Crisp fried noise came from Long Ao’s head, followed by golden red blood overflowing from 7 orifices. He still kept kneeling on the ground, but the breath of life was losing at an alarming rate, and the demon Yuan that stood between the two also vanished in an instant.
On the one hand, it is to express the guilt of Xipan. On the other hand, as a demon grand marshal and a superior demon clan with the blood of God beast, he can never accept the charity of Chen Han, even if Xipan intercedes to spare his life.
Therefore, he resolutely chose to destroy the Yuan God, and even the soul source was annihilated in an instant.
Dead …
Demon clan grand marshal Long Ao committed suicide, and all three people present were blindsided, and then all of them came like crazy. However, even if the source of the soul is scattered, it is impossible to save his lost life. Rhinoceros Pan clung to Long Ao’s cold body and shouted sharply, "Brother, why did you do this? Why die? Why … As long as you say a few more words, I will promise. Will I really watch my people being killed? Why did this happen … Blare … Why … "
The voice changed from loud drinking to low sobbing, and big drops of tears flowed from the eyes. No matter whether what Long Ao did hurt his feelings or not, the brotherhood between them never changed.
It is not forever to forbid him to be free, as long as he admits his mistake and nothing happens, just because he is stubborn and persistent.
Yes, Long Ao did make a mistake.
However, as the commander of the demon race, even if he did something wrong, it was for the sake of the demon race. Even if he hurt his brother’s feelings, he didn’t have to die to apologize, did he?
Recalling all kinds of things between the four brothers and sisters in the past, fate brought them together from the time of poor cultivation, practicing together, playing together, growing together until they grew up and became stronger and stronger, and then fighting together, defending the enemy together, and working together to make the demon race stronger and stronger.
Those memories are the most precious things in his life, and these people are also the most important relatives around him, but one of them actually left.
"Second brother, even if you agree to your eldest brother’s request in time, the result will not change, so you don’t have to blame yourself."
"Yes, we can’t pray for Chen Han’s qualification to live."
Zhan Yan, a stunning woman, smiled and said, "You know what? Second brother, you misunderstood me 2,800 years ago. You thought I liked third brother, so you took my sister-in-law. In fact, I always liked you. You don’t have the cultivation of your eldest brother and the natural and unrestrained temperament of your third brother, but your attachment to your feelings is stronger than anyone else. You’re the man I’ve always loved, but it’s a pity … Hehe, that’s all right. If you’ve been afraid to say it, you can finally say it now. "
"Little younger sister, how did you …" Xi Pan stare big eyes as if he didn’t believe his ears.
"Second brother, farewell, take care."
She left a charming smile, full of tenderness and nostalgia: "In the future, the demon family will rely on you to carry forward, and you will be the only leader of the demon family, and no one can control your thoughts anymore. Chen Han is a wizard, and his future is limitless. If you can’t bear to kill him, try your best to help him, which may bring you unexpected gains … "
Just after she has been pointing to the rhinoceros pan to lift the ban, she and Lang Yun Feng bleed to death at the same time, and the soul source disappears.
The perfect jade body wrapped in the magnificent five-color dress slowly falls like dead leaves in autumn, and there is still infinite nostalgia and disappointment in the corner of my eyes.
The rhinoceros rock rushed up to hug her, and tears rolled like crazy. The second commander of the demon family was as painful as a child with dead parents: "Yu Ying, how did this happen?" How come … Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Why did you die? Why didn’t you live well? They’re all dead … You’re all dead. What’s the point of leaving me alive? "
After nearly ten minutes, he stood up with a sad face.
Almost at the next moment, Siguogu, who appeared in the demon family, released all the demon families who followed him to suffer and were punished for thinking.
He handed the demon clan commander-in-chief to his son, Xi Biao, and he specified that if the demon clan still exists, it must be an ally that Chen Han cannot betray. He drew up a plan that there can only be one leader of the demon race in the future, so as not to contradict each other. After all this, he opened the magic circle and appeared in front of Chen Han and others.
"Big Brother is dead."
After Chen Han ordered to stop attacking the array, Xi Pan said quietly, "My third brother and younger sister are also dead. In order to beg me to plead with you, I let the demon family die alone, or because of their pride, it is impossible to accept the charity of Chen Brothers."
