"Oh … that you wait …" Liu Yishou said as he took out his mobile phone and dialed a message for dry elder brother before he smiled and said, "Ha ha, I’m sorry, brother …"

"It’s okay. It’s all right. Let me stay and take care of my sister-in-law. You can rest assured that the day will come back. You can rest assured that I’ll call my daughter-in-law to come over and take care of my sister-in-law for a while …" The man went on to say.
"Well … since it’s urgent, let’s act quickly …" Liu Yishou said directly without packing anything, and then turned to his wife and arranged, "The little hero fucking stays at your home and has this brother to take care of you. I’m relieved. I’ll be back when I get there …"
"Ha ha, you go. You follow Xiao Wang with one hand. I trust you don’t worry about me. I’m fine …" Liu Yishou’s wife said with a smile.
Out of the house, Liu Yishou and another specially trained team member stopped in front of the car. The Land Rover SUV heard the roar of the car and rushed out. This car was running all the way. As a result, it didn’t take three hours to get to the plain city. After getting out of the car, Brother Gan had already been waiting there. When he saw Liu Yishou coming, he greeted him. "Hehe, Brother Liu was a little urgent, so I picked you up without saying hello …"
"Hey, why do you say this? Just do something!" Liu Yishou also said directly that he had already regarded himself as a member of the Loyalty Hall.
"Well, I won’t be wordy. Brother Liu is like this. There is a piece of evidence of guilt in an office. It is estimated that it is well hidden and there is a lot of insurance. Do you think there is any way to take it out?" Dry elder brother straightforward asked
"Ha ha, I really can’t promise you anything about this, but I’ll tell you this. I’ve been working for almost twenty years and I really haven’t met a lock. Let’s go and have a look now. I don’t think it’s a big problem!" Liu Yishou doesn’t talk big, but he is confident.
"Ha ha that’s good! I want your confidence! Let’s go. I’ll go with you. I’ll help you then. Just concentrate on locking it! " Dry elder brother laughed and said
"Go now?" Liu Yishou really didn’t adapt to doing it in broad daylight. Before, he was always a thief at night. He was always shady.
"Today things are a little urgent and must be solved during the day. We have big actions in the evening!" Dry elder brother no longer nonsense directly said
"Well, let’s go! "Liu Yishou said the dry elder brother BMW dry elder brother drove to Li Datou camp that is a five-story building and according to the hand search to intelligence Li Datou office is on the fifth floor.
Because Li Datou’s small building claims to be a bathing center, no one has business on the third floor at night during the day. Brother parked his car not far from the small building, and then took Liu Yishou to the back of the building and made a look at Liu Yishou. Liu Yishou immediately asked Liu Yishou to swish down the drainage pipe like an Spider-Man. Even Brother Gan, a special soldier, had to admire Liu Yishou for climbing. Although he was thin, he was not inferior to Brother Gan. Rare dry elder brother looked back for a week or so and then quickly came to the fifth floor and found Li Datou’s office along the window. Liu Yishou knocked on the window and said to dry elder brother, "This is bulletproof tempered glass …" Then he took out a small pry window and was beaten with unbreakable glass. Even dry elder brother looked a little dumbfounded. Dry elder brother had to admire Liu Yishou. It is understandable to think that little police flowers can’t catch him. Who can catch Chapter 76 War on this matter?
After the war, I followed Liu Yishou into the office, and then I saw the window well. I took a close look at the luxurious office of Li Datou in Liu Yishou. It was a surprise that there was no camera in such a luxurious office. It was really strange that I shouldn’t have. Before Liu Yishou stole those offices, almost all of them had cameras. This also blames Li Datou for being too confident. Let alone that ordinary people can’t get into this office, they can’t hit him in a few hours. There is an alarm inside when the alarm goes off. You are almost a fairy and you can’t run away!
However, Li Datou’s calculation is not calculated that there are thieves like Liu Yishou and masters like Gan Ge, and it can only be completed with the cooperation of Gan Ge and Liu Yishou. If Liu Yishou acts alone, if Li Datou finds out, Liu Yishou will escape, but with Gan Ge, it will be different. Don’t say that the strength of Gan Ge was discovered by a few little boys, that is, he can kill him without leaving a single person in Li Datou’s bandits’ nest with a mountain knife. It’s a bit exaggerated to take the head of Li Datou alone, but it’s not difficult for Gan Ge to cut the head of Li Datou! But if Brother Gan comes alone, it’s not a problem to kill Li Datou, or it’s really a struggle to take out Li Datou’s account and hide it in the safe, because Brother Gan is not as strong as Liu Yishou! This is called "there are professions that specialize in different things".
