Ye Han suddenly smiled knowingly. "Brother Lin wouldn’t have come to me so early if he didn’t have something. Did something happen again?"

Hearing Ye Hanyan, Lin Jie suddenly nodded awkwardly and said with a wry smile, "It’s really impossible to hide anything from Ye Xiong!"
Ye Han smell speech busy noncommittally smiled and then listened to Lin Jie’s bitter sigh "according to the report, it seems that an important event happened in Yan’s family recently because the girl was also surnamed Yan."
"What happened to the Yan family?" Don’t stay Lin Jie finish inflammation hin then some excited busy a face of worry at him and asked.
"I am not very clear about this. It is said that I am not clear about the specific situation of competing for certain sites!" See inflammation hin a face of worry sample Lin Jie heart suddenly one leng busy nai smiled to say with smile.
Listen to Lin Jieyan not only Yan Xin, but even Ye Han is clearly aware that Lin Jiekou’s contention for territory is obviously a river dispute four months ago.
Ye Han knows this, but he can’t figure out why it’s been four months since this river. What will happen suddenly now?
I can’t think of Bai Yehan, and I didn’t intend to listen to Yan Xin suddenly with a wry smile. "This river has been fighting for us for four months without a break!"
After Yan Xin said so, Ye Han finally understood that the fire sect war of Yan’s family had been going on for four months.
"What happened? Is this river really that important? " Understand the truth Ye Han is still very puzzled so he asked
Ye Han’s question not only Ye Han wants to know the answer, but even Lin Jie, who doesn’t know the details, is eager to know, but when they look at Yan Xin, Yan Xin has to shake his head.
Each sighed a leaf before he smiled. "I think we’ll talk about this family thing after we find Linger!"
Hear Ye Hanyan Lin Jie naturally never have opinions and inflammation hin is also slightly paused and consciousness nodded his head.
Marrying a husband is Yan Xin’s idea now. Although he never married Ye Han, his real name has become Ye Han’s woman. She naturally won’t doubt Ye Han’s decision.
After the decision, Yan Xin didn’t want to stay any longer, so she smiled awkwardly at Lin Jie. "Excuse me for spending the night in your school. Now we have important things to do, so we have to leave first!"
Ye Han hasn’t spoken yet, but he doesn’t want to talk himself. He’s all right. He nodded slightly at Lin Jie to show his mind.
When Lin Jie saw this, he didn’t want to stay. He smiled awkwardly at Ye Han. "I still want to catch up with Ye Xiong. Now that Ye Xiong has something to do, I can stay!"
"That’s what I’m thinking!" I heard that Lin Jie said that Ye Han was too busy to shirk. He smiled at him with approval and then bowed his hand at him. "In that case, we will meet again!"
Said Ye Han turned toward the door layman to inflammation hin said or blunt inflammation hin arch search word followed Ye Han left the room.
Lin Jie couldn’t help sighing in the room for a long time before he looked back at the decoration in the room and then he left the room.
Ye Han left the room and went all the way to the cold forest gate. Soon he came to the gate. He just wanted to leave when he suddenly heard a slightly old cough behind him.
After a light cough, Ye Han looked back and saw Lin Fuzheng walking slowly towards the gate. At the same time, Lin Fu also looked surprised and said, "Ye Shaoxia, you have really come back. I didn’t believe it before listening to Jay!"
Lin Fu walked slowly, and Ye Han bowed his hand at him. Then he said, "I have to pay my respects to my predecessors and younger generations this time. Please forgive me for being rude!"
Lin Fuwen suddenly smiled casually. "Ye Shaoxia is my benefactor from the Cold Forest Sect. If you talk like that again, it will be a disgrace to the old lady!"
"benefactor?" After listening to Lin Fuyan, Ye Han was suddenly silent for a long time before he asked with a puzzled face, "I don’t know what the elder meant?"
Farewell to southbound in the 193rd circle
See Ye Han so a face of puzzled inflammation xin naturally more puzzled Lin Fu looked at naturally quickly white come over and because of the former LengLing to help cold Lin sent Ye Han not place will not know all this!
"Ha ha, it’s a long story. Didn’t Jay ask you and your wife to help our Cold Forest Sect? With your wife’s help, our Cold Forest Sect finally got out of trouble, so you are my benefactors!"
Glanced at a face puzzled Ye Hanlin complex eyes timely fell on inflammation xin body slightly leng stupidly just blunt Ye Han smiled to say with smile.
After Lin Fu’s brief statement, Ye Han immediately turned out to be white. It was because of Lengling that this cold forest faction would regard itself as a benefactor.
Think about how the guards knew themselves when they entered the Cold Forest Sect last night. Ye Han suddenly realized that it was not because the other party knew themselves but because they knew Lengling!
Ye Han, a wife, has seen it, but it’s the first time he’s seen it, and it happens that Ye Hanshen happened.
Ye Han was deeply impressed by this and gave Lin Fu a wry smile. "Since Linger helped you, the Cold Forest Sect should take it for granted that she is your benefactor. Ye Han can’t afford this benefactor!"
Lin Fuwen immediately smiled and laughed. "Ye Shaoxia’s mind is long-cherished. If it weren’t for your husband and wife’s help, I’m afraid my Cold Forest Sect would have suffered a lot. You husband and wife are my great benefactors!"
Ye Han don’t want to say more about this matter, which makes people doubt that they are showing off, but seeing Lin Fu’s sincere face, Nai nodded slightly!