Looking at his quiet expression, as if he were a different person from the previous rhinoceros pan, Chen Han vaguely guessed what would happen.
"Seventy years ago, because the eldest brother they hide from me to deal with you, I know later turned against them, banned for seventy years, just lifted the ban before half a column of incense. At the same time, puma and all the people who support me will be punished. From today on, puma will take over the position of leader of the demon family, and there will only be one leader of the demon family in the future. "
"Eldest brother, you calm down and don’t mess around!" Chen Han said quickly, secretly winking at the Duanmu Dome angel, only he had the opportunity to forcibly prevent a Du Jie mid-peak player from committing suicide.
"Don’t try to stop me, even if you stop me for a while."
Xipan’s face became sad and unhappy, and he said softly in a gibberish way: "Chen Han, I really want to go back to the time when I first met you and my brother." It’s enough for me to know a friend like you in my life, but it’s a pity that I can’t continue drinking and eating meat with you, which is also the biggest regret. As a mortal once said, if there is a next life, I must drink with you for ten days and ten nights, and then fight with you for ten days and ten nights. Brother, brother only asks you to let the demon family go. When the decision was made, people were already dead, and everyone else was following orders. This is the first time and the last time. "
"Eldest brother, I promise you!" Chen Han solemnly replied.
"Xiao Han, are you crazy?"
"Brother Chen, you taught us to cut the grass without uprooting they are tall once more in the spring wind!"
"Chen Han, how can the two armies move their feelings when they are at war?"
"If I am qualified to decide, then I have already decided. If I am not qualified to decide, whoever wants to destroy the demon race will walk past my body. On the one hand, my brother, on the other hand, my brother and elders, Chen Han dare not and can not shoot either side. "
Chen Han put away the cloud combating Dao and stood in front of rhinoceros pan, facing Duanmu dome and others with closed eyes. He was determined to wait for anyone’s attack.
Chapter 277 An arms race
Duanmu dome was so angry that his teeth itched, and he couldn’t understand how the cold of Chen, who had fought decisively before, could become so soft-hearted
Even if you have feelings for rhinoceros rock, it doesn’t seem to be very deep. Even if you don’t kill him, you can’t even let the whole demon race go. He has never done this to himself.
"I was assassinated by the same door in the Stars Sword Sect. For a long time, I couldn’t trust anyone, but if I stopped trusting anyone completely, what would it be like today?"
As if Chen Han, who closed her eyes and waited for death, looked calm and murmured, "It was still like this 70 years ago, but the betrayal was never all. Razer and that group of young people still helped me without hesitation, and Jill has always been on my side." It’s as if the demon family launched an attack regardless of the feelings. In fact, isn’t there someone who can believe it? "
"But … those who participated in the attack demon race …"
"They are just following orders, even if they have this idea themselves, it’s okay, as long as the authorities of the demon race don’t think so."
"Xiao Han, you have become softer than before."
"Ancestor, I don’t want to be so paranoid before, and I am relieved."
Chen Hanwei smiled and slowly opened his eyes, turned around and looked at Xipan: "Eldest brother, I can accept all your requirements, but I also have one condition, otherwise I will destroy the demon family even if you die. To put it bluntly, my brother is no longer in the demon family, and I have nothing to care about the demon family. Why keep it? "
As long as he promised to come down, you can set your mind at to die. The demon clan II is in charge of the rhinoceros pan, and suddenly he looks at him tongue-tied.
The meaning of this sentence is obvious: if Xipan is here, the demon race is there, and if Xipan dies, he will destroy the demon race, which forces him to live.
"Brother, I … I’m really disheartened, really …" Xipan returned to absolute being and shook his head sadly.
"What do you mean disheartened?"
Chen glanced at him coldly, sneering, "Long Ao and others died to show you their will, and to save the face of the demon family. What about you? You didn’t participate in the things of that year. You have no reason to die at all. Don’t tell me that you want to die with your best brother. Do you still plan to double suicide when you are great? "
When it comes to the word double suicide, he found that rhinoceros pan’s dim eyes have obviously changed, and his heart immediately guessed something.
Is it …