After that, with a light flash of emerald, she appeared in front of Jill and snapped, "Jill, don’t make me do it myself!" "

"Mom …"
Jill is no longer as unruly and willful as she saw in those years. Tears roll down her cheeks and she mumbles like a gibberish: "Do you know? Over the years, I went to chat with those eastern practitioners and those female practitioners. From them, I learned what love is and what human love is. It’s really beautiful. Those stories and legends about love, I want to be the person in the story more than once. "
"Don’t say any more." Evelyn’s face darkened.
"Yes, fifty-four years ago, I told Chen Han that I liked him, and he was scared away by me. I cried for it many times until I understood what love was. At that time, I didn’t know what love was at all. My feelings for Elder Chen Han were only worship and attachment to the little girl. Later, I understood it and really fell in love with him. "
"That’s enough!"
"Mom, it was you who kept telling me that Elder Chen Han was fine and told me not to be embarrassed with him. It was you who let me stay with him. It was you who gave me the chance to fall in love with him. Now you blame me. Is this fair to me?"
"You … shut up!"
"I know Chen cold elders don’t love me, but everyone has the right to love, and no one can force me to do what I don’t want to do. Even if he doesn’t love me now, I still have a chance to get his love. However, if I have my own child, I will never be qualified to get his feelings. Do you understand? "
Jill, who was obviously a little less green than fifty years ago and became more beautiful and refined, plopped down on her knees and said, "Mom, I will never have children. Elder Chen Han has done so much for his family, can’t he make an exception? Even if he doesn’t love me now, at least don’t force me to have children. I love him and I want to be with him, otherwise you will kill me. I just want to be with him in my life! "
The look of thousands of elves is full of worries. If it is just Jill, even if she is the daughter of the patriarch Evelyn, it is very easy to deal with.
However, it’s completely different when Chen Han is involved. This person has had an irreparable kindness to the Elves, which is also of great significance to the future of the Elves. If he really likes Jill, once angered, he is likely to cause irreparable losses, which is undoubtedly a fatal blow to the development of the Elves …
Chapter 182 Longteng Ao Yu
"Chen Han, do you like Jill?" Evelyn looked at the bewildered cold.
"I …"
He really doesn’t know how to answer this question, and he really has no affection for Jill. However, if he tells the truth, Jill will be forced to fuse eggs.
Being able to take the blame for 24 years without interruption and loving herself for 54 years is simply amazing.
Therefore, it is certain that as long as she has a child and feels hopeless and unworthy to be her wife, she will definitely choose to commit suicide, which is also not what Chen Han wants to see.
Tell the truth, Jill is almost dead!
Telling a lie, regardless of how the elves will deal with it, will cause everyone’s misunderstanding. He doesn’t care about the misunderstanding of thousands of elves, but he can’t help but care about Jill’s misunderstanding, which will only make her get deeper and deeper, and he can’t imagine what would happen if he was told by Huangfuyan and Jingaoxue.
Those two divers haven’t made a final decision for decades, and they haven’t decided whether to give up or to share the same man with others.
If a Jill pops up again at this time, Huangfuyi Smoke and Jingao Snow will certainly be very sad, and even make the decision he most doesn’t want to see-leave at the same time.
"Jill is very cute. I treat her as my sister, so I don’t want to see her hurt."
Chen Han was very proud of his quick wits. On the surface, he said quietly, "Perhaps, there is no love between men and women in the Elves, but please forgive me, it is only caused by external reasons. For example, there is little contact with the outside world, such as being restricted by ancestral training. For example, the education instilled in them from an early age does not mean that the Elves themselves will not talk about love. What do you think, Chief? "
If someone else were to talk to the patriarch about the feelings between men and women in front of hundreds of elves, I’m afraid this person would have been deprived of his life by magic.
However, Chen Han, as the benefactor of the Elves and the hope of the future, as a grateful person of all Elves, will at least make many people listen to his words and think carefully and make an objective judgment.
"Elder Chen Han, you are really right, but the rules of each race are different, and some things cannot be changed." Evelyn managed to put a smile on her face.
"So according to this kind of thinking, it is not wrong to infer that Jill loves someone. Even if she becomes like this, she can’t get away from the patriarch."
"This …"
"As the elders of the Elves, my idea is that Jill just fell in love with someone and didn’t do anything taboo for the Elves. In this case, there is no need to force her to do something she doesn’t like, and the patriarch doesn’t want to see anything happen to Jill, right? "
"What should Elder Chen Han say?"
