If they were not too complacent when victory was in sight, they would not have caused such serious consequences at all.

"How did this happen … how did this happen …"
Long Ao, the commander of the demon race, looked at the broken limbs falling from the air and the thick ground covered with minced meat and plasma, and suddenly snapped, "Why don’t you idiots form a war?" Why don’t you let the master get in the way? Nearly 6 million Miao people of this clan were killed by 80% and seriously injured by more than 15%. What are you doing? !”
This kind of result is not what Chen Han wanted. The global super power died in less than an hour, and the demon race was fatally hit, and the forces of the inferno surpassed them in an all-round way.
However, judging from the situation of him and his ancestors, regardless of the overall situation, this result is undoubtedly the best, at least the chances of escape between the two generations are much greater. If the demon clan’s strength is not seriously damaged, their ending is no different at all, and their death is only delayed for an hour.
Just as the two men aimed at the opportunity to run away, familiar energy fluctuations and smells came from all directions.
Yes, as a natural nemesis with the Chinese people, no matter he and Duanmu Dome, or the remaining hundreds of thousands of demon people, they felt the overwhelming magic gas coming in the first place.
Chen cold heart not hitched, in just over an hour, all the uniting forces in the world BLACKPINK, such a result is no coincidence.
Chain stratagem!
This is clearly a series of tricks that have been arranged for a long time. First, it induces the allied forces to attack themselves, so that the demon race can make moves after the allied forces are damaged. The already weaker Coalition forces will be damaged even if they have an absolute advantage after a fierce battle. It is impossible for the demon family to give up such a good opportunity.
The so-called mantis catches cicadas and yellowbirds, and when the demon race thinks it can win the allied forces and finally stand tall and dominate the whole country, they will be attacked by demons after the war.
Demon clan’s original strength is even weaker than that of inferno, but it’s not too weak. However, when the coalition forces blew themselves up, the strength gap between the two sides immediately opened.
"Is it … condensed snow …"
"Demon clan, die!"
A cold HeSheng full of pitfalls came from the west. Under the vault of countless masters, Mundus was suspended above the sky overlooking all beings.
The idea of Chen’s cold just appeared, and the faint speculation was confirmed. Jing Ning Xue stood not far from him, and occasionally a strange purple eyes flashed in his eyes.
There is no doubt that she has been possessed by the inferno!
There is no need for Chen Han to command Duanmu Dome to start, and the Forbidden Fairy Tower suddenly gushed out from the sky, and a golden light suddenly burst out.
Mundus’s face changed on the spot, with a cold drink, blue brilliance rose overhead, and Tianshui Xianding sent out a large screen, instantly locking the surrounding space. However, they are all Chinese fairy wares. One is the infinite mystery of the fairy wares, and the other is the amazing power of the ancient fairy wares, each of which is good at attacking and defending.
Tianshui Xianding’s absolute defensive light curtain can resist the frontal attack of ordinary first-class fairy wares, and it is almost indestructible before the gas of merit is exhausted.
Unfortunately, its opponent is not a first-time fairy, nor is it an ordinary fairy, but a Chinese ancient fairy forbidden fairy tower.
Absolute defense has not become absolute, only weakening the effectiveness of the forbidden fairy tower.
Originally, I could charge a super master who is three times higher than my own cultivation and no less than the middle level of Mahayana, but I was abruptly weakened by a big realm. As long as it reaches the middle period of Du Jie, or has a certain talent increase, it can resist the suction force of the Forbidden Fairy Tower under the screen of Tianshui Xianding.
Standing with Mundus is all the top inferno strong, even can’t see the shadow of the early Du Jie, all have the state of Du Jie in the middle, but also have a strong or weak talent growth.
Except for one person, that is, Jing Ningxue, who is in control of her spiritual wisdom.
She was just in the early stage of Du Jie, and her talent growth was less than a grade. Suddenly, she became a streamer and penetrated the screen, and was put into the Forbidden Fairy and Precious Tower.
"Ancestor, this is not a good time to stay. Let’s go!"
