"No, my sister-in-law is still resting at home." Duan Yanxiao laughed.

"Then you must come back early."
Xiao Wen has been here for many days. Duan Yan has hardly been out of the house except buying food. What does this suddenly mean to go out for a walk?
In any case, he left his heart and decided to come early next time.
Just after the next morning, Duan xìng left home, heading west, with a strong purpose.
This is a big Xiking, and Xiao Wen can easily estimate that she will go west at Duan Yan’s speed. At the end of the day, she can’t even leave the city, so she is a little relieved now.
"Elder brother, where do you think she is going?"
"I don’t know, just follow."
After more than an hour, Duan Yan arrived at the foot of a mountain in Xijing City, looked up, combed her hair, and then climbed the stairs.
There are sporadic pedestrians on the mountain road, both men and women, old and young, and each god Se is solemn.
"Is there a Buddhist temple on it?" Ninety thousand immediately.
"Do swallows believe these now?" Xiao asked doubtfully.
However, they have all arrived here, and Xiao Wen had to follow up. His magic streamer ring invisibility effect is very good. And deliberately flew in the forest beside the mountain road. I’m not afraid of being seen.
The mountain is at least a thousand feet high, but the temple is not at the top, but halfway up the mountain. Xiao asked "walking in the dark", so he simply flew Duan Yanchao over and flew to the temple first …
This world is not conducive to human practice, so there is no fairy spirit in that temple, which is the most common kind that can only burn incense and worship Buddha.
Xiao asked to reveal his figure in a deserted place, and then walked in the direction of the temple greatly. Obviously, the incense in this temple is quite prosperous, presumably because all the ordinary people in this world are unhappy? Anyway, Xiao Wen didn’t see any monster beast. Those animals may think that they are more powerful than the immortal Buddha.
Turned a circle inside and out, Xiao asked whether he worshipped Buddha or bodhisattva, but he was really infected by the atmosphere of a clean place of Buddhism.
It was not until Duan Yan was supposed to arrive that he left the temple. And unscrewed the magic streamer ring in no one’s place.
Although the public security in Xijing is better than that in other places, he is not afraid of ten thousand and he is afraid of one thousand. Xiao asked that it is better to stare at Duan Yan secretly, which is actually the biggest reason why he came.
Then something unexpected happened. After Duan Yan entered the temple, he didn’t worship anyone until he reached a small hall behind the temple.
Before Xiao Wen asked about that place, he only glanced at it outside the door, and roughly knew that it was a pure temple, which was full of lesser-known figures of Buddhism and Taoism.
The temple is almost in the corner of the temple, and there are not many people. Xiao Wen is also curious. I simply took advantage of the door and no one jumped in.
It is full of clay sculptures of immortals and Buddha statues, with two rows on the left and right, and the painters are fine and lifelike.
Just entering the door are two arhats. The one on the left is ferocious, with angry eyes wide open, his left hand pressing the head of an ugly monster beast, and his right hand clenching his fist, which is obviously about to fall. The Lohan on the right is kind-hearted and young. Holding a rosary, it should be in.
When you look closely, you can also see that there are small characters engraved on the bottom seat below the arhat statue, describing the lives of two arhats.
Xiao Wen didn’t come to pay homage to the Buddha. He saw Duan Yan go between the two rows of immortal Buddha statues on the left. Then he followed carefully.
There were more than ten fairy Buddha statues in each of the two rows, and Duan Yan stopped in front of the fairy Buddha statue in the middle of the row inside. Seems to be in a trance.
I don’t know if it’s an illusion. In short, Xiao Wen always felt that the temples in the temple were all y and n cold. At this time, seeing Duan Yan standing there quietly, she felt very solemn and felt pity for her. She doesn’t worship Buddha or bodhisattva, but she may be the most devout believer in the whole temple. She is so weak and helpless, and she just wants to let this god open her eyes.
Just, who did she worship?
After entering this temple for a while, Duan Yan went straight to the immortal Buddha statue, and never moved, which really aroused Xiao Wen’s curiosity.
However, the corridor is long and narrow, and he can only see the side of the immortal Buddha statue when standing at this end, and he can’t see it clearly at all.
Go straight over? After all, the magic streamer ring is not completely invisible. If it is near Duan Yan, she will probably find it …
Xiao Wen hesitated, but 90 thousand suddenly said, "Brother, that Taoist priest’s side face is a bit like yours."
Xiao asked immediately looked up and looked carefully. He really didn’t think of it if he didn’t remind him of 90 thousand, but at this point, it seems that the side face of the Taoist statue in front of Duan Yan is really a bit like him. However, the Taoist priest left a moustache on his chin, and he was in his thirties and forties, which was obviously bigger than Xiao Wen.
"It’s just a bit like the side, definitely not me." Xiao asked awkwardly.
"You wish it were you. You are in the fairy class." Ninety thousand disdain tunnel.
"Swallows can’t come here just because they are a bit like me?"
"Maybe it’s another reason. Let’s wait and see when she comes out."
After waiting for a while, Duan Yan didn’t move. Xiao Wen simply backed out and waited outside.
But more than half an hour has passed, but I still haven’t seen Duan Yan come out. Xiao Wen finally sensed something was wrong. Duan Yan came here by no means to worship.
He stepped into the temple again and reached the crossing of the two rows of Buddha statues on the left. When he first looked inside, he was the one who didn’t see Duan Yan.
Then he saw Duan Yan sitting on the ground with her arms folded, leaning against the row of fairy Buddha statues outside, bowing her head and crying silently.
"Why are you crying?" Ninety thousand asked.
"How do I know …"
Duan Yan is very thin now. It’s really distressing to sit there with your knees folded and cry. Xiao Wen wanted to rush over and pick her up.
Xiao Wen is watching helplessly over there, and Duan Yan has been crying, obviously she won’t recover for a while.
I don’t know how long it took, but I thought it was about time. Duan Yan wiped her tears with her sleeve and stood up.
Looking at the statue again, she was out of her mind. She didn’t know what she was thinking of, but suddenly she became more sad, shrugged her shoulders and sobbed.
Uncontrollable crying came, with Duan Yan’s intermittent voice: "Xiao Dage … I heard everything my father and you said … but. I don’t want to forget you … "
At that moment, Xiao asked the thunder and lightning in his mind and stayed completely on the spot.
When the old man and he said those words, Duan Yan actually heard them all!
Poor him. He thought Duan Yan didn’t know anything. Feelings she is already know!
Being arranged by my dying dad, I knew that the person I like would leave and never come back …
How did she make it?
Xiao asked quietly back out, the in the mind has become a paste, also feel that there is a fire burning.
At this time, 90,000 people kept their mouths shut and didn’t ask Xiao to run again.
After a while, Duan Yan finally came out of the house, looking obviously trance.
When Duan Yan went away, Xiao asked immediately to lift his feet and walk to the temple. At the moment, he couldn’t believe it himself. He was a little jealous of the statue …
He will be interesting to see what kind of character can accept Duan Yan’s talk instead of him.