The yellow robe was about to resist the attack of "devil’s refining pot". Although it is conceited and powerful, it dare not do its best. As a result, other places in the whole body are convenient targets, allowing Jinyang’s doppelgangers to attack. Fortunately, it is just some doppelgangers. Although the attack power is strong, it is also very limited, and they can’t break the yellow robe.

Jinyang with a roar, hand strength again big for a few minutes, almost to the point of doing my best, yellow robe nature is also increasingly demanding.
Just when he wanted to push away Jinyang, his heart suddenly tightened, but before he found anything, he felt the cold wind blowing behind his head, and a Jin Jian stabbed him in the head.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 471 Weird green axe
Celestial Volume Chapter 471 Weird green axe
Yellow robe frightened, can no longer consider the release of the demon’s command, originally tired of hiding in the body of the demon dharma, fiercely generate, the body was instantly squeezed into the sky broken rain.
Twenty-four heads, eighteen hands, full of thousands of feet high, the most orthodox extraterrestrial demon, in the middle of a huge head, with a golden giant sword, the body spells diffuse, faintly emitting a strong divine light.
Feeling that his life was threatened, the Dharma Body suddenly began to show off its power. Eighteen giant hands randomly hit the incarnation of Jinyang, and many of the instruments also followed suit and sent out various kinds of brilliance, hitting Jinyang hard.
Especially the green axe, I don’t know what kind of multiplier it is. It is full of brilliance, and its power is not big, but it is scary. There is a faint hidden power of conan the destroyer, which will explode in due course, but it has not yet met the democratic Lord.
Jinyang incarnation smiled, offering a "devil pot". With the power of the founding artifact, he quickly retreated. However, the green axe has made him very hard, and with so many demon implements, if all of them are hit, even if they don’t lose their lives, they will definitely take off their skins.
Instantly, the madness broke out, and the Jinyang avatar was immediately beaten back. The yellow robe immediately turned around and prepared to tidy up the Jinyang avatar on the top of the head.
But at this moment, a virtual shadow flashed, and Jinyang, who looked like an incarnation, suddenly appeared on the top of the head of the celestial demon dharma body, holding the giant sword fiercely. With the strong founding power, the dharma head naturally exploded, and the sky was full of blood and brains.
At the moment when the demon was in great pain, Jin Jian was in Jinyang’s hands. Suddenly rolled up a few swords, 24 heads suddenly left the neck.
Action quickly, at one go, see the existing results, busy immediately retreat, Jin Jian in the hand, wherever the blade. Space has been drawn away.
However, the two places at once did not retreat in the direction of the route, but instead converged in the direction of Jinyang incarnation. Eyes flashing, like in danger, is very different from other busy.
The avatar, who had already withdrawn from far away, seemed to be ordered, without any sloppiness, fiercely holding the "devil’s refining pot" above his head, and quickly greeted the two places at once.
The head was cut off. The yellow robe demon was hit hard immediately. Although it didn’t have a mouth, its roar spread all over Fiona Fang and hundreds of Wan Li. All the creatures that were shrouded in voices were immediately blown into blood fog.
Those busy people who were originally brave and incomparable were all blown to pieces at once, but the busy person holding the giant sword was completely unaffected. As firm as an avatar, floating in mid-air.
Looking at the avatar who came forward, the avatar’s eyes flashed sharply, and after nodding slightly at the avatar, the body slammed into the side, which was the direction of the green axe.
Incarnation immediately fuelling "devil pot", mercilessly hit the demon dharma body heart at the same time. He also drove the secret method to take twenty-four heavenly demon heads into the pot.
Losing the induction of the head, the headless dharma body suddenly panicked, and the giant hand holding the green axe suddenly tightened.
Although it’s just a simple little trick, it can escape Jinyang’s eyes, and the avatar flies faster. With the supreme power of the golden sword, it suddenly splits at the giant hand clutching the green axe.
There is no head, although it can still be sensed by the mind. But after all, he was seriously injured. There is still as flexible as before, although I know how to avoid it. But the way had been figured out by Jinyang, and now that you have started work, there is no possibility of being prepared to miss.
In the sharp sound, the huge golden arm was pulled down by the whole, and the green axe with perfect light suddenly seemed to be out of control, and there was a faint impulse to surprises.
Jinyang incarnation, which has been waiting for a long time, will also give the green axe a chance to escape. At the moment when the green light flashes slightly, the "devil-refining pot" fiercely opens the spout, like a beast that wants to devour everything, and fiercely swallows even the green axe with hands.
Losing the green axe, the heavenly demon dharma body left behind suddenly became frightened, and suddenly began to urge the secret method, ready to make the last effort to fight for the last time.
But Jinyang has been cruel, not only to take the green axe, but also the powerful energy contained in this dharma body is naturally a good tonic. How can it be spared?
After a few sword flowers, the headless demon dharma body finally fell, completely losing the possibility of escape. Under the destruction of Jinyang incarnation, the green light of the "devil-refining pot" flashed, and naturally it was absorbed. Anyway, it has broken its vitality, and it is not afraid that the demon will heal again in the pot.
After cleaning up the celestial demon dharma body, the doppelganger was restored to its original appearance. What doppelganger is there? It is the noumenon that has been diligently practicing in the top strange array on the unique domain.
Incarnation and noumenon are an organic whole, and the experience of the incarnation will naturally be noticed by the noumenon. When Jinyang incarnation is aware of the existence of Xuan Bing Palace in this place west of the Arctic, the noumenon, which is hundreds of millions of miles away, immediately wakes up from the meditation, pulls the dragon feather spirit that has just finished the Dharma, and pays attention to the experience of the incarnation together.
But when the incarnation determined that there was only one heavenly demon in Xuan Bing Palace, and the fighting power was not as strong as that of the heavenly demon there, the idea of taking all things into account suddenly ignited in my heart.
So at the beginning of the incarnation, I tried to delay as much as possible, waiting for the ontology of the Excalibur with the dragon feather spirit, and the ontology and the incarnation made efforts at the same time, striving to win the demon dharma body as a tonic in the case of bloodless knife, and at the same time completely destroying the demon lair, Xuan Bing Palace.