The western continent has a wide laminar flow in China, but it has failed to keep secrets. Several people present were surprised and calm in a short time

"There is an increasing demand for banks and insurance institutions in the financial industry in the western mainland. We will initially consider approving the way of self-application and re-approval. In addition, the functions of existing policy banks will change after they enter the western mainland." It was member Tang Yuan who specializes in financial reform and other aspects, and half of them were counted as subordinates.
Policy banks are the central bank and China Development Bank, and CCB and Jiangning Bank belong to commercial banks of different sizes.
When Fan Bailu, the People’s Bank of China, heard this, he was in a hurry and asked, "How can the functions be changed?"
They exercise the function of central bank, even if they change suddenly, it will be very uncomfortable.
Tangyuan didn’t want to cause an argument and smiled. "The official documents haven’t come yet. This is a briefing for us, and the opinions of various departments will be adopted. You can write a Chen Lai."
Van Bailu looks at this kind of words, and he often says that if anyone really writes a note, Chen Lai will not adopt it except impressing the chief executive.
The person being blown is completely different from the consultant.
After waiting for a Committee member Sima to come forward, he said, "There is a special situation in the western mainland. At present, there is a two-way bank operated by Mr. Chen Yi himself. Does it seem that there is no license?"
He is asked with a smile
Chen Yi smiled and didn’t answer.
Fan Bailu cursed playing big cards and laughed. "We’ll take care of the license plate."
"That trouble Fan Hangchang" Chen Yi is polite.
"It’s no trouble. I’ll just send someone to get the information," Fan Bailu said insincerely
Commissioner Sima Qing Ke-yi continued, "The main business of Shuangtong Bank is gold bonds. All banks have a certain understanding of this aspect. Now, there is a bank discount method to solve the problem. Let’s talk about it."
Shake one’s head before listening to all the families
Fan Bailu thought that he couldn’t give in any more, so he said first, "Our bank outlets are few and there is no bond discrimination training for front-line employees. It is very difficult to discount gold bonds, so we won’t participate."
"Now there are too many front-line employees, it is not easy to organize a training. I mean, Jiangning Bank should undertake the exchange business, and we will just cooperate." Wei Yan delayed and hindered to prepare for it.
Wan Geng and others, not to mention, it is much easier to make them agree with something and not easily oppose it.
Discounting is the realization of bills of exchange or checks, which is equivalent to admitting that gold bonds are rarely equal to the value of checks. When people have to exchange gold bonds in other currencies, it will inevitably make them more monetary. Furthermore, if Chen Yi moves the printing press to produce gold bonds on a large scale, banks will have to pay with them, which is more troublesome than a single currency in a country.
Therefore, it is not a trivial matter to allow discounts. Even now, it is not uncommon for big banks to be unwilling to discount bills for small banks.
Let them discount gold bonds. Fan Bailu would rather resign than do it, so he was firm.
Committee member Sima advised two more sentences and finally left a meaningful look.
Chen Yi found it interesting to watch them perform. If we really want to persuade banks to discount gold bonds, it should be done by Committee member Tangyuan instead of Committee member Sima.
Three or two words said that Tangyuan and Sima members also quietly disappeared from the bank.
Chen Yi and his grandfather Chen Zhongguo were left in the conference hall. The latter looked at the door with a wink and smiled. "Didn’t you get it?"
"No" Chen Yi tells the truth.
"Seizing a temporary opportunity, the Sima family will have a one-time tonnage of 10,000 tons and a monthly tonnage. I have already promised to come to Tangyuan and want our support in several aspects. In addition, I also agreed to ensure that Shuangtong Bank conforms to the central bank’s policy." Chen Zhongguo breathed a sigh of relief. Only in the face of this sun will he be so relaxed.
There is no universal equivalent in the political field, so the exchange opportunities and achievements are quite high. Not all valuable political resources are suitable for exchange, and the higher the level, the more so.
Chen Zhongguo promised that both resources were within the scope of the family’s earlier discussion, and it was quite a good deal for the Chen family to pay very little and get very much.
Chen Yi’s understanding of political transactions is only superficial, and he is too lazy to ask for details. Nodding in favor of the tonnage of 10,000 tons of channels is nothing but the capacity of three or five large cargo ships. If others do it themselves, they can handle other magical knights in more than one minute. Slow down, that is, one or two hours.
Tons of materials per month is relatively troublesome because the Zheng family gets more than Chen at most, but considering the position of Sima Committee member, Zheng family and others, Chen Zhongren should also understand.
There are enough sardines in the western continent, and there is no harm in introducing one or two catfish.
When I went out, I just heard the car sound of the bank leaders.
At least three people bought the same car.
Chen Yi secretly laughed.
They definitely want to crowd out the gold bonds, but it is not so easy to deal with the gold bonds with nearly 10 thousand tons of gold after the early danger is over.