See Liu Yishou staring at a pair of small but intense eyes, which is full of 50-60 square meters. Sweeping around in the luxurious extra-large office, while Brother Gan is listening to the movement outside the office door. Brother Gan is standing in a posture of punching. Brother Gan is 100% confident that someone will come in, but even a strong man can not bear the blow. Brother Gan will look inside for a while and listen outside for a while. Liu Yishou finally put his eyes on a painting, which is an ancient painting with a width of more than half a meter and a length. To tell the truth, a professional thief like Liu Yishou already has the skills of petty theft, which he will never learn. That is the comprehensive quality. At least when you get to a place, your brain will think consciously or unconsciously that something is wrong there. When Liu Yishou comes to this office, he will look at it. First of all, he knows that it is impossible for a sinister person like Li Datou to put the safe on the surface. There must be a black box. Where will the black box be? The decoration of this office is very luxurious. The theme color is golden yellow with a decadent color, but the painting hanging on the wall is out of tune. Even if Liu Yishou and Liu Yishou were killed, they wouldn’t believe that a lout like Li Datou could appreciate the painting. Since it is not normal, there is a problem. Liu Yishou quickly walked to the side of the ancient painting and carefully lifted it. As Liu Yishou expected, behind the ancient painting was a large safe with a password lock protruding outward, which seemed to be a demonstration against Liu Yishou. Liu Yishou turned around and smiled, then took out his professional equipment and put it into the work of collecting passwords and locks.
A lock expert is an expert. Although Liu Yishou dropped out of school after graduating from junior high school, you are a graduate student and a doctoral professor with no talent for decoding. Few of them can match Liu Yishou’s meeting with Liu Yi. His professional tools were barbed for three or five minutes, and the password lock was honestly confiscated. The so-called professional tools are little guys like ear-scoops and pins, but these humble things are like life in Liu Yishou’s hands.
After Liu Yishou hit the first combination lock, he saw that the second combination lock was more complicated than the first one. Ordinary people may not see the difference, that is, more locks and less locks, but professional players like Liu Yishou can see that the gap between the two is not as simple as it seems. If you have learned permutation and combination, it will be difficult immediately. For example, if the probability of hitting one lock is one in a thousand, then the probability of hitting two locks is one in a thousand, that is, one in a million. Staring straight at Liu Yishou’s side because it is enough for me to listen to the things at the door. I have been staring at the impenetrable door. I know the difficulty of the second combination lock, but I didn’t say anything. Because I know that Liu Yishou is disturbing his brain, I can’t see that Liu Yishou’s hands are holding the little guy and his eyes are still staring at the combination lock. A layer of fine sweat drops appeared on his forehead. After a full quarter of an hour, he heard two slaps and crunches. Liu Yishou’s face showed a relaxed smile. He will gently protect him. It hasn’t made him happy for two seconds after hitting the safe. See a more difficult combination lock waiting for him. It’s a combination lock that he has never touched before. It’s different from those two reasons just now. This means that you have three chances of making mistakes. If you still don’t crack the password three times, the combination lock will automatically start the alarm and give an alarm automatically.
Liu Yishou rolled up his sleeves and wiped his forehead sweat and then turned to look at the dry elder brother dry elder brother seems to have noticed the combination lock see dry elder brother quickly walked beside Liu Yishou small asked "Liu Ge? Can this road be broken? "
"I don’t know. I’ve never seen this type of combination lock before. If it can’t be broken three times, the combination lock will automatically call the police …" Liu Yishou shook his head and said.
"If you can’t break it, don’t break Brother Liu. Just smash it when we attack here at night!" Dry elder brother comfort way
"It’s okay, let me try! Two hurdles have come over, so you can’t see that you will reach the finish line and give up. Try it. If you can’t, the alarm will ring. Anyway, you and I can rest assured … "Liu Yishou said that he had locked his teeth for almost twenty years, and he had never recognized losing. You can’t trip here!
