"Don’t worry, it’s harmless to bite your brother’s snake. Maybe someone keeps a pet." Yuan Qing said with a smile to him, signaling him to rest assured (Mo Xing er Yuan Qing, who will keep a snake as a pet? Yuan Qing has a lot of people like Yi Lin Bing Xuan and my desert star (er)

"Oh, thank you." Yin Longhao thanked her with a sigh of relief.
"If you don’t thank me, you should talk to Bing Xuan." Yuan Qing said with a pendulum.
"Oh, I know. I’ll go with him when my brother wakes up." Yin Longhao nodded (desert star is that he dare not face ice Xuan alone)
"Hum, if you were me, Bing Xuan wouldn’t save me, villain!" Yi Lin aside cold hum a said his dissatisfaction.
"What did you say!" Yin Longhao’s eyebrows twisted into Sichuan characters. Is this woman mistaken? Didn’t she just eat her once? Do you need to care so much?
"I didn’t say anything. I just told the truth." Yi Lin bit her finger and looked at him with a face of koo.
You!’ Yin Longhao anger to risk again.
"This person is so horrible and cold." Yi Lin drilled into Mu Han’s arms and pretended to be afraid.
"Hey, you scared people." Mu Han gave Yin Longhao a look with her.
"I don’t have it!" Yin Longhao looked at him angrily. "I don’t know? Your heart is toward your girlfriend! Don’t talk nonsense! "
"Long Hao" Yin Zixian just woke up and heard Yin Longhao get angry.
"Brother, are you awake?" As soon as Yin Longhao heard his horse turn around, he asked with surprise, "Are you all right?"
"I’m fine. What are you angry about?" Yin Zixian looked up and saw Yilin and their horses knew what was going on. "How many times have I told you not to quarrel with others casually? You just won’t listen!" The more he talked, the more angry he coughed.
"Elder brother, I was wrong. I won’t do it again." Yin Longhao lovingly helped him to be smooth and hurriedly assured him.
"By the way, who saved me just now?" Yin Zixian suddenly thought of this question to ask
"Yes, yes, the girl who met cold earlier" said Yin Longhao.
Well, dear friends, Mo Xing was dragged away by his father today, and he was exhausted for a whole day, so he finally came back. Continue all this day, and thank you for your support! Drift away ~ ~
Vacation Five
"Yes, yes, the girl who met cold earlier" said Yin Longhao.
"Is it her?" Yin Zixian was a little surprised. How could a cold girl like her save him?
"Well yes" Yin Longhao nodded his head.
"Then we should thank a family." Yin Zixian barely supported herself and walked in that direction with a flash.
"Elder brother" Yin Longhao held him and walked over there with him.
"Well, hello, thank you so much just now," Yin Zixian said politely.
Bing Xuan looked directly at his sleeping night shadow and didn’t look at him. The man who had been gentle enough to melt looked at Bing Xuan.
The two brothers were petrified after they finished.
"Hello, my name is Yuan Qing, and I am a friend of Bing Xuan." Yuan Qing took the initiative to reconcile when he saw the ice.
"Hello, my name is Yin Zixian." He reacted, smiled and kept a good demeanor.
"By the way, we’ll have a barbecue later, and you should also come." Yuan Qing warmly invited him.
"Uh, is that okay?" Yin Zixian has some surprises. Will that girl promise? Unconsciously, I had a good impression on a girl with a boyfriend.
"Of course," Yuan Qing smiled.
"Aye, aye, this thing is going to move there." Yi Lin directed Yin Longhao. "No, it’s there." She made Yin Longhao run around.
"hey!" Yin Longhao finally couldn’t bear to get angry and threw things heavily on the ground. "You are deliberately messing with me!"
Long Hao!’ Yin Zixian, the eldest brother, said again, "You can’t be so rude. Have you forgotten what you just promised me?"
"I remember knowing not to make any noise." Yin Longhao resentfully withdrew to pick up something and walked to the side.
"I’m sorry that my younger brother was so reckless." Yin Zixian apologized to her.
"No, no" Yi Lin’s eyes flashed a sly n_n Haha deserved it Yin Longhao who told you to mess with me first!
Mu Han choked back a smile and hugged Yi Lin and walked to a quiet place. The two glances laughed.
"The wife, Yin Longhao,, was so miserable by you!" Mu Han said with a smile
"Of course, don’t look at who I am?" Yi Lin smiled brightly.