"You two look around. I guess the player didn’t come here alone. There must be teammates. Maybe she has teammates because the beads are not enough. I’ll take them in and have a look." Thor Hammer ordered.

Cheyenne watched Raytheon hammer disappear in front of the crystal wall with silver beads and hurriedly joined themis.
"I’m in the Poseidon Palace. Listen to me first. There are three other players. One of them is chasing you through the crystal wall with a bead." Cheyenne said quickly.
"It’s okay. Behind the crystal wall is a huge maze with several crystal walls. It’s hard for him to find me," themis said unconcerned.
"You must be careful that their equipment is first-class, and the person who pursues you is still the president of the savage royal family!" Cheyenne knows a lot about the strength of the savage royal family, but one of the top guilds actually includes the president of the savage royal family, Raytheon Hammer. Cheyenne has to be careful because Raytheon Hammer strength is definitely the top god-level master. Even Cheyenne can’t guarantee that it will be better than this person.
Cheyenne avoided wandering in Poseidon Palace and the two players followed Thor Hammer into the crystal wall.
As soon as he stepped into the crystal wall, Xia Anding became dazzled. In front of him, there was a huge maze separated by crystal walls, in which it was difficult for ordinary people to find a way out.
Cheyenne looked at the small map. themis decided to go straight in the past, but when he crossed the crystal wall with a bead, he found that there was a hole in the maze crystal wall. There were some sea monsters living in it. Although their strength was not so good, there were too many of them. Cheyenne plunged into these monsters and relied on super exercises to avoid the past and successfully reached the exit of the crystal wall at the other end.
The monsters in the crystal wall are almost not particularly bad. Cheyenne has finally found it all the way through several crystal walls and is wandering around themis in the maze.
Cheyenne walked so smoothly because he had strong concealment skills. After he turned on strong concealment, he avoided a large number of monsters. If it were someone else, such as a melee professional Raytheon Hammer, it would never be so easy to get through these crystal walls.
"I finally found you!" Cheyenne reveal body call way
How did you find me? Themis unbelievable stare eyes asked.
Cheyenne smiled and told themis his method.
"You’re a monster, and only you can break this maze in this unreasonable way. I also found another world in the crystal wall, but after seeing the dense monsters, I was scared to retreat directly and honestly trespassed in the maze passage."
Themis’s words are right, even if they are better than Raytheon’s hammer. After discovering that building a maze is a crystal wall, he tried to bead into the crystal wall and found it inside, but the dense monsters made him a headache. There were too many of them. He had to kill all the way and walk through a crystal wall for less than an hour. He resolutely chose to give up and just walked around the maze passage like themis.
"How did you find it possible to enter the crystal wall?" Cheyenne curiously looked at themis and asked.
Themis took out the Poseidon bead in the bag and said, "My Poseidon bead will shine brightly when it meets the crystal wall, so I will discover the secret of this crystal wall. I have turned the Poseidon Palace around and there is nothing unusual except this crystal maze."
"Well, I’ll tell you what. I just managed to walk through the maze until I found a way out," Cheyenne said.
Themis also agrees with Cheyenne’s method. It is impossible to walk out of a strange maze, and only Cheyenne can walk out of the maze by such an unreasonable wall method.
Cheyenne told themis to move on through the crystal wall after her idea was settled.
This maze is really too big. The crystal walls are dense and endless. Cheyenne doesn’t even know how long she has been walking. Cheyenne has gradually lost in the same crystal walls.
Just when Cheyenne felt dizzy, he suddenly found that the foot monster had changed significantly.
The original grotesque monster group has become very simple, consisting of steel-like black steel crabs with huge blood-red harpoons in their hands, and they patrol neatly like guards. Only then have those messy monsters in the crystal wall become different.
Cheyenne secretly found out the properties of these crab guards and was taken aback. They turned out to be level 4 monsters, and their properties were stronger than the average level 40 monsters. The number of monsters was tens of thousands, which shocked Cheyenne like a marine legion.
What’s wrong with so many monsters gathering in one place? to be continued
Chapter 314 Warships
Cheyenne walked cautiously along the edge.
Finally, in the middle of the crab guard, Cheyenne saw a huge crab with red light all over it. It was also different because it held a harpoon in both hands.
When Cheyenne first approached the crab, its body suddenly soared and two harpoons flew out of its hand at the same time, and it was nailed to Cheyenne in a strong hiding state.
This unusual red crab turned out to be a crab Lord, but it was a 45-level wild figure thin silk level.
Cheyenne didn’t dare to stop at a glance. He immediately opened his eyes and ran away wildly. Seeing the dense crab guards, he raised his blood-red harpoon and threw it at Cheyenne!