"Ha ha! Then you can rest assured that you can do it boldly. Everything has me. Even if you come to twenty or thirty little pups, you won’t get us! " Brother Gan likes this unyielding personality, smiled and said, and then returned to the door. Brother Gan knows that Liu Yishou needs peace and concentration now.
If you look carefully, you will find that Liu Yishou has never played a trembling hand, and he is also trembling this time. It’s not that Liu Yishou is afraid, but that Liu Yishou is a little worried about his hand, but he has never missed it. If he misses this time, his name will be finished. Liu Yishou bit his teeth and threw caution to the wind. It is said that Liu Yishou, a skilled man, is really brave. He didn’t hesitate to lose the number once or twice, but it was all wrong. Liu Yishou’s hand trembled slightly and lost five figures. After pressing the OK key, I was dead for a second, waiting for Brother Gan to get ready for the battle and take out my army thorn from my waist. But after a second, I heard the safe bang, and Liu Yishou breathed a sigh of relief. Then I turned around and showed a smiling face to Brother Gan, and quickly took out a thick stack of file bags from the inside and put them into my prepared pocket, and then made a K gesture to Brother Gan.
Brother Gan smiled and gave Liu Yishou a thumbs up, then went to the window to hit the window. After Liu Yishou re-locked the combination lock department, he sent Liu Yishou first, and then he climbed the window down the hand pipe and went to the building. Two people quickly came to the parking place just now. Brother Gan smiled and said to the co-pilot Liu Yishou, "Ha ha Liu Ge really has you! You are absolutely skilled! "
"Oh, no, I just rely on intuition. Anyway, it’s the last blow. Maybe if I touch it right!" Liu Yishou smiled and said.
"Intuition is also a matter. This time, you have helped our loyalty hall a lot. You are a great hero of our loyalty hall. I will like it for you after this battle! In this way, Brother Liu, I’ll drag you to our Loyalty Hall Plain Base, where many of our brothers are waiting. There will be a big battle tonight, and you will have a rest one night. I’ll arrange someone to take you back to Sister-in-law and Xiaojie in the morning, so don’t worry. The brothers are looking after you! " Brother gan arranged
"Ha ha, you can arrange everything!" Liu Yishou replied with a smile, to tell the truth, through this period of time, he gradually got to know Brother Gan. If Brother Gan talks about it, he will be able to ensure that things will never go wrong. This is a personal belief.
Brother Gan sent Liu Yishou back to Xinyuan Hotel and asked Ouyang Cheng to arrange a place to live and introduced Hu Debiao and Chen Hu to them. Then he took Hu Debiao and Ouyang Cheng to the Plain City Public Security Bureau.
Go to Pingyuan City Public Security Bureau and introduce the story to Hu Debiao and Ouyang Cheng. After that, they really surprised Hu Debiao and Ouyang Cheng. They really didn’t see that the thin and monkey-like middle-aged man had just come to Pingyuan City Public Security Bureau with that unique skill. He directly locked it to find Ma Gang Director Ma. When the assistant took the elder brother to the director’s office, Ma Gang got up and greeted him with a smile. "Hehe, it’s whistling. Please sit down …"
"Ha ha, Director Ma, I’d like you to meet these two are my good brothers …" Brother Gan said and introduced Hu Debiao and Ouyang Cheng to several people in Ma Gang and sat down after a while.
Brother Gan put the evidence just taken from Li Datou’s office on Ma Gang’s desk and said with a smile, "Director Ma, this is what you said in the afternoon. I have brought it all …"
After listening to Brother Gan’s words, Ma Gang couldn’t believe that the public security bureau had been busy for a month and didn’t even see anything, so people took it to Ma Gang in the afternoon. After browsing it, he said with a smile, "Xiao Gan is really awesome. I can’t blame Zhang Ji for asking you to be the chief commander of this operation. I am now white!"
"Ha ha, Director Ma, what is the commander in chief? It is the most important thing to get rid of this bully as soon as possible and return the people in our plain city to a stable and harmonious living environment!" Dry elder brother smiled and said
"Be reasonable about this!" After listening to the words of dry elder brother, Ma Gang nodded.