Stone paintings have existed for hundreds of millions of years!

At that time, Xiao asked his mind as if it were thunder and lightning. He finally realized that he had always looked down upon stone paintings!
This stone painting is probably not a fairy!
But from the ancient times, even more distant times …
Artifact? !
God …
Xiao asked heart "drumming" crazy jump up, almost even some difficulty breathing.
This fact has a great impact on his mind.
The reason is simple, if you just pick up some money on the way. Most people don’t have any pressure in their hearts; However, if you pick up a child and come back, you will definitely have to bear a lot of responsibility; What is more. If you pick up a treasure that can save the world, how can you just hide it in your body, regardless of the outside world?
Xiao asked that the stone paintings were very powerful, and he got a lot from all the stone paintings, and he was also prepared to repay them. However, now he suddenly found that stone painting is more powerful than he thought, when one day. When stone painting needs his return, he probably doesn’t have that ability at all!
Fear is a true portrayal of Xiao Wen’s current mood!
There are suddenly so many fairy wares in "Qi Dian". His first emotion is not happiness, but worry, worrying that he is not worthy of this treasure at all!
He couldn’t help but close his eyes and once again carefully feel the atmosphere in the stone painting. That emotion …
He had long thought that he understood the atmosphere and mood. But now I find out that he probably doesn’t understand at all!
He quickly put down the "Qi Dian" and opened the little black book on the table. Unfortunately, there was nothing new in this little black book. After the last successor left a part of the content in an anticlimactic way, even if he later soared to the upper twelve celestial bodies, there was no new message. Don’t, that guy is too unlucky. As soon as it soared, it was directly killed by the road robbery?
That’s too unfair. Is the successor chosen by stone paintings so rubbish?
I don’t understand. Xiao Wen can only crush the excitement and walk outside the hut.
It was a long time before he had to admit the fact that although he had a new understanding of stone painting, he could do nothing as before.
It is a great event for him that there are fairy wares of the Hai clan in the ancient times in the stone paintings, but the stone paintings themselves are simply normal …
In this case, it can only be regarded as nothing happened. What I did in stone paintings before is still doing now.
Well, let’s take a look at what the Hai people have.
Then the embarrassing situation appeared, and the sea fairy wares that appeared in front of the "Qi Dian" were all not so good! At least, with his current refining level, those semi-primitive fairy wares have not entered his eyes at all.
Turn back again …
Finally, once again, the phenomenon of missing and filling in the gaps appeared in the "Qi Dian", that is, the "Qi Dian" made up all the sea immortals refined from minerals not found in the "Mine Dian".
At this time, the sea fairy is finally like a sample, Xiao Wen also understood that the feeling is not that the level of sea fairy is low, but because all the more powerful sea fairy needs one or several kinds of sea refining materials, which are not available in stone paintings.
Xiao Wen soon pegged to a fairy called Blackwater Blue Star Neptune’s Staff. This fairy needs ten kinds of fairy materials in Stone Painting, but also nine kinds of unique fairy materials of the sea family. Ten kinds of fairy materials in the sacred fairy realm Xiao asked himself to dig them out early. As for the other nine kinds of fairy materials unique to the sea family, Xiao asked carefully and thought about it, but he was quite sure that there were at least six of them in the sea temple! He never became the shopkeeper of cutting when he got the Poseidon Temple. In order to make the alliance rebel group make better use of the materials in the Poseidon Temple, he has learned about those sea fairy materials under the guidance of Hainong and Laogui!
Now there are only six kinds of sea fairy materials. If we can make up the other three kinds, wouldn’t he immediately start refining the Blackwater Blue Star Neptune Staff? !
Look at the power description of this staff, which is no less than any fairy in the realm of saints and immortals!
Xiao Wen wanted to go outside to confirm it at once, but he resisted. First, he had to trouble Lao Gui or Hainong to find the other three materials, and second, he didn’t have time to take a look at many sea fairy wares behind the "Qi Dian". Maybe there is something better than that Neptune staff!
Continue to turn back, the same and the black water blue star Neptune staff almost fairy appeared, but after all, there was no fairy in the realm of Asian gods.
The reason is very simple. Xiao asked about the materials that haven’t been dug into the realm of Asian gods yet. Even if he wanted to make up, Qi Dian couldn’t make up.
However, the "Qi Dian" will definitely make up all the immortals refined entirely from sea materials, just like in Tianlan Demon World before!
When I was in the demon world of Tianlan, I didn’t use any fairy materials in stone paintings to break the seal. As a result, Qi Dian directly supplemented it.
And this kind of fairy made of pure demon material or sea material often has greater power, as evidenced by the broken seal!
Xiao asked simply not to turn over a page, but to turn over a thick part directly. Then look!
This time, the first fairy he saw was made entirely of marine materials, and. It turned out to be the realm of Asian gods!
Storm sea halberd!
