The bandit leader came from the sky with an angry voice, "so die!" "

Brush …
Two long arms, like dragons, wound their way out to sea towards Lin Yu.
Lin Yu whoosh jumped up from the ground to avoid the two arms attack.
Boom-Lin Yu’s ground was smashed with a violent explosion and the rubble splashed around.
Although Lin Yu’s physical strength is strong, he has no habit of being beaten actively.
Besides, the attack methods of ancient ethnic groups are very strange, and he is not sure enough that he can withstand the attack of the other side.
The two arms hit Lin Yuyou again, but they were dangerously hidden by the bandit leader, who flew straight to hit the head and flew out with a bang in his chest.
See each other’s feet into his kick to Lin Yu quickly threw out a piece of wind operator paper to control his body and a backhand shot to that guy’s long feet.
The bandit leader’s foot immediately twisted along the vine like a snake and entangled Lin Yu’s magic gun.
Lin Yu immediately put a magic gun and quickly pulled the robber leader away.
"No matter how long his hands and feet are, they can’t be extended?" Lin Yu heart secretly thinking immediately turned and fled.
He has a plan. That guy seems determined to kill himself, so let him chase himself.
There seems to be a strange terrain ahead. Lin Yu decided to try that terrain to deal with this guy.
Probably Lin Yu and the other party were so involved that he forgot that there was another Yuan Lan in the sky.
See Lin Yu was chased by that guy so miserably yuan LAN immediately eyebrows a twist face irate look "this guy dare to take the big brother magic gun still dare to kill big brother? Damn it! "
Yuan Lan immediately manipulated flying boat to dive and flying boat ran into the head of the robber leader.
As big as a flying boat, the robber leader Da Hai immediately shrank his neck and head back.
But Yuan Lan doesn’t intend to let his hands go like this. The shura magic flame swung forward and two flames hurtled into the head of the robber leader.
There were two explosions, and the poor robber leader’s head was blown up without screaming.
The physical body of the bandit leader of the Gouobo ethnic group, who is a relic of the past, is extremely flexible and elastic, even if the realm is a weight higher than him, whether it is a physical attack or a physical attack will not have much effect on him.
It’s a pity that he touched Yuan Lan, not only with far more strength than him, but also with a magic flame dedicated to burning and killing other people’s souls.
Yuan Lan’s fire attack speed is fast, which makes him hide and burn, which makes him have no chance to escape.
The poor bandit leader was just after Lin Yu cheerfully, and Yuan Lan burned his soul in an instant.
The soul was destroyed, and the bandit leader’s body was quickly tightened and turned into an ordinary corpse. The Lin Yu magic gun also fell to the ground.
Lin Yu is very depressed to put away the magic gun and take this guy’s ring away. There are millions of spar. "Didn’t Xiaolan let you watch it?"
After all, he is a new opponent and his strength is not much different. Lin Yu really wants to improve his combat experience by fighting this guy, but I didn’t expect this guy to be killed by Yuan Lan.
Yuan Lan snorted. "Big Brother, you are really ungrateful. If it weren’t for Lan’s help, you would have been killed by this guy just now."
Lin Yu eyes a stare "nonsense which eyes did you see?"
Yuan Lan has argued with Lin Yu, and his eyebrows moved steeply for two times. "Dare to spy on us? Come out! "
Yuan LAN with a jilt a shura magic flame foaming at the mouth and flying to a day Chapter 17 Zhang Xiaorou.
Yuan Lan’s shura magic flame exploded, and a girl in gray immediately cracked and fell to the ground.
"ouch!" A woman in gray screams as she prepares to climb up. Lin Yu has shot her throat. "What’s following us? What have you seen! "
The woman in gray was the woman mercenary who had previously seen Yuan Lan kill that guy, and she was trying to slip away. Unfortunately, Yuan Lan found her.
It’s not like a joke to see Lin Yu’s murderous look in his eyes. The female mercenary in gray is busy. "I saw you kill him, but I didn’t see him!"
Lin Yu thinks this woman is not fake because he can detect the negative emotions of others and see that she is not pretending to be afraid.
But Lin Yu is not quite sure. After all, some people may lie even if they are afraid.
To be on the safe side, don’t let this woman leak out her shura vitality, or kill her to save trouble.
"Blame yourself for too many things!"
Lin Yu held his gun high and shook your gun, and it flashed across the female eyes, scaring the female to scream out immediately. "I really didn’t see anything …"
Lin Yu suddenly smelled a coquettish smell and looked down at the girl in gray who was so scared that she was incontinent that Lin Yu was very depressed.
The average woman wouldn’t be so embarrassed and scared like this.
I guess this woman didn’t lie and really didn’t see anything.
In order not to kill indiscriminately and maintain human nature, Lin Yu finally closed his hand. "Remember not to worry about it later!"
Lin Yu took Yuan Lan and immediately flew back to Chaos City by flying boat.
Seeing that Lin Yu didn’t kill himself, the female mercenary patted her plump chest and jumped up from the ground. "This guy was unexpectedly a soft-hearted person. He didn’t blink when he killed those people before. Is it because the girl’s beauty charmed him?"
Then the maid soldier reached into her pants and took out a broken little smelly water bag and threw it aside. "Well, anyway, I finally fooled this guy. I’m Zhang Xiaorou, Fu Dafu, and I’m so deadly."
The thought of just Lin Yu red shura vitality will forcefully pull more than one hundred people into the ground that little soft scenes feel concerned.