In the celestial world, Yuan God’s attack is relatively more popular than that in the fix-true world, but it is only limited to the regular army of super forces. Few of these wild fix-immortals who have no door or faction know about Yuan God’s attack. Even if there is, it is also the top-level strong. Once the low-order forces have such magical powers, they are not waiting for faster power, but the super forces are ruthlessly destroyed.

In order to consolidate the absolute power rule, the rules of the celestial world are one hundred times stricter than those of the fix true world.
It is precisely because of this that the forces of the sects in the fix-true world often change, but there are almost no super forces in the celestial world, and the hope of the rise of new forces is extremely slim.
The mysterious arrow-the best!
A whole hundred gas arrows condensed by the force of Yuan Shen burst out from Chen Han’s eyebrows. Even if Yuan Shen, a ghost fairy, is the best among the immortals of the same rank, it depends on the method cultivated by this ghost fairy itself, right?
These local forces’ martial arts skills are inferior, and the strength of the Yuan God is only relative to other wild immortals, and it is useless in front of the cold of uniting the emperor.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
In the ghost fairy team of more than 100 people, there was a series of crackling sounds, and all the ghost immortals who were hit by the arrow of Yuan God, whether Taiyi Jin Xian or Luo Jinxian, were all past.
Only two dozen of them were safe and sound, and before they could signal for help, the second wave of Yuan God’s attack, which was faster than lightning, struck.
Chen Leng saw that he didn’t have a physical body. After his death, something congenial dispersed and gradually turned into a dead body all over the ground. He grabbed Qi Xianer’s neck like an evil spirit and shouted, "Woman! Next, there will be a life-and-death fight. If you dare to reveal your identity and make trouble for Lao Tzu, I don’t mind telling the whole people in the celestial world to let them know that the granddaughter of the Pope of Qingtian Sword Sect has been killed by me! "
"You …"
Qi Xianer, who had just recovered her language ability, heard the sound and changed her face from white with fear to red with embarrassment. She knew very well that if Chen Han said this, she would not be able to wash it even if she jumped into the Yellow River.
For her own reputation, for the face of the whole giant sword school, it will be an irreparable blow, even if Chen Han is dead, it will be difficult to change.
"If I die this time, you can show your identity, but before I die, you’d better help me kill the enemy, at least don’t drag me down, understand?"
Chen’s cold eyes sparkled with people’s pitfalls. This kind of murderous look honed in the blood of ShiShan was not experienced by JiXianEr at all. She was too scared to speak when she was about to curse.
What kind of bastard is this?
Is also a pick Jin Xian, how many things did he experience, just can have such an amazing murderous look? What is his past?
For a little princess who has not been wet behind the ears, the taboo in front of her is becoming more and more mysterious, which vaguely makes her have some curiosity to find out …
Chapter 517 Urgent
Main level local forces on the planet after a person, this person only pick Jin Xian realm, qi fairy heart suddenly have a bottom, even if he is taboo descendants?
Hundreds of thousands of immortals, Taiyi Jin Xian, and Luo Jinxian were besieged. Even if they had peerless talent, they had to lose their temper on the spot. Why should they be slandered by him for a moment?
As long as Chen Han is killed by the other party, she can tell her identity in a bright and dignified way. Even if these ghosts are fierce again, do you dare to play the idea of the Giant Sword Sect?
"I promise you, I won’t tell any secrets before you die!" JiXianEr solemnly said.
"You think I’m dead, don’t you?" Chen gave her a cold frown.
"You said it yourself. Why do you ask me?" Fairy Qi was afraid that he knew he was going to die and would do something bad to himself.
"We’ll see!"
Chen cold conveniently untied all the prohibitions on her body, and spread her body to gallop in the direction of Linyuecheng, and the fairy knowledge was fully opened to cover the surrounding Fiona Fang.
At the beginning, the fairy knowledge could be leaned out of Wan Li when it just soared to the celestial world, but now it has been promoted to the middle stage of picking Jin Xian, which differs by four grades by more than one hundred times. Theoretically, the scope of fairy knowledge exploration has at least increased by dozens of times, but no matter what the overall spatial stability is, there are also spatial factors in various places.
