"I just came over to apologize to her and then make friends with her. I didn’t expect her to wave when she didn’t listen to me for a few words." Mo Mo looked at the poor koo with cold eyes and was really pretending.

"Pa" a cold inverse nie waved and gave me a slap.
"What are you doing?" Lan Bing night behind him said Lan Bing night? Blue ice rain is so similar in name, he probably has a little connection with my mother.
"I told you that I came back this time to collect debts, and you and your fiancee took preventive measures. Now I’m waking you up and playing games!" I took a five-point effort to slap Mo Mo and then pulled up Yuan Xuan and Jing Xue to meet the classroom.
"Hey, Attachment, you can come back from France. You have something to attend in Class 1, Grade 2, Huaixiao High School. Your brother also has something to tell you about your right to protect your identity, okay?"
"Well Min, I’ll come tomorrow."
"Well" words to interrupt.
"Jing Xue Yuan came back from France with grace and attachment," I said to them.
"I see,,"
"Let’s go and have fun at night," I suggested.
"Agreed ~!" Jing Xue said
"I don’t mind," Yuan Xuan said.
"Okay, then we’ll go after school."
Speak softly (visually)
Tears are nothing but cowardice.
Don’t believe in love, don’t believe in cold rebellion, don’t believe in regret, a persistent, honest, cowardly and strong girl who hates betrayal.
-Su Xiaomin
No one in this world will always be with you until the end. You can rely on it and own it.
I don’t believe in love, family, and that there will be a girl who is really kind to herself, considerate and careful, and protects herself as much as she hates betrayal and deception except Qian Jingxue and Su Xiaomin.
-Bei Yuanxuan
I have always believed that you have no reason to care about me. You will always be my best friends.
Believe in love, believe in love at first sight, and also believe in love for a long time. The original cold-blooded killer actually fell into the emotional vortex method to extricate himself. It turns out that love is being profited, and I no longer believe in love girls.
-Qian Jingxue
Maybe this article is a happy ending in the end. Nianrou doesn’t know because Nianrou hasn’t decided yet. Love will not be cherished when it comes, but it will be regretted when it is lost. Dear friends, don’t let A escape when love comes. Will you regret it when you get it?
-read soft snow
[color confusion]
The three of us went back to the villa and changed our clothes, and then went to be confused. When they walked in, we saw them and them. We didn’t go into the box today because they were in the hall.
"Bloody temptation" I said.
"Light blue meets" Yuan Xuan said,
"Then I want a cup to get my hands on beauty," said Jing Xue.
"Good three palace master Malay" Shinohara said.
"Don’t call us the palace master here," I ordered without a trace of temperature.
"How do you think they will react when they see us?" I asked with a hint of ponder.
"I wonder if we should try it?" Static snow shaking hands get their hands on beauty said to me
"Good" because Yuan Xuan also agreed, so we walked to their side.