A harpoon shot Cheyenne like a sky full of arrows and rain. Without the protective cover of the enemy, Cheyenne would be shot into a hedgehog by those harpoons in the blink of an eye.
Although he was not hurt, Cheyenne was still numb by many harpoons. The shield was so shaky that it showed signs of breaking!
This is a situation that Cheyenne has never encountered before. You know, this shield has been broken once. I didn’t expect these ordinary crab guards to be able to achieve such terrible results with many harpoons.
"Hey!" It’s like an earthquake from the ground. Even the crab guards were shaken to the east and west. Cheyenne looked up and caused the muffled sound. It was the two harpoons in the hands of the crab Lord!
Crab lords in many guards sanitation dun hands harpoon climbed up toward Cheyenne.
Cheyenne discovered that whether it was the crab guards or the crab lords, they would automatically return to their own hands after throwing their harpoons.
"I know that aliens dare to invade the sacred palace of the sea and give him a sacrifice to the Lord of the palace!" The crab Lord ordered Cheyenne to be directly harpooned by the crab guard.
The harpoon in the hands of the crab Lord made a virtual stroke and a crystal door immediately appeared in front of Cheyenne. Cheyenne was led by the crab Lord and entered the crystal door with a dozen crab guards.
Behind the crystal gate is a luxurious hall ten times larger than before, like the pillars of Optimus Prime Palace carved with all kinds of strange underwater creatures, while the top of the hall is painted with a mermaid alone.
The effect of calming the nerves and shining the world disappeared in summer, and it was put up by many harpoons and lost its action.
After walking through the swinging hall for about five or six minutes, I finally came to the end of the hall. After the crab guards threw Cheyenne on the ground, the crab Lord Gong said, "My Lord, I caught this invading alien. What do you think?"
"You leave for a while," the palace master shouted with a cold voice.
Crab lords and guards dare not have the slightest disobedience and retreat silently.
"What is the intention of bold aliens to dare to enter my Poseidon Palace without authorization?" A crisp thunder came from the huge golden throne ahead.
Cheyenne looked up and suddenly exclaimed, "It’s you! You mean mermaid! "
When the mermaid’s face changed, she obviously recognized Xia Andong and cried, "How did you get into Poseidon Palace, despicable alien?"
"It’s all thanks to you. If you hadn’t made me a shark food, I wouldn’t have found the pearl that brought me here!" Cheyenne cold face way
"My body Poseidon palace main first is to protect Poseidon GongAn! If you do as I say, I can let bygones be bygones and send you away. "The main voice of Poseidon Palace is calm."
"oh? Tell me, "Cheyenne asked.
"Everything you get in the sea must be handed over, and our sea things must never be lost to foreign hands," said the Lord of Poseidon Palace firmly.
Cheyenne took the golden shark bead out of the bag and said, "Do you mean this bead?"
"Yes, this pearl is a certificate of free access to Poseidon Palace. You must give it to me before I can send you out of here, and I will never set foot in Poseidon Palace again to compensate you. I will send you a warship." The owner of Poseidon Palace looked serious.
Do you agree to give the golden pearl to the Lord of Poseidon Palace in exchange for your freedom?
Cheyenne chose to agree that he coveted the warship. I don’t know how much time it would take for ordinary players to get the warship, so Cheyenne did not hesitate to change it.
The golden shark beads floated quietly in the Poseidon Palace, and then Cheyenne’s hand appeared a reduced dark warship.
Golden shark special warship
"By the way, you have to return the snakehead beads to me before I can safely send you out of Poseidon Palace." The mermaid princess woke up.
Do you agree with the additional conditions of the Lord of Poseidon Palace asking you to return the snakehead beads?
The snakehead pearls are extremely common. Compared with the golden shark pearls, Cheyenne has no place to keep them. Just when she wanted to return them, she suddenly stopped and said, "Wait a minute. I have a friend in the crystal maze. Can you bring her here with me?"
"This is naturally no problem." The Lord of Poseidon Palace seemed to be very cooperative. He stretched out his hand and drew a crystal door in vain and immediately appeared in front of Cheyenne. "You can go through this crystal door and reach your friend directly, so that she can return from the crystal door with you."
Cheyenne in accordance with the words from the crystal door across really found themis in.
"I didn’t expect to get a little benefit in Poseidon Palace this time. Let’s go." Cheyenne simply said it again just now.
"You are so lucky that the Poseidon Palace Master will take the initiative to deliver the door." themis said with a smile.
"No!" Cheyenne suddenly thought of how scheming the master of Poseidon Palace was. She also said that she was guarding Poseidon Palace. How could she let us leave so easily?
But what’s wrong?
Is Poseidon Palace Master trying to get Poseidon Beads from themis? Cheyenne frowned and thought.