"oh? Good shooting ability? " Coach Jim’s eyes are bright. If Tang Wenlong’s younger brother can have half the shooting potential of Tang Wenlong, he thinks it is worth cultivating in Syracuse.

Coach Jim hesitated for a moment and then said, "well, as at that time, you should take a physical fitness test first and then have a one-on-one half-court bullfight with our players!" “
Tang Wenlong nodded. "This is possible."
"Coach, let me come to the bullfight!" A red vest player volunteered to come out. Tang Wenlong saw that it was just the tomahawk dunker in the fast break. He really wanted to help his brother refuse.
I didn’t expect it to be flat, but I replied, "Yes, no problem!"
Tang Wenlong swallowed his words and turned to ask, "What’s your name?"
Michael Carter Williams
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven Pre-season training
On the ability of one-on-one combat, is it often destroyed by Tang Wenlong or is it at the same level as peers
Tang Wenlong was shocked by the little name that he was playing against. It felt like he was facing the combination of three superstars at the same time, and the young player was really excellent in physical fitness. He could run and jump, and his ball control ability was also very good. Basketball was like waving his fingers in his hand.
Two people are similar in age and height, and they look good when they are singled out.
The dribbling of Ping Ping’s left and right hands is not balanced. Michael Carter Williams, a famous player, quickly discovered Ping Ping’s weakness. He blocked Ping Ping’s right side and let two people on his left side hit it 2-2, and then Ping Ping was broken by Michael Carter Williams. The latter even hit three balls in the back of the basket or swung it to hit the board.
Coach Jim shook his head and said to Tang Wenlong, "Let’s watch his shooting test."
Tang Wenlong smiled awkwardly. When he came to the trial that year, he was decided by the head coach to stay after the one-on-one fight. But today, he met a bit of a prick. Coach Jim needs a face-to-face test to decide whether to keep him.
Pingping felt that there was nothing to talk and laugh with Michael Carter Williams after the game, and he didn’t see that they were so fierce before.
This performance trait made coach Jim’s eyes light up and turned to look at Tang Wenlong, thinking that Tang Wenlong’s younger brother is much more outgoing than Tang Wenlong. It seems that there is no problem in communicating with his teammates.
After that, the dribbling foundation work test, the ball foundation work test and the shooting test are carried out.
Among them, the shooting test is divided into fixed-point shooting test and confrontation shooting test. The fixed-point shooting test is simple: the half-court is divided into ten areas, and then five balls are thrown in each area, including five points outside the three-point line. It is not complicated to find two players to interfere with dribbling and shooting respectively, and then throw a certain number of balls to see the shooting sight.
It is still an excellent fixed-point person’s defensive shooting percentage is about 60%, and 40% of the interference shooting is better than the team’s pile of black big rednecks. After considering it for a while, Coach Jim decided to keep Tang Wenlong, the younger brother, to train one.
Tang Wenlong was so happy that he had no bottom before, and there was no hope. Now he is happier to see that he has been admitted than he is to be admitted.
Admission is also conditional. For example, coach Jim took advantage of this rare effort to keep Tang Wenlong in training and confrontation with Syracuse University players, and asked Tang Wenlong to give some NBA basketball skills and experience to Syracuse University children.
Tang Wenlong couldn’t help crying that he didn’t have a jersey. Coach Jim waved and said that he could buy the jersey he wore at Syracuse University without accessories here.
Tang Wenlong "…"
After solving this matter, Tang Wenlong returned to the city and soon came to January.
At this time, 2k Company promoted their new game 2k13, which became the favorite game of NBA fans than being close to NBA details and unique operating experience.
After the modification, the Lakers have the highest fighting power: attack 91, defense 9, and the 76 ers are not bad in general. The attack is as high as 91, which is equal to the Lakers’ defense 7, and it is also among the top five teams in the NBA.