The fairy spirit on the main planet is more intense, which must be considered as the factor of the detection distance of fairy knowledge. If Chen Han is now in a confusing star, the detection range of fairy knowledge will be very different.
The number of ghosts and immortals that are hurtling to this side within 100,000 miles has reached a terrible 50,000, and the number is still growing wildly.
It is not advisable to stay here for a long time. Once the encirclement is narrowed into a war, there is really no room for change!
Kill, also want to fight our way out!
There is a rare silver cloud flashing in Chen’s cold eyes, where it flows like a bright nebula, releasing a heart-rending surge of fighting spirit.
His Yuan God is comparable to the later period of Luo Jinxian, and the other side also has a considerable realm of Luo Jinxian. When his immortal knowledge is swept, it is also detected by the other side. So, when Chen Han and Qi Xianer sped in the direction of Linyuecheng, ghosts and immortals from all directions followed, especially those who came in the direction of Linyuecheng.
Hundreds of thousands of armies of ghosts and immortals in the Rift Valley are advancing like locusts. No one dares to provoke them on Lingbi Star, and it is rare for anyone to take the initiative to provoke them at ordinary times.
Therefore, for a pick Jinxian, there is no need to make such a big ostentation and extravagance, just to play a cat-and-mouse game for all to solve the boredom on weekdays.
Whoosh …
Chen Han, who was hurtling in the direction of Linyuecheng, suddenly turned around and galloped to the right.
Simple-minded Qi Xianer was stunned and cried, "Bastard! Where are you going? Aren’t you going to the interstellar transmission array in Linyue City? "
"In the YueCheng? Do you think that if you go straight to Linyuecheng in this way, the other party will not gather a large team in front? Is it that Lao Tzu is stupid enough to confront thousands of troops? "
"That you …"
"So I don’t understand the puzzle. I don’t know if you have tofu in your head!"
"What is bean curd residue?"
"I’m too lazy to care about you!"
Just like the first men who came head-on, when the distance was only around Wan Li, Chen Han’s galloping direction was turned to Linyuecheng again.
As a result, the number of ghosts and immortals in the direction of Yuecheng suddenly fell sharply, and even if Wan Li wanted to reinforce from other places, it was impossible to cover everything without gap.
Immortal knowledge saw the weak area surrounded by it, and with a scream of cold, the dragon blade disguised as the best fairy appeared in his hand.
Hundreds of thousands of ghosts and immortals seem to be many, but blocking the 800-Wan Li area will share one person every ten miles. Even if the target camp is found now, the number of ghost immortals in each small section of such a large encirclement is pitiful, not to mention the fact that many people on this side of Linyuecheng have been distracted by Chen Han’s cloth puzzle.
About 300 people rushed head-on, and large armies on both sides quickly gathered, followed by an army to kill them.
"Darling … it’s different to combine the innate elite of Ebony. Just displaying the Hundred Unique Arrows consumes nearly 5% of Yuan Shen’s strength, and it actually supplements more than half in less than two quarters of an hour."
"The immortal power consumption of flying at full speed can keep up with itself. As long as you don’t use teleport and all-out attack, no matter how long you fly, the immortal power is always full!"
Repeatedly hit a series of increase in the cold of Xuanyin. At this time, I finally found the benefits of integrating the innate elite of Ebony. In the past, the immortal power was consumed and could only be absorbed and supplemented. Although the power of Yuan God could recover itself, the recovery speed was more than ten times slower than it is now.
The mysterious arrow-the best!
More than 300 ghosts and immortals, who have formed a war far away, are grinning head-on. Before they know what’s going on, there are hundreds of the strongest masters, Yuan Shen, crushed.
The war broke up on the spot, and Chen’s cold figure suddenly accelerated a lot, crossing JiXianEr to kill the past.
Whew! Whew!
The two sides haven’t contacted each other yet, and the two arrows left the string under the guidance of the immortal knowledge. Without any energy, they actually tore apart the stable void of Lingbi Star, tearing several finely black marks.
The front of a few too b Jin Xian sword chop, scratching sharp explosive noise, those too b Jin Xian’s body like beans burst in succession.
"The native tile dog is vulnerable!"