and he will continue to look at gold immediately, that is, losing some interest and keeping it is no more troublesome than selling it, but if it is done, it may earn several times or hundreds of times.
"I see through you." Cao Yuan constantly simulated the scene of defeating Chen Yi in his mind.
At least let him bend!
When Liu Bian heard Cao Yuan’s tone, he knew that he couldn’t say it. "Now my fifth uncle is in charge. Let me help you talk about it, but you must take away the gold debt."
"I would say home."
"Let’s meet sometime."
"Good" Cao Yuan pretended as if nothing had happened and immediately smashed his mobile phone into pieces and swore at it. All his mother wanted to gain benefits and dared not chew bones.
After that, he was very proud to shout "I’ll chew bones"
Chen Yi soon heard the bone story, but didn’t take it to heart.
After Wang Jiahe and Liu quit, Cao Cao could not speak for himself unless he got several times the money.
But Cao Yuan is strong and holding on.
He just pays nearly a million interest every day to let Chen Yi find him to buy back gold.
This money belongs to him in the Ministry of Nature, and it is also Cao Yuan’s spending money to buy sex and raise women. After he managed to hook up with the tender model, he threatened more than once that "it is really boring to even eat oranges now."
After two days of watching the bank card decrease from six figures and Cao Yuan’s bad temper, it was completely appeased after scolding two sentences. "In a couple of days, when I got this local strongman and bought you a mansion, didn’t you always want a Maserati?" I bought it for you. "
"really?" The tender model immediately jumped up and kissed Cao Yuan with a smile and said, "If you buy Maserati, I will give you the fifth way to show off the low-key luxury again."
Even the fifth way of playing makes Cao Yuan reluctant to reluctantly say, "Isn’t it good that you are also BMW?"
"The mistress car won’t work," the tender model snapped out the key. "I’ll sell it and still believe the card."
Cao Yuan was startled. "Then you don’t sell cars, do you? How many credit cards have you swiped?"
"How long has it been since you gave me money for clothes?" The tender model plausibly said, "I helped you brush your letter card because I was considerate of you."
She pointed to the closet behind her and said, "I’ve only changed half of the clothes inside, and I’m going to wear them."
Cao Yuan caressed his forehead a little afraid to look at the ten-meter-long wardrobe.
"Only half a month"
"He said"
"The credit card won’t be returned until next month." The tender model teased her skirts and laughed. "What about the 52-day rest period? I’m looking for you."
Cao Yuan is a headache and his body is soft.
The nightmare of lack of money troubled him
Wake up early and pay attention to finance at the first time. It has become Cao Yuan’s habit. At first glance, it seems to be a Wall Street elite.
This kind of life was first endured by Cao Yuan when Wan Ku-di never tried and persisted for half a month.
He couldn’t show weakness to Chen Yi after much thought, and he didn’t show weakness either, so he still found Liu Chuanzhong and it took him three days to get stuck in Nanning.
Two non-natives were like strangers in the street for a long time. Cao Yuancai asked impatiently, "Did you pay the 1 ton gold compensation?"
"there are some"
"Why didn’t I see it in the account?"
"I don’t care about the fifth uncle’s account." Liu Chuanzhong is also a bachelor. It’s hard to talk about the conditions. Of course, the Liu family’s money is first. Considering that the money is for the insurance company, it is not in a hurry to beg for Cao Yuan.