The player with the highest score in the league is still James. His overall score is as high as 97, which is the same as last year. In fact, this is also based on the overall data and efficiency of James in the season. Although James lost to Tang Wenlong in the playoffs, the actual difference between the two teams is even worse. After the finals, there is an argument that whoever enters the finals in the East will definitely win the championship.
Tang Wenlong’s score is second only to James’s score of 96. His offensive score is as high as 97, but his defensive score is slightly lower, but he also has rebounds. He has 57 rebounds. If he hadn’t grabbed double rebounds in many games in the playoffs, it would be difficult to score more than 5 rebounds. Even so, he is already the second highest scoring player in the league, and many fans find that Tang Wenlong is much easier to control than James, especially his back-up jumper is ridiculously accurate.
After that, it was scored 94 Durant 94 "Warcraft" Howard 93 Kobe Bryant, Paul and Wade and so on.
After the game came out, all the 76ers found a time together. PK Whiteside showed that the master of this game played 2k skillfully, while Tang Wenlong himself could be regarded as an ordinary player, and it was particularly awkward to operate because he usually played more keyboards at home.
At the same time, ESPN is the top five stars in each season.
This is the pre-season ranking of players’ strength. Last year, it was the first player ranking. Tang Wenlong was ranked 15th by ESPN, lower than Thunder and Knicks, and two 20 million-year-old superstars. But at that time, the media bluntly said that Tang Wenlong’s ranking seemed to be higher.
On January 12th, the NBA preseason was officially held.
Most of the preseason games for the 76ers were held in Asia, but the first game with the Magic was held in Orlando, which experienced a great change in the summer. Although it was an important preseason game, the 76ers were also suspected of bullying.
"Training is the first", coach Collins shouted the slogan directly in the face of media interviews.
In this regard, the head coach of the new magic team, Jacqui Vaughan, was also polite. Before the game, he gave a lot of compliments to the 76ers to lower his body. "They are a great team and just won the championship this season. Tang Wenlong is very capable. I like his leadership temperament on the spot."
This kind of dialogue between the two teams is naturally a way to satisfy the media and try their best to find one of the players to interview, especially the magic team, many rookies hope to meet big-mouthed players
As a result, Afraro, the magic’s biggest player at present, actually didn’t play in this game against the 76 ers, and the only thing to watch was gone
Tang Wenlong played for 1 minute, made 3 of 5 shots, scored 1 point and punched the class. The rest of the time was reserved for the 76 ers and the rest of the players.
As a result, the Magic finally won the 76ers 11-9. Glen Davis, the "big baby", scored 25 points and 12 rebounds, and played the dominance data in the preseason.
Chapter two hundred and ninety The new season
In the preseason, most teams will choose the trainer, unless some teams are younger and have more rookies, they may play harder.
The 76ers played against the Nets, Cavaliers and Celtics after seven preseason games.
Because this new season, the Nets moved to Brooklyn, new york, and the Nets became a league. Another super-big city team attracted the attention of many stars, and the league’s desire to send new york’s mentality was also very obvious. In the preseason World War II, it was urgent to arrange 76 people with high popularity to fight in the Nets’ new club.
Barclays Center Arena!
This arena can be described as the most luxurious and luxurious top arena in the world, with a cost of more than 100 million dollars. Even the most common dressing room is built more than luxury. It doesn’t feel like playing a game, but coming to a luxury hotel for a holiday, which once made the 76 ers who came to the arena for the first time very envious.
Then there will be the 76 ers overseas stadium, and the games with Cavaliers and Celtics will be held in Asia.
In the same period, there were also competitions in Asia, including Kings and Clippers, Pacers and Rockets. Because Lin Hao went to the Rocket Institute, the popularity of rockets in Asia rebounded. What Tang Wenlong didn’t expect most was that a big deal happened in the league just two days before the new season in the preseason stage.
James Harden was traded by Thunder to Houston Rockets!
"James was traded?" Tang Wenlong looked incredulous. "How is that possible?"