"The adult female elf of this race is not worse than her. It’s no big deal that she doesn’t want to have children. There are more people who want children. It’s not too late to wait until she really violates the ancestral training."
"But …"
"Does the patriarch want to say that it will be too late when she violates it?"
"Not bad!"
"So I want to ask, she is only in the ideological planning stage now, and nothing happened with the person she likes. If she is convicted in this way … Ha ha, Chen Han really wants to ask you, don’t all people have the idea of crossing? Are these people who have transcended ideas going to be convicted? "
Glancing at tens of thousands of people, Chen Hanwei continued with a smile: "The only difference is that Jill said her thoughts, but others have ideas but dare not say them. In short, I don’t have any thoughts about Jill. I only treat her as a sister, so I don’t want to see her hurt and wronged, as long as she doesn’t really violate her ancestral teachings. "
At this point, everyone vaguely understood his meaning, and it is certain that he really has no idea about Jill.
Otherwise, with his kindness and importance to the Elves, he can even directly exchange it, or coerce the Elves to marry Jill to him.
In that case, Jill’s wishful thinking can’t continue, and there is no violation of ancestral teachings. Why should she oppose Chen Han for this matter?
"Since Elder Chen Han said so, it would be unreasonable for me to force Jill again. What do you elders and clansmen think?"
"The decision of the patriarch is our decision!"
No silly fork is willing to offend Chen Han, and it will just go away. Only Jill secretly looks into his eyes, a little more grateful and deeply bitter.
Chen Han really helped her solve the immediate trouble, but he also directly showed that he had no love for men and women. Is this sentence what she wanted?
The birth of elf children has not stopped because of this. Fortunately, with the large increase in the number of adult female elves, it takes more than half a month for the same person to turn once, unlike the previous year, when it was not possible to continue until next month. However, according to Evelyn’s request, 600,000 children were born, which not only consumed a lot of five elements of metal, but also took more than four months.
Four months later, Chen Han didn’t dare to say goodbye to Jill. Under the guise of going back temporarily, he took the opportunity to let Ying Long raise the stone stage and sent him to the bottom of the ocean thousands of miles above.
This time, Ying Long didn’t ask him not to forget to come back. Anyway, all the most important people around Chen Han stayed, and he didn’t worry that he would never come back.
Seventy years of vicissitudes.
Seventy years have passed.
Over the past 70 years, the world-class superpowers, as small as the gates within the superpowers, have been fighting and attacking each other one after another.
It’s like going back to more than 2,000 years ago when the disaster of wrath did not happen. The difference is that the world has more advanced technology and open mind.
A line of 100 people rose from the eastern waters of Japan. Originally, Chen Han only planned to come out with snow clouds. Later, he thought that he couldn’t fly with the imperial sword at all, and the speed of running was too slow.
Who are you bringing out?
Elves and cyclops are definitely not good. The racial characteristics are too obvious and easy to be recognized. People from Duanmu Family and Huangfu Family have also been recorded by various forces, even if they have face-lifting skills, they can’t hide from other people’s eyes, and the rest are only people who are shocked by clouds.
Qin Yang, the core members of them, can’t show up after all the fuss about themselves?
If there is anyone who looks unfamiliar and is not easy to be recognized, and the cultivation is not too bad, there is only a rare team that kills the gods.
Taking them out can not only solve the problem of flying the imperial sword, but also let them continue to be entrusted by killers, even if they don’t value so much money and natural resources, it’s just exercise and sharpening.
After all, this team is his clique. Except for the most outstanding team such as the knife, there is absolutely no problem in loyalty, and it will continue to be regarded as the key training object in the future.
"Brother Chen, take Ling Yuzong directly?" Dong Qian asked respectfully.
"No need."
Chen’s cold figure flashed to another man’s flying sword next to him. This man was Ding Hui, one of Dong Qianzhong’s several partner brothers: "Your identity has not been known to the outside world. All of you should be careful with face-lifting techniques, and spread it around the world to meet the killer’s entrustment. It’s just experience. Ding Hui can just go with me. There are some things I want to do myself, and my brothers understand. "
All these people are sworn in blood, but when they get along with each other at ordinary times, they never treat them as inferior, and they always treat them as brothers.
"Revenge is really not suitable for us to intervene."
"Brother Chen, take care of yourself."