This Ri Lu Bu went straight to another ideal city with his three thousand troops.

"Where is this?" Lyu3 bu4 reined in and stopped the horse. He looked up and looked forward.
It is indeed ideal city in front, and it is still a big city, but the walls are very high. There is also a moat suspension bridge in front of the city, which has been hoisted and the gates closed.
"My Lord, this is Ningcheng." Then a forward guard came out and said.
"How many soldiers are there in the city?" Lyu3 bu4 then asked
"It is said that there are ten thousand soldiers and fifty thousand people."
"How long can the food in the city last?"
"Ten Ri at most" forward guards answered one by one.
Lyu3 bu4 continued to ask, because these are the most basic common sense of marching to attack the city. Even though he is simple-minded, Lyu3 bu4 still understands these things.
"Is there a law to break the city?" Lu bu asked
Although this forward guard is a guard, his military position is actually Lu Bu. Generally, Lu Bu asks him about many things. This forward guard actually assumes the position of military adviser.
There are 3,000 soldiers in Lyu3 bu4, and there is no unified and planned specific positions in the army for the time being, but his 3,000 troops are a J and jīng sharp army.
At this moment, the forward guard probe looked at the left, right and left of the city in front of him, and then he sighed: "I tell you that this city is indestructible, and it is still difficult to break it."
Actually, the striker guards this statement, which is equivalent to saying that this city is attacking in a real way, but it won’t be long before the enemy will say that.
It is true that the city walls are exceptionally high and there is a moat natural barrier. They have the heart to attack the city.
"In this case, if we trap him for ten days, won’t they lose without a fight?"
I have to say that Lu Bu intends to be very good.
But the actual situation is far from so simple. The striker guards shook their heads and looked lost. "They will definitely ask for foreign aid, and then we will attack more."
"This doesn’t work, and that doesn’t work. What do you say?" Lu Bu was a little annoyed and impatient. "Why don’t you just attack hard? You hit the gate and take the head of the enemy leader by yourself!"
When he said this, Lu Bu’s eyes were already ablaze with flames, and he was not angry and arrogant.
"This can never be done." The striker general was in a hurry. He knew that his main temper was typical, and his brain simply liked to be a brave man, but ten thousand soldiers, even if the main brave enemy could withstand the siege of ten thousand soldiers? And if anything happens to the Lord, then their army will be completely dissolved, and the loss will outweigh the gain.
"Bai also understands the Lord’s anger, but it is difficult for us to cross the moat, let alone break through the indestructible gate."
"The thief in the city, your mother gave birth to you without an asshole, telling you that you can’t see things clearly in this life, and you dare to hit your grandfather’s idea. You are tired of living!"
At this time, suddenly someone in the city was tall and scold a way
Lu Bu’s army looked up together and saw a row of heads on the wall, and this high drink came from one of the heads.
The man’s head is slightly fat, his eyes are narrowed, and he has a face of hooliganism.
Lyu3 bu4 army some impatient horse kept moving.
Lu Bu pointed at the blue veins on his forehead on the wall with one hand and became angry. "Who is that city?" What did he say? " It turns out that Lu Bu can’t hear clearly because of his poor ear.
The forward generals listened carefully, but now he doesn’t know how to convey Lu Bu’s question. He is afraid that the Lord will be more emotionally unstable after hearing it.
"This … this …" The striker general was embarrassed and depressed, because even it was the first time he heard such abuse from the enemy leader, which was vulgar and could directly piss people off.
"The duke’s name is Cheng Yaojin, and he is a devil incarnate. I heard that he has a terrible mouth."
Of course, the striker general didn’t say the most important message, that is, Cheng Yaojin once scolded a general to death with only one mouth. Most people come to siege with cotton plugged in their ears first and their minds are disturbed.
And this Cheng Yaojin also don’t know is karma coincidence or luck to say that he used to be a local ruffians and hooligans, but later he got a city and became the duke.
Not only that, but also several forces attacked the city, and the final result was failure.
"The devil incarnate? Bah, I, Lu Bu, want to turn him into a dead man today! "
Lu Bu pointed a gun and halberd at the wall and shouted, "There’s a door to kill me. Lu Bu’s taking your head is like taking something out of a bag. Dare you come and fight with me?"
On the wall, Cheng Yaojin was dressed in golden armor and his head was covered with a helmet
He pulled a teenager around him and asked, "Who is Lu Bu? Why haven’t I heard of it? "
Nuo Nuo, the young man around him, immediately replied, "This young man was a famous one. He had 3,000 troops attacking several cities but all failed. However, it is said that Lu Bu was brave and brave, and he was even more unstoppable. It is said that he could survive safely after going deep into the enemy of 1,000 people."
"What? Is he so powerful? " Cheng Yaojin hesitated.
People say that Cheng Yaojin knows how to talk, but the world doesn’t know that his martial arts are not low, especially his pair of big axes add up to 100 kilograms, and there are not many people who can carry it.
Cheng Yaojin obviously doesn’t believe in evil again. "I’ve never heard of him. No matter how powerful he is, I’ll go for a while. He’ll watch me split him in half with two axes!"
City Lu Bu shouted again, "Do you dare to come out of the city to your grandfather for World War I? If you don’t dare, please tighten up and don’t come out forever! "
The sound is deafening, even if it is so far away, you can clearly hear the strength of Lu Bu.
"Mom an egg your grandpa I shall be afraid of? I’ll go to the gate and meet him for a while! "
Say Cheng Yaojin was aggressive tower from the edge of the wall to get the two heavy axe Yu to fight.
Lu Bu, 500 meters away from the city gate, also scolded Cheng Yaojin for fighting the city gate. At this time, he was riding a yellow horse with teeth biting hard. At the city gate, there were five ranks guarding the long and thick bolt. The bolt in the city gate was also made of pig iron
"Give me the gate!" Cheng Yaojin ordered.
The five ranks joined forces to pull the rope and the big latch was slowly pulled.
With the creaking of a city gate rumbling.