"Where to go? Gnome male-"ChengBo looked at Yang night smiled.

This smile made Yang night even more afraid that his arm was dragged by Cheng Bo and he could cross his heart. After all, it was the first time for me to be sodomized by this old man if I met a pervert … God, if you are not going to save me, please let him be lighter …
The driver Komatsu has pulled the car to the factory gate, and Yang Ye suddenly shouted "Wait!"
Chengbo got a fright and Komatsu stepped on the brakes.
"What’s the matter, young master?"
"Let me take the bus, I’ll say goodbye to my friends here." Yang Yexin felt sour and determined that he was not willing to try harder this time. "Just five minutes! Three minutes is fine, uncle. I won’t run if I’m not Cheng Bo! "
Cheng Bo stared at Yang Ye for a while and let go, saying, "Don’t lie to me, young gentleman. My master will scold me to death."
Master? You old glass, what on earth do you want to say such inexplicable things? Yang night hate thinking face in my heart, but smiled and pushed the door, and ran directly to the security guards who had just driven him away.
The three security guards already knew that they had just driven away the highest level, and their hearts were completely cold. They knew that they had committed a capital crime. Now they saw that Yang Ye actually came running to them. At that time, they were scared and looked at each other. They all knelt down and cried.
Yang ran to the three security guards at night and didn’t open his mouth. The three security guards were already crying. "Gentleman, you have spared us regardless of the villain. We really didn’t know it was you."
Yang night holding the last hope suddenly saw three people kneeling in front of him, and the hope was completely shattered. "Wang Ge, Li Ge, Zhao Ge, you really don’t know me?" Yang night unwilling to ask.
"Gentleman ~ ~ Please give us a break." The three people dare not look up or return to Yang’s night talk, which is crying.
At this time, the factory director came running with a grin and asked, "What’s the matter, gentleman? These three bullied you just now, didn’t they Don’t worry! Leave it to me! I will take it out for you! "
Yang night, I don’t know what happened to all this. I was in such a bad mood that I was next to the factory director. Although I was still a little afraid of him, I still gave the factory director a hard look.
Now Yang Ye’s identity is lying there, staring at the factory director with a quiver in his heart, feeling that his crotch is also hot, and the factory director knows that he may pee.
Yang night suddenly felt desperate and walked back to the car step by step. The nose of the car was sour and almost cried.
What the fuck is going on here? It seems that no one knows himself overnight. The only one who knows himself, this old glass, actually doesn’t know himself yet.
When the car leaves the factory gate, Yang Yeqing looks out with his neck stretched out. He has a hunch that he won’t come back, and he will definitely be reduced to this old glass catharsis tool around him.
The car drove out of the gate quickly, far away from the factory. Yang night saw that the car had come out far away. The factory director and all the leaders still had a long door and slowly waved goodbye to this side …
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Chapter III "Beauty as a Cloud"
Factory leaders were frightened by Yang Ye’s identity.
◎ Yang Ye decided that Cheng Bo was an old pervert and he was going to be raped and killed.
Leave the factory and go to the home he doesn’t know with Cheng Bo.
I wanted to ask Chengbo where they were going several times along the way, but every time I turned to look at Chengbo, Chengbo must have turned to look at Yangye, and the ambiguous smile clearly expressed a meaning. You can’t run this time.
Komatsu, the driver of the car, actually returned the music, and this music is actually a song called "Chrysanthemum"! Yang night listening almost cried thinking.
Mom! I am still a virgin! Really * * *! I didn’t expect that my first sexual experience was not being a beautiful woman, but being fucked by an old man. How can I live? I …