"Ha ha ha ha" monkey face upwards burst into laughter suddenly face a big scold a way "fart! Even if it’s serious, it’s not serious enough for me to shoot. No one can save this injury in the realm of repair, but someone in the Three Realms must be able to save it! "

He is another jerk to the little head. "If you want me to make a move, you have to refuel and aggravate her injury, otherwise it will insult my strength and IQ!"
"Still … even worse?" Little gaping could not speak any more.
"Forget it, I’m leaving!" The monkey snorted heavily, stretched out his hand and called back to the anchor, and quickly said, "Wait, there are things."
Monkey’s impatience is quite obvious, but he’s really nice to Xiao, and he’s bored to death, but he still stops there and doesn’t leave
"Well … let’s borrow a step to talk." Young Xiaozhu gave it to lantian jade and then pulled the monkey’s way. "Let’s go there."
The monkey stared at Xiaoman with fierce eyes and was unwilling to be pulled over by him.
"Boss, I have a personal question that I wanted to ask you a long time ago." Xiao rubbed his hands and laughed. "I always feel that the name" Dinghai Shenzhen "is familiar. Well … I’ve been to places before. I’ve always wanted to ask you what your name is?"
He looked at the monkey’s face carefully and tried, "Is your name Sun Wu?"
"Sun Wu?" The monkey looked surprised. "How do you know this name?"
Xiao suddenly clapped his hands with joy and said, "Haha, I knew you must be Sun Wu!"
"You fart!" The monkey said, "I’m not Sun Wu. Look, this is Sun Wu."
He stretched out his hand and scratched his arm for a long time, and finally picked out a monkey hair and threw it back and forth for a long time. The monkey hair suddenly turned into a little monkey. The little monkey looked up and said with a surprised face, "Hey, boss, why are you looking for me?"
The monkey’s mouth moved forward. "Well, it’s not that I want to find you, it’s that he wants to find you."
Little eyes are about to fall out. "Is he … is he Sun Wu?"
"Of course," said the monkey naturally. "You don’t believe it?"
"Er … isn’t he tightening the spell?" Small test path
The little monkey immediately pulled out a circle from behind his ass. "You mean this?"
"That … critical?"
The little monkey smiled and stared at the stone wall next to him. Suddenly, his eyes were golden and a flame shot past and shot a hole in the stone on the spot.
"There will be … Monkey King’s suit." The little voice trembled a little.
As soon as the little monkey touched the back of his left hand’s ass, he found a set of glittering clothes, and his right hand touched another one, which was more gorgeous than the purple and gold crown. "Is this it?"
Little one sat down on the ground. "You … What are you?"
The monkey patted the little monkey on the shoulder and suddenly the little monkey turned into a monkey hair again and fell into his arm. The monkey said, "Do you understand?"
"You mean he is a hair on your body?" trail
Strictly speaking, he is not an ordinary hair, but a monkey hair that follows me beyond reincarnation.
"Beyond reincarnation … monkey hair …" small tongue was a little knotted.
"It’s a secret, so you are not qualified to know it now, but since you ask me, it’s okay to tell you." The monkey nodded and simply sat down. "All the creatures in the fifth world can live together with heaven and earth, but I can’t. I am the only one in the fifth world who needs to be reincarnated constantly. You see a stone once and I have experienced the same reincarnation so many times that I can’t remember myself. I need to abandon my old body and rebuild my new body every time. Of course, those monkey hairs also need to be abandoned, but this reincarnation is too damaging to me.
Nodded "Sun Wu is the kind of reincarnation?"
"Hehe, you said that these monkey hairs should be regarded as the embodiment of my body." Monkey said, "Sometimes I let them go out to play when I’m idle. Anyway, no one in the three realms can really destroy them. Sun Wu was released to play when he was a reincarnation."
Small callous nodded and couldn’t say a word.
This fact is a bit surprising.
"Can I ask a question?" It took a long time before I said, "How many incarnations do you have?"
"Not much" monkey stretched out five fingers.
"Five?" trail
"Ha ha, 50,000." The monkey gloated and stood up.
"Then let me ask you another question." Trail "How many people are there in your fifth world?"
"Many" monkeys stretched out five fingers again.
"Fifty thousand people, oh, it’s a little less." Xiao Shen felt the same way and nodded.
"Not so much," the monkey smiled. "There are five people including me."
Kunlun Mountain is very lively now, and the practitioners who have survived the robbery are talking happily about saying goodbye to each other. The monkey is walking to the edge of Yaochi, and suddenly he feels a strong Shaqi rushing up from the Yaochi. He looks down at the bottom of Yaochi and a jet of black water is rushing up!
"Everyone be careful!" Xiao was surprised and shouted, "It seems that the black dragon hasn’t left yet!"