"Are you all right?" Mo Lin asked in a low voice

"It’s all right." Linghu Zi leans against Mo Lin’s soft body, which is not because of fatigue, but because she likes to snuggle up so intimately.
Molin gently stroked Linghu Zi’s cheek, and his fingers were a little warm and cold. At night in mainland China, Linghu Zi felt a burst of heat flow pouring into her heart.
"You are so stupid and dangerous to rush out today." Molin thought of Linghu Zi’s disobedience.
"You are stupid. There are so many Thunderbirds and Raptors that you run into the forest for fear that they won’t see you." Linghu Zi retorted, but the words were sweet.
Ink Lin ha ha smiled and hugged Linghu purple bowed their heads and kissed her forehead.
"Why do you mess with your relatives’ homes?" Linghu Zidu pouted. The girl who used to be a cold soldier in the past is now blaming the coquetry in her lover’s arms. If she is familiar with it, she will fall to the ground if she is afraid of her eyes.
"Don’t like it? Don’t kiss after that." Molin scratched his head a little regretfully.
Linghu Zi got a fright. Molin was really busy. Rely on a tighter way. "I’m talking nonsense, I … I …"
"What happened to you?" Ink Lin asked with a straight face
"… I like your kiss …" Linghu Zijiao shy way.
Molin laughed out Linghu Zi, only to find that he had been pretending to be angry and said, "You are good or bad."
"Do you just know?" Mo Lin pressed Linghu Zi’s body down and kissed it, and said, "You are not allowed to take risks later …"
"I want to talk to you … well …" Linghu Zi can tell whether it is swallowed back to her belly or swallowed by Molin.
After destroying the Thunderbirds, the magic beast unexpectedly stopped attacking the vast snow field and became as dead as death. Don’t say that the magic beast couldn’t even see a ghost in the next two days.
"What the hell happened? Why can’t you see a magic beast?" Xiaobai walked at the front of the line. These days, he was tired of eating Thunderbird meat and shouted all day to get some meat from his magic beast.
"Maybe they are afraid of being eaten by you." Yue Yao Xi Xi said with a smile.
"Is it possible?" Xiao Bai’s head held high. "Since they don’t come out, we’ll go straight to the city of beasts and bake a fire. I guess dragon meat will be delicious …"
Xiao Bai said with a mouthful of Hu that Mo Lin felt more and more wrong.
After the threat of Thunderbirds was removed, Molin felt a very urgent sense of crisis. He always felt that a pair of eyes were eyeing them in the distance, but he couldn’t figure out what they belonged to.
"Molin, what do you think?" Linghu purple approached and asked
"Nothing is to feel a little uneasy. It’s not too quiet, don’t you think?" Molin avenue
"I feel the same way …" Linghu Zi said, "Do you think the White Dragon will ambush somewhere and suddenly appear when we pass by?"
Molin gasped in a gasp. This snowfield is likely to hide everywhere. It’s really hard to prevent Bailong from really finding a place to ambush.
"How far is the terrain in front of Xiao Zhou from Wanshou City?" Ink Lin turn head to ask Xiao Zhou way
Xiao Zhou looked at the arm screen and said, "There are still about ten days’ journey ahead. There are several hilly areas with few ups and downs in the plain."
"Plain words should be ok," Molin said to himself.
"By the way, if we speed up a little, we can get to a valley where we can keep out the wind before tonight." Xiao Zhou clicked on the screen a few times and gave Molin an intelligence.
The wind in the plain is too strong. If there is a rest meeting in the valley at night, Shu Duo and Xiao Zhou will guide the team to the direction of the valley and plan to camp there today.
"That should be it over there, right?" As dusk grew, a rolling hilly area appeared in the distance. There were several snow-capped mountains in the period, and the most conspicuous valley should be sandwiched by several snow-capped mountains.
After a day’s walk, Molin and Xiaobai didn’t feel like it, but the two women were a little tired. When they saw the valley, they were far away. Everyone stepped up and hoped to have a rest in a sheltered place early.
Soon came to the valley near the snow-capped mountains, where the snow reflected the setting sun and the twilight reflected a reddish shimmer, which made people feel like a dream.
"What a beautiful valley!" Around a snowy mountain, a valley appeared in front of everyone. There were many cliffs in this valley that could shelter the snow and snow, and Molin soon found one for everyone to settle down.
"It’s really nice here. The mainland wind is so annoying." Linghu Zi rubbed her hands and warmed herself by the campfire.
Molin fiddled with the bonfire and let the fire burn more brightly. Looking at the light getting brighter and brighter, his heart was slightly down-to-earth, and it seemed that it was another safe day.
"Boss, do you feel something is wrong?" Small white suddenly shot ink Lin shoulder low way
Molin was restless and looked around but found nothing.
"What did you find?" Molin walked to a place far away from the bonfire, and the sound was very slight.
Xiao Bai shook his head and said, "I didn’t feel right until I found nothing. I have felt uneasy since I entered the valley."
After practicing to a certain extent, I often have a very keen premonition of danger, which has been the case many times. Intuition saved Mo Lin’s life.
"But it’s not like there’s any magic beast around." Mo Lin said that he and Xiao Bai’s ability could not make the magic beast approach the front and haven’t found it yet.
"For the sake of safety, I’d better investigate." Mo Lin touched his head and flew up when he saw that Xiao Bai’s three tails were all cocked up.
Molin came to the middle of the school, and there was white snow on all sides. Except for this flat valley, the visibility was excellent.
"Unless the incoming magic beast will be invisible or about the size of an ant …" Ink Lin Xin Dao.
He made a gesture of "worrying about everything" at Xiao Bai on the ground, and Xiao Bai blew up his tail to be released slowly.
"It should be calm tonight," thought Molin, ready to go back to the valley.