I haven’t seen Redjade for so long, so I jumped up and hurriedly walked out, followed by Nangong Che …

I haven’t seen Nangong Star for many days, but I am a little thin, but my body is different. Masculinity makes them very gratified.
Thinking that her son would suffer a lot, Redjade had tears in her eyes and touched her thin face. "Are you in exile?"
The nangongshan star is embarrassed, and he likes women behind him. Will it make him recognize him as a child who has not been weaned …
"Mother, I am just going to do things. Do you think I am not good now? Well, my father and I have something to talk about. Why don’t you go back first? I’ll come to you when I’m busy here! " I have just returned, and there are still many things I haven’t explained. Although I enjoy the reunion at this moment, I still have to settle down later when I am in a hurry.
Redjade adjusted herself and nodded at the man behind her. "Ok, you can discuss things first and have dinner with your mother."
After the response, he hurriedly went to the Golden Temple to present a message all the way.
"Good good! Oh, I thought it would be a long time before you came back. It’s really a good boy! "
This is true. When Jean Tai received this message, he had already done it, and he would not come back for a long time. But I didn’t expect him to do it so quickly and methodically.
The nangongshan star embarrassed touched the nose, although he didn’t touch these things before, but I was still exposed to them since I was a child.
Father’s contempt is really sad …
"The Emperor has done everything well. If it weren’t for the minister, I’m afraid he would be a corpse now."
Behind him, he saw that the nangongshan star was embarrassed and said.
But this is really from the heart. Without him, I’m afraid he would have confessed there. Chapter 47
"Well I son, of course, is the best! But now there is another thing you need to do and you are leaving tomorrow. Can you? "
There is something strange about Nangong Obsidian. With him, you can rest assured that Taitai will check this matter.
When they heard this, their bodies were straighter, and their faces were different. "No problem!"
When Nangong Che told them the story, the first reaction was Nangong Xing. "What brother is missing?"
I can’t help but think that he spoke with some bitterness at that time and gave him a look. Is that to say, crow’s mouth? Or is it really sensitive?
"Well, no one has found out where he went, and no one knows where the palace is now, but they dare not send people out to look for it. It should be appropriate for you to look for it."
When the time comes, if Sandy asks, he will say exercise and he will just give a new one.
"So my sister doesn’t know about this?" Vaguely feel that something is tricky. There is something wrong with Nangong Star, but I am surprised by the default when I see my father’s face.
"Father so important things you don’t tell her? If she knows later, she will surely blame you. "Besides, the relationship between the two people is not like that at the beginning. If she knows …
"Whatever you do, don’t tell your sister that she is not well now. If she knows, you know the consequences!"
Sharp eyes scanning the two people let the nangongshan star heart a shock …
But Nangong Che can’t talk about her daughter’s unmarried pregnancy in front of others.
The nangongshan star also want to ask what but see father closed his eyes and showed a pair of don’t want to explain too much, so he didn’t dare to ask again.
"You really fulfilled that sentence. Don’t you think it’s really that sensitive?"
After going outside, the two men sat on the stone bench behind the rockery in the imperial garden and played black and white. Nangong Star had some doubts. Do these things really have any congenital omen?
"It’s not that this palace has never been peaceful. You should have come back early."
As soon as the situation was settled, Nangong Star was beaten out of the water and immediately lost interest.
"Ah, I’m too young to know this, but it must be a good identity for you to follow my father before. I’d like to know what you were like before?"
How do you feel about those killer days, or are those days a generation of nightmares?
There is pain in his eyes, but that kind of pain definitely doesn’t come from that nightmare day that others think, but from the past. Now, brothers have to fight together because of various realities, and no one can find it anymore.
"Maybe it seems dark to you, but it is precious to me, because here I can better reflect my value, and only here can I find my brothers who fight side by side with my generation, you know?" Those who fought side by side can’t understand, just as those people don’t know what feelings the killer has. Chapter 48
When Nangong Che trained them, the first requirement was that they could find a way to leave their backs to their opponents’ allies. Only by doing this together can they have a better chance of winning.
Only in this way can they be invincible!
"You will blame my father, but it doesn’t seem to be there now. Am I thinking something wrong?"
Father has always been serious in his impression, and he has always been unsmiling to them. When his mother is around, his father will have a warm face.
He shook his head and just said it was false not to complain, but later he learned that everything was gone. What do they want to complain about? All this is gone, and then we will give them a chance to save their lives.
"It’s so unusual that the emperor sent so many people without news. I think it should be very difficult. Are you ready?" I vaguely feel that this trip must be dangerous and can be trapped in Nangong Obsidian. Things must not be mundane!
The nangongshan star nodded firmly, no matter what, I want to see my brother in person. If he really has any problems, I can’t imagine the expression of the nangongshan Sandy …
After they talked for a while, Nangong Star thought of accompanying his mother’s meal and left in a hurry.
Redjade sat in front of the round table, full of delicacies and delicacies, which was very luxurious. It was very economical for her to make up for her thin appearance.
"Mother, why are there so many things? How can you and I eat too much?"