A detailed explanation is given in the "Qi Dian". The grades of the barren ancient sea clan and the immortal cultivators are different, but in conversion, this storm sea halberd is indeed a fairy device equivalent to the realm of sub-gods.
Refining this halberd requires nine kinds of special materials from the sea family, all of which are extremely rare! However, the power of this storm is also amazing, once the sacrifice is refined to a higher level. It’s not a problem to make waves within a hundred miles of Fiona Fang.
Looking at Xiao Wen is one leng, storming the sea halberd. Isn’t this the navy trident used by Hainong? Sure. The navy trident was his original name, and the storm sea trident was his real name!
Even the storm sea halberd used by Hainong is available, and Xiao Wen is more confident about the content behind the "Code of Instruments"!
Turn back again!
Kuilong Zhenhai!
This Kuilong Zhenhai is a stick-shaped fairy, but the refining method is very strange. Actually, you need not only the demon material of the deep-sea dragon. It is also required to seal a part of the soul of the deep-sea dragon in the stick!
Seal the soul, where is the fairy in the celestial world like this? Xiao asked that I haven’t seen one yet! However, there are many ancient seas, and there are more than one. Isn’t Yao Ji’s flute, which seals Heinon’s soul, another one?
This era is different, and sure enough, the style of fairy wares is also very different.
The power of this Quelong Zhenhai is also quite large, and it is not weaker than the storm seafood halberd. However, it is also clearly stated in the "Qi Dian" that Queiroz is one of the fastest and most powerful creatures in the sea. It is very difficult to get its demon material, so it is less likely for ordinary people to refine Kuilong Zhenhai.
Turn back again!
What Xiao Wen wants to see most now is actually not the super-powerful fairy device in the realm of sub-gods. It’s the fairy he can use now, and the power need not be exaggerated, as long as it can be stronger than the exquisite fire sword of six levels. In that case, he can also have a head-on fight with Yashen.
As a result, a sea fairy appeared one by one, some in the realm of sub-gods and some in the realm of saints, but none of them could be refined immediately.
Then, the name of a fairy attracted his idea, and he really had to take a closer look because it turned out to be a water barrier!
I’ll go!
At a glance, he knew that it was impossible for him to forge another water barrier, because refining this water barrier was even more fierce and rare than the deep-sea dragon!
However, this did not prevent him from understanding the power of the water barrier, and then he turned out to be more and more frightened. Only then did he know that the power of the water barrier in sesame bravery was less than a third!
The Divine Water Barrier should have been a more powerful fairy!
However, it’s no use saying anything now. Under the conditions at that time, only sesame gall can be recognized by the water barrier. Now, even if you kill Sesame Gallbladder, Shenshuizhang may still not buy other people’s accounts …
Therefore, you don’t have to fight this water barrier idea. Keep reading …
Xiao Wen sighed in his mind, continued to turn back, and turned over more than a dozen kinds of distinctive sea fairy wares, and finally reached the last part.
Finally, the name of a fairy came into his field of vision, with only three words: Ding Haizhu!
"Haizhu, maybe it can be called a wild ancient sea artifact, because refining this pearl requires another natural artifact of wild ancient sea, in the heart of the sea …"
After reading this sentence, Xiao Wen’s heart began to jump "bang, bang". He seemed to hear a bunch of people shouting in his head, but he couldn’t hear what they were shouting.
His whole body trembled involuntarily, just because he had a feeling that maybe he had the slightest possibility to use this ancient sea artifact called Ding Haizhu!
There is only one in the heart of the sea in the whole world, in his abdomen. If there is only one person in the world who can use this set of Haizhu, it can only be him!
Dinghai clan is obviously the last fairy of the desolate ancient clan in the Qidian. How powerful will it be?
Xiao Wen continued to look down, and sure enough, the refining method of Ding Haizhu was not introduced first in Qi Dian, but its specific function was described in detail.
He immediately understood that the biggest role of Haizhu was not to kill people, but to stop the sea people from killing people at that time.
The biggest role of Haizhu is to settle all the water system magical powers within the scope, which can be called the nemesis of the water system magical powers in the world! Including the water fairy! As for the natural storms in the ocean. Not to mention.
You can imagine that a hurricane suddenly appeared in the sea, carrying a lot of seawater to the shore. On the verge of engulfing Fiona Fang’s thousands of miles of coast, a man came with a set of Haizhu, and the storm stopped at the urging of the road force!
Imagine again, two marine corps fought, and all kinds of magical powers of water system came together, so that the sea surface in Wan Li, Fiona Fang was emptied of turbid waves. All kinds of hoses, Guanghua Qi Fei, a scene at the end of Ri. Another person appeared with a fixed Haizhu, perhaps just hiding in the dark. After quietly using it, everyone’s water system avatar immediately failed. Even those water fairy wares only have the function of chopping.
If you fight an opponent who is good at making or can only make the water system avatar, the water system avatar will be even better.