Gao Qiao’s right wrist is broken!
In Gao Qiao’s right nature, he was cruel and forbearing to break his wrist bone, so that he was full of cold sweat, but he gave up his knife and turned his left palm into a palm knife, and a hand knife chopped at the ankle of the waves.
This hand knife is useless if it hits the foot of the waves! The master of the second section of the black belt can smash ten laminated red bricks with one hand!
The waves sneered and flew up quickly, and the right leg and left leg were lifted and kicked fiercely!
In the muffled sound, the left leg of the waves is in the middle of Gao Qiao’s right cheek, Gao Qiao’s right body and Ma Pingping flies out.
Gao Qiao’s right body hit the wall and the whole wooden house was violently shaken.
The waves with Gao Qiao right was kicked by him and quickly posted in the past. When Gao Qiao’s right brain was still dizzy, he quickly took out a short dagger from his arms and inserted it into Gao Qiao’s right wrist.
"Ah!" Gao Qiao right finally issued a shrill scream vertebral heart pain let his forehead cold sweat rolling.
The waves moved very quickly and quickly took out a short dagger and inserted it into Gao Qiao’s right and left hand.
"Ah ah! ! !”
Now Gao Qiao’s right body has been nailed to the wall, and both hands and wrists have been inserted with a short dagger. Every time he earns a flower, he dips the handle along the short dagger and dyes the oriental style white wall with a shocking cruelty!
When the waves tiptoe, they pick up a handful of oriental knives, and when they grab them, they shake slightly, and the blade is blue and bright, making the waves look blue, like a demon from hell killing God!
The wave face twisted to Gao Qiao’s right, and a kind of cold and poisonous eyes fixed on Gao Qiao’s right eye.
Gao Qiao right now didn’t shout that he knew that he was doomed, but he calmed down. He also fixed his eyes on the waves with a cold and poisonous eye.
When two people meet in the eye, they can almost spark in generate!
"I’m from China! Know what is going to kill you! " The waves say word by word!
"yes! You don’t have to kill nonsense! " Gao Qiao right no fear color calmly said.
The waves smiled at him, and his smile was full of very cruel meaning. This smile made Gao Qiao right feel a chill.
Gao Qiao is not afraid of death, and Xiao Ri is not afraid of death. He is afraid of the waves, an unfathomable, agile and vicious person!
In other words, Gao Qiao is afraid that the waves will kill him!
"You will kill miserably! It will make you Japanese very miserable! " The waves said that when he spoke, he pulled Gao Qiao’s right pants with one hand and the other.
Gao Qiao’s right ugly body is exposed.
Gao Qiao’s right eye flashed a trace of terror. He now knew that the man in front of him was coming to cut his roots with Japanese oriental knives.
The knife light flashed blue, and the blade crossed a rare light, bringing a bright and dazzling blood to the ground, which was the ugly and short male root of Gao Qiao.
Blood gushed out like spring water, and Gao Qiao felt great and indescribable pain in his right dizziness, and he couldn’t help screaming.
The knife light flashed again, and the tip of the wave provoked that short thing to Gao Qiao’s right mouth.
"meowed! ! !” Gao Qiao’s right mouth is full of his own penis, terror, shame, resentment, pain, and all kinds of emotions. The smell of blood and the peculiar smell of that thing make Gao Qiao want to vomit and can’t spit it out.
The waves turned around and stared at the two women who had been scared to death by this bloody and brutal scene. The geisha raised the oriental knife and finally did not fall to the two Japanese women.
Wave head also don’t back to backhand knife light is a flash of blue blade has accurately by mistake in Gao Qiao right chest!
The waves strode out without looking!
Chapter 40 Sneak in
The waves walked out of Gao Qiao’s right-hand apartment yard and four or five Gao Qiao’s right bodyguards were all killed by the waves in their ears.
He didn’t look at the corpse. He was ashamed to kill the Japanese who openly provoked the feelings of the people of China!
The waves kicked the gate and ran quickly, but it didn’t take long to reach the place where he hid the car.
He started the car and went to the suburbs.
He is now going to kill another culprit, Watanabe. According to Zhang Yi, Watanabe will spend the night at his mistress’s house today. His mistress lives in the suburbs.
He must kill Watanabe tonight. If the news of Gao Qiao’s right murder comes out at dawn, Watanabe will hide, and it will be difficult to find him then.