Chen Han directly opened his mind to Duanmu Dome, and his thin body was put into the tower. The demon race and inferno who were confronting each other had not started yet, and the space was still in a period of extreme calm and no energy fluctuation. Duanmu Dome launched a teleport across the void, directly appearing tens of thousands of miles away.
Fortunately, the enchantment arranged by the Coalition forces was shattered by a blow from the demon family. Without the bondage of the enchantment and the influence of energy fluctuation, the teleport technique can also be used.
In the early days of Du Jie, the Holy Body of Thunder made him go far beyond the presence of people in the place in terms of personal strength, so that he took the opportunity to seize the initiative.
When the two sides react, it is impossible to catch up, and another war has begun …
Of course, these have nothing to do with the two grandchildren. Even if they want to manage, they are powerless. Now that the clay idol is crossing the river, how can they manage those broken things?
"I’m afraid Jinling will be finished. I don’t know how many cities nearby will suffer. Those are all Chinese people!"
"Ancestor, don’t think so much. What else can we do?"
"Alas ….. the demon race has hit the inferno with great potential. If the demon race is completely wiped out, the world will really be finished."
"I don’t think so."
"How do you say?"
"Demon race loss is the lower order, the real master loss is not much, inferno is stronger than them, but it is not absolute. With the mind of the inferno, it is good that this battle can easily destroy the demon family. However, once it is found that it takes a great price to destroy the demon family, it may not fight to the death. "
After a few words, the two generations have already appeared in the eastern waters of Japan, where Ying Long was sealed.
Now, only here is it safe, and it can provide them with a place for secret development.
After the war on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau just subsided, it suddenly changed again in a few months, and a serial stratagem consumed more than half of its combat power against the inferno.
Since then, the previous eleven superpowers and major aliens, except for a handful of people, have completely disappeared from the world and become fleeting. Even if the demon race is not destroyed by this battle, it must be weakened. In turn, with the continuous operation of the starry sky transmission array, more demons will come to Yuanxing.
Everything in the future can no longer rely on anyone, and the mission of fighting against the inferno falls on Jing Yun Hui and two big families, so it must be strong in the shortest possible time.
Although apart from the demon race, some of the fix true forces headed by Daqin and Ling Yuzong did not take part in the war, but compared with the powerful Coalition forces, how can their little power play a substantial role?
Thousands of miles below the earth’s crust, the huge stone platform locked Ying Long, and there stood a group of depressed men and women.
"Why … why did it become like this …"
Earlier, when the allied forces were attacked by the demon race, they were secretly taken into the tower by Duanmu Dome, Razer and Jill, and after being released, they were pale and muttered to themselves.
The cyclops clan was almost completely exterminated, leaving only a few minor clansmen, who stayed here in Ying Long for a dive, and he was the only adult clansman left. Grandpa, father, mother, and elders in the clan were all killed. Even if he was angry with those who betrayed Chen’s cold, how could the blood love be released?
Seeing them torn to pieces by the demon army and watching people die with their own eyes is a pain that ordinary people can’t understand.
Jill cried herself into a coma several times in a row, and nearly 100,000 people all died. The forest elves, who finally became strong, almost none of them were born by Chen Han. Nowadays, although there are still many people who have been born for the second time and have not yet reached adulthood, can those underage people still restore their former Elves?
The most important thing is that Evelyn, who is connected with her blood, died. For elves who have only mothers but no fathers, the affection between mother and daughter is far deeper than that of human beings.
Chen Han didn’t go to persuade anything. He knew the bitterness in their hearts, but why didn’t he feel sad?
Chapter 263 All hit hard
It is true that there was a mutually beneficial relationship with the cyclops and the forest elves at first, but after nearly a hundred years of time, they had already had extremely deep feelings. In these two races, there are his best friends, and there are elders who he regards as relatives. They have had too many laughs and memories, but they are finally betrayed because of their interests.
When Delulunka waved a tomahawk at him, and Evelyn released magic to him, at that time, he only felt that his heart was like a crystal struck by a hammer and smashed into powder with a click.
If Chen Han, who was youthful in those days, would try his best to get revenge, but now he is no longer an ignorant boy.