"You … took three kills again?" Weeks such as can’t believe asked.

"Well, I was annoyed when I saw my fierce and domineering tiger body shaking and surrendered."
"Well," Zhou Ru didn’t know what to say.
I quietly looked at the brain screen.
Draven killed the Ranger.
Devon killed Leona.
Draven killed the clockwork spirit.
Draven completed a triple kill.
Draven killed the Ranger.
Draven killed …
I’m already numb
I’m at the gate of the opposite spring.
Drinking blood sword, killing sword, 2-layer attack speed shoes, light language
It’s only 13 minutes.
Chapter 7 Do you think I celebrate?
Whoever comes out has two knives. This one is too smooth. So what about platinum? Different or QWER four skills? Isn’t it just the left mouse button and the right click on the floor? Don’t you still hang up at the spring?
"Wang Tong … this is not good," Zhong Yi looked at me timidly and said cautiously.
At this moment, I was already immersed in my killing and stuck in the spring water, and said, "Ah? Well, it’s a little bad, and it’s over three, and you still don’t go home and equip my pot. "
Say it and I’ll go back to the city seriously.
Zhou Ruwei said, "I mean, it’s immoral for you to abuse springs like this … although I don’t think I play the same game with you."
"All right, don’t abuse the spring." I looked at the statistics panel and killed 20 of them.
"I said less than twenty to report it. I don’t have to report it." I laughed.
"You are amazing," Zhou Ru praised.
I smiled shyly, and I still have more powerful places in other aspects.
"GG" saw me across the street, and when I got back to the city, I made another attempt. I couldn’t stand everyone typing and choosing to die.
Zhou Ru and Zhong Yi that Huang Bin has been shocked by this game and won?
"Did you change the last one? We won’t play again today," said the ADC who pursued Zhong Yi.
"Anytime you want," Zhou Ru replied.
"What position do you have? It feels like it can’t be a golden section." Huang Bin asked.
I meditated and said, "Well, every time I play, I don’t go because my teammates are too pit-ridden. Today, I met your powerful teammates, and my real level can be brought into play."
Huang Bin loomed without speaking again.
"Can you still come when the Great God calls?" Zhou Ru sounds like a little coquetry.
If I go to this week, I will look like an intellectual beauty and wear a black frame. This charm is even inferior to Ali by three points.
I swallowed saliva and said seriously, "Don’t worry, I’m a natural helper. I want to protect you. Just call me directly. My mobile phone number is …"
I reported my mobile phone number, and Zhong Yi and Zhou Ru both wrote it down.
Afterwards, we left the Internet cafe, and it was near dusk. It was late in the morning, and the bright yellow geese roared in a row. One word was arranged in a king word, one word in a tung word, one word in a good word, and one word in a handsome word really bothered me. Taking a deep breath and just raining was * * * * * cool.
"What are you giggling about here? Why don’t we go for dinner? It’s my treat. "Zhou Ru came and elbowed me.
I immediately woke up from YY and looked at Zhou Ruzhou with her head up and asked. She looked at my chest full as if to burst a beige sweater and hum, I want my little brother to support you another day.
I nodded and said, "That’s troublesome."
It always gets dark quickly in autumn, and the night view of the university town seems like a bustling small city. The red light, wine, green paper, drunkenness and gold fans are full of decadent atmosphere, which makes people drunk and sink.
I had something to do in the wild before, but now I’m staying with Huang Bin and Zhou Ruzhong.
We came to the most famous "degenerate street" in this shop. People came and went, and the traffic was endless. Men and women hugged dogs and walked past us ostentatiously. Zhong Yi asked us, "What should we eat?" Wang Tong, you played your best. You said, "
Well, sure enough, this kind of selective question should be answered by a CARRY protagonist like me and said, "Why don’t we go to eat mala Tang?"
Huang Bin "Hehe"
Zhou Ru said, "What’s delicious about Mala Tang? You don’t look like 13 times a night. Be honest. This chicken pot is quite good."
Don’t you know how to be tactful when I see the obscene thoughts in my heart being debunked?
A little embarrassed, I laughed. "Well, let’s go to the chicken pot."
Zhong Yi chuckled over her mouth and didn’t speak. She walked into the nearest Chongqing chicken pot restaurant with us.
It’s interesting to say that this chicken shop is also interesting. Although it’s called Chongqing Chicken Pot, it’s not named at all in this city of Chongqing because the first person in this shop is a person named Zhang Chongqing. This is also a very interesting thing, which reminds me that there was a video player who promoted his own "beef granules" and made a lot of publicity in the video. I also bought a pack with the wind and found that the taste was just meat granules. Where is the smell of beef granules? When I took out my bag and took a closer look, I found that the goods were actually beef granules, which was a brand.
I’m fucking thorough. I’m too young to think about it. It’s important to eat quickly
Because I was really hungry, and I didn’t know them very well, I naturally had dinner when I was doing something.
Zhou Ru put a chicken nugget in the bowl and then said, "It’s said that today that man is afraid, and it’s estimated that he will go back and bring reinforcements. I wonder if Brother Wang Tong is sure to win a game?"
I quickly worded a mouthful of fans’ thoughts, saying that I changed my mind to Wang Tong’s eldest brother, and my mouth was still vague and said, "Well, 50-50."
Zhong Yi smiled and said, "It’s good to have a 50-50 ratio, Wang Tong. You and your friends are so powerful that you must be modest."
I smiled and neither admitted nor denied it.
At this time, Huang Bin said, "I will definitely thank you on behalf of Zhong Yi if I can win a match."
Say that finish Zhong Yi face a red bow also don’t know what’s going on.
Huang Bin’s eyes revealed a look of expectation, and his handsome face looked at me with expectation.
There is a fire in my name. Isn’t it good to be here? What do you want to represent her? Are you her boyfriend?
This kind of narrow-minded idea can’t be revealed. It’s unnecessary to say, "Thank you. I think I’m destined for Zhong Yi. Besides, I’m naturally kind, upright and charitable to help her."
I paused and took a mouthful of fans in the bowl again, and then said, "Besides, it’s easy for these people to play three games."
I’m still a little sarcastic in my words. It’s better to type three shots when I fart easily. It’s better than you. I’ll help her. What’s wrong with you?
Huang Bin pretended not to hear my words and laughed. "That’s good. That’s good. I think Brother Tong is not from Putian."
Mom, I thought I was thick-skinned enough. I didn’t know how small I was until I met your big brother. It seems that I still need to exercise.
Huang Bin wiped her mouth with a tissue and said, "I’m going to make a message. I’ll treat you to whatever you want."
Say Huang Bin left the position in a hurry.
I don’t care to look at his back. A chicken pot invites four people to the sky. If you have something to do, go to a bar. It’s strange that you don’t drink it and you lose everything.
Part of the reason why I don’t like this Huang Bin is that he has some intimacy with Zhong Yi, which has aroused men’s natural antipathy. Secondly, when he didn’t play with me at first, he always looked disdainful. After he won a game, he was too flattering. It is really a swing figure to be close. Thirdly, he is more handsome than me. He looks and dresses like he is richer than me and can’t stand it.
Zhou Ru smiled and said to me, "Brother Wang Tong is so handsome. Have you found a girlfriend?"