"Xiaoyong, it’s not who’s in charge and who’s not in charge. The punishment is certain. Now he is drunk driving and running a red light and hitting a car, so the crime of traffic accident can’t escape. Now the most important thing is to find a way to persuade the people to disperse. I just negotiated with the people. They said that our local people have said that it doesn’t count. Let you soldiers take a stance and how to deal with the perpetrators!" Qin Zhonghao explained that the officer of the second cargo commandant could not escape the blame for this situation.

"Good for me, you tell me what’s going on first! Although I know something now, I really don’t know what it is, and I can’t explain it to the people … "Ke Yong thought for a moment and nodded.
At this time, there was another emergency brake. A black Audi car stopped. The co-pilot and the back door of the car hit Yang Feng at the same time. Zhang Hao got out of the car and went to dry elder brother’s side. After that, he shook hands with Qin Zhonghao and Ke Yong respectively and asked, "What about the current handling, Director Qin? How can I watch more and more people? " Yang Feng asked anxiously
"Don’t worry, Mayor Yang’s site base is under control. I’m discussing specific solutions with Captain Ke. Captain Ke will go to watch for a while. There should be no big problem. The people just wait for an explanation!" Qin Zhonghao business is business replied.
"That’s good to do this matter involves local and military must be careful, otherwise something is not a trivial matter. Captain Ke, how did you pull the soldiers here? Still armed with live ammunition, what big things will happen when you look at the eyes of ordinary people! " Yang Feng nodded and said, then turned to look at the in-situ standby commando inquired.
"That you don’t worry about the mayor Yang soldiers guns are guns didn’t play besides, these guns are not to deal with people but to deal with the unintelligent goods! Niang also told me that he was attacked by unruly people. Wait till I get back to the army and I’ll take care of him! " Ke Yong angrily scolded a small quartermaster for causing so much trouble for himself and losing face to the whole marine corps. How could he spare him easily?
"Also unruly attack kui he can say exports! What happened was that Xiao Gan and Ouyang Cheng were crossing the road normally at that time. I didn’t expect a military vehicle to suddenly come out from the side and hit Ouyang Cheng. Otherwise, it would really kill people. When the idiot officer hit it, the direction he was driving was still a red light! When the traffic police came to deal with it, they still wanted to default, accompany the head of the army to drink, and disturb the army. " Qin Zhonghao said that although he didn’t witness it with his own eyes, he also knew it through the investigation and the reaction of onlookers just now!
"fuck! Scold the next door! It’s against him. I’d like to ask which chief he drinks with! ? What army does he have to carry out! ? Where the fuck is that? !” After listening, Ke Yong scolded him for looking for the idiot officer.
"Don’t look for it. I’m afraid I’ll be hit by the onlookers. I’m in the police car and locked the car from the inside!" Dry elder brother rushed not far from the police car Mr Make signal with the lips disdain said and the idiot officer saw dry elder brother insidious smile saw his one eye and suddenly trembled and knew that there must be no good thing.
"A dog day king egg! You have the guts to make trouble and take care of things, and you will be skinned alive! Come on, go and tie him up for me! " Glared at Ke Yong, hiding in the police car, dare not move. The idiot officer ordered Qin Zhonghao. Chapter 418 Ke Yong promised!
Ke Yong promises!
"yes! Captain! " When the squad leader heard Ke Yong’s order, he replied loudly and then waved his hand and said, "Give it to me!" " Speak six commandos with guns as the squad leader rushed to the idiot officer hiding in the police car.
Seeing them coming to the police car, the squad leader shouted at the stupid idiot officer in the police car, "Now I order you to hit the door immediately!" How dare that idiot officer open the door when he looks at this situation? He can’t wait to get out of the car now. But he really dares to shoot himself if he knows that Ke Yong is badly annoyed.
At this time, the onlookers exclaimed where they had seen this appearance, and it was not a performance. Looking at these armed special forces to the teeth, they felt passionate, especially when the soldiers rushed to the police car to catch the idiot officer, the scene was boiling and exclaimed. However, it was at this time that the idiot officer in the police car actually climbed from the back of the car to the driver’s seat to see that the posture was to escape.
"Battalion chief now? !” The captain in charge of the operation immediately turned to Ke Yong for instructions when he saw this situation
"This also ask? ! Take immediate military action! Bring him to me! " Keyong big command said with a wave of his hand.
"yes! Captain! " The captain gave a military-like salute and replied with a wave that six special forces immediately rushed over from left, right, back and forth and heard the sound of six submachine gun butts hitting the car glass. All the car glasses of the police car were smashed and six special forces departments rushed in to control the commandant officer!
"Let me go! Let me go! I am an officer! " Within a minute, four special forces carried the shouting idiot officer.
The squad leader stared at the dog day like a rogue officer, awed, took his military cap and handed it to a special soldier around him, then slapped his face and scolded, "Do you think you are worthy of this military uniform?" ! Take it away for me! " The squad leader scolded and carried the dog to Keyong’s side.
"Report captain! He’s under control. Please give instructions! " The squad leader came to Keyong’s side and reported that he was waiting for this Keyong instruction.
"Let him go!" Ke Yong stared at the idiot and ordered the four special forces to release the idiot officer, but they never let the guy out of their control.
"What did you say to me in your words? Now repeat it for me! " Ke Yong has been staring at the idiot officer and asked questions. Seeing that the idiot officer’s legs have been shaking, the thief has been walking around to avoid Ke Yong’s eyes and dare not touch.
"I … I …" The idiot officer stuttered and replied that he didn’t say a word for a long time, and he couldn’t say it because you lied all the time.
"You what you? ! Speak quickly! What did you say when you called the army just now? ?” Ke Yong glared at the dog day and cursed Ke Yong. When he said this, it was a police megaphone, saying that all the onlookers could hear him. Just make a gesture for everyone!
The onlookers looked at the idiot officer whose legs trembled with fear. Just now, anger turned into excitement, especially when Ke Yong, a special soldier, came out and saw that idiot officer and Ke Yong were not in the same class. This is the real iron soldier!
"Didn’t you just say that you were surrounded by a bunch of unruly people? Then show me who is blocking you. Who is the unruly? !” Ke Yong looked at the idiot officer who had been scared to death and scolded himself. It will be interesting to see how he rounded up the lie.
"He … and he …" The idiot officer was scolded by Ke Yong, and in the end there was no way to point the finger at the dry elder brother and Ouyang Cheng. Anyway, he just hit the two cars and the two men booed first. If you are looking for a whipping boy, you should find these two men first!
"no! He lied! All of us can prove it! It was he who hit people, and people were victims! "
"yes! Being a soldier also lies! I really don’t know how to be a soldier. If a soldier starts a war, he will be the first to betray the country and become a traitor! "
At this time, the onlookers did not agree with them, but just now, the witnesses of the car accident saw clearly that the idiot officer actually gave up looking in the mirror, and they said that they could not promise anything. So they retorted that Brother Gan and Ouyang Cheng looked at each other with a smile and thought that this little psychological quality was ok. At this time, they still stood up and proved to be a good traitor.
After listening to his answer, Ke Yong looked puzzled. It was Brother Gan and Ouyang Cheng who smiled and turned to lift their feet to the belly of the second-rate officer. After seeing Ke Yong’s flying feet, the second-rate officer was directly kicked out and scolded, "Are you still lying to me now?" ! Son of a bitch, you’re lying about your military situation. Believe it or not, I’ll send you to a military court and shoot you! ?”
"Ouch … ah … I … I …" After being kicked by Ke Yong, the idiot officer was almost out of breath, moaning and whining over there and couldn’t say a word.
The onlookers were stunned. This official is too violent. Looking at the idiot officer with a cold sweat, you can see how painful it is. So just now, the crowd was stunned by Ke Yong’s kick, and suddenly it became quiet, waiting for the progress of the incident to see what to do with the idiot officer in the end.
"You what you? ! Didn’t you say that some unruly people attacked you? ! Didn’t you call for backup? ! Otherwise, I can bring so many soldiers here. ! You fucking deserve a beating! Look at your drunken cowardice! Didn’t you say you were drinking with the chief? ! Then tell me which chief you are with. !” Ke Yong looked at the breathless officer who was kicked and asked a series of questions. If you don’t tidy up today, don’t say so many ordinary people. Even his brother-in-law can’t explain that he didn’t look at things and got into trouble. This is not a death!
"I …" The idiot officer was really intimidated by Ke Yong, who was mixed in the Marine Corps. He still knew Ke Da Tian, Master Ke’s third son. He was not to be taunted. I didn’t expect it to drag him out, so he bowed his head and said timidly that he didn’t know how to answer.
"Tell me, did you run a red light? !” Before he could say it, Ke Yong slapped him and scolded him, so the coward couldn’t give him a break, or he might bite you sometime.
"Chuang … Chuang …"
"What rush? !”
"Executive … Executive Army …"
"What army to perform his niang? !” Ke Yong cursed himself for not daring to run a red light until it was absolutely necessary. You’d better have a quartermaster chief run a red light. The executive army itself will be interesting to see what kind of army you are running. If you can’t say one, two, three, I’ll settle accounts with you.
"I … just … just finished drinking and going back to the army … at three o’clock in the afternoon, it’s already … it’s already late …" The idiot officer replied with trepidation that he was kicked and smoked by Ke Yong, and finally became honest and never dared to lie again.
"You will? ! You’re such a coward, and you don’t give a shit! I’m telling you now, and you’ll never meet again! If you want to talk, go to prison! " Keyong cold hum a scold a way
"I … I really will …"
"pa!" He was still quibbling, and he was slapped by Ke Yong again. After this slap, he never dared to say anything. He bowed his head and never dared to speak again …
"Now answer me, what did the people just lift your car?" Look at that stupid officer who was picked up by himself. Ke Yong asked coldly.
"Because … because I … I drunk driving … I ran a red light …" The idiot officer said and secretly looked at Ke Yong for fear of being beaten again if he said something wrong.