The stranger will push him out to negotiate with Fu Yitian.

"Yes," Qiao Yun smiled, "but I have one condition."
"It’s no problem if you want me to do it." Fu Yitian was straightforward.
Qiao Yun blinked his eyes. "It’s not enough to make contributions alone. From now on, you have to work with my great god to optimize and develop Drunkenness."
Stranger but finally to hold back laughing.
He thought that Qiao Yun was very eloquent in doing business and wanted to strive for the best interests with Fu Yitian, but he didn’t think it was even the labor force.
Baby is too hard.
It was Qiao Yun who was really distressed but worked hard day and night. He had to find a right-hand man.
Fu Yitian’s professional degree has been stranger, but it is certain that he will naturally become the best choice for him.
The two men smiled at each other and understood each other without saying it.
Fu Yitian, on the other hand, is facing graduation. At present, he earns less as an intern programmer in a game company.
He has played "Drunkenness" and thinks that this game has great potential. If it can be recognized in Nantah, Fu Yitian thinks that his life may change because of it.
"I want you to agree that I will help Mo Ran do every optimization and development after the trial of Drunkenness in Nantah."
As soon as the words fall, Qiao Yun proudly blinks at the stranger-how are you, baby, and I’m good?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re the best. Smile and respond
These two goods are flirting with each other, and it’s not enough to heat several disgusting cafes.
Fu Yitian changed the topic "All right, let’s get down to business and chat."
A few people looked at him and you said
"Tian Xin is with you?" Fu Yitian asked Ji Minghao
Hey, Qi Minghao smiled. "How do you know that you have a divination in Nanda?"
"That’s not true." Fu Yitian defended his school’s reputation. "I was also curious to ask my roommate when he dismissed the sword. My roommate stared at the sword and he was a little oversensitive."
It was only when everyone remembered that the sword beauty was Tian Xin’s ex-boyfriend.
"By the way, why did you dissolve the sword?" Qiao Yun has always wondered about it.
Frank Fu Yitian instantly put away his smile and then opened his mouth again. "Actually, it’s what I call" fighting a sword and being a beauty in the middle "
Liu Xing answered, "I remember when someone said that you wanted to keep the 500,000 prize money for yourself, so many people withdrew to protest."
Oh Fu Yitian is very disdainful. "I didn’t know that his girlfriend was a sweet girl when I took the lead in saying this, and he and we helped Meixi. So I joked about him and told the people in the gang about Meixi, and then we made a war. After he cheated on me, he held a grudge and blew a demon wind everywhere."
"Pa" Ming Hao hammered on the table with one punch. "This scum, let alone the game, I want to kill him, even if I run into him in reality, I have to beat him."
So it seems that Ji Minghao knows a lot about him.
"No wonder I met him in the street and quarreled with Tian Xin in the hair salon. It seems that I caught him messing around and broke up."
"what!" JiMingHao cried "this guy incredibly still went to the hair salon? Fu Yitian, you take me to him. I have to kill this scum. "
"Hao Ge, calm down, Tian Xin. Now it’s your girlfriend. Don’t pursue it." Liu Xing is about to rush out of the bar with a pull, Jiminghao.
"You don’t know how sweet Xin cried, but you won’t tell me what happened. I knew something was wrong. The goods must have done something wrong to him." Jiminghao said more and more, and his fists creaked.
"Hao Ge, I support you and I will accompany you to beat him." Qiao Yunchong Qi Minghao raised his eyebrows. "I just don’t know if you can make sister-in-law feel sympathy for that love rat again after beating him."
Ji Minghao choked "… What do you mean?"
Qiao Yun smiled quietly.
Strangely, I took it. "It means that the past is not important. What matters is that you should never lose your watermelon and pick up sesame seeds and make stupid impulses."
"Yes, yes, yes, yes," Liu Xing answered. "This family is just not the same. You have to learn more from them, Hao Ge."
"No, no, no," Fu Yitian scratched his head. "How can we chat for a day like this? I’m in a good mood with Mo Ran today. I don’t want to talk about others. It’s really not good to come for coffee. I’ll buy a few dozen wines."
That night, Jiminghao got some side dishes, took out the wine and invited several brothers to get together on the terrace.
Qiao Yun can’t drink while driving. Several people actually focus on the stranger.
Qi Minghao readily filled a glass of red wine and pushed it to Mo Ran. "Qiao Yun can’t drink this wine, so you can drink it twice for him."
Qiao Yun’s glance at Jiminghao was just about to open his mouth when he was interrupted by a stranger. "Good Qiao Yun, I’ll drink for him."
"…" Qiao Yun words swallow back to "drink less and work overtime at night to get customers"
"No, no, no," said Fu Yitian. "Don’t work overtime tonight. I’ll do it with him."
So a few people are even more high.
Qi Minghao Liu Xing Fu Yitian took turns bombing Mo Ran.
After several rounds of wine, I have drunk several cups of food before I eat it.
Qiao Yun some sit still, "I said that everyone has drunk several cups."
Liu Xingchong Qiao Yun motioning with his hand, "I know that these cups are nothing."
"Well, these cups are nothing." Mo Ran took Qiao Yun and motioned for him to rest assured.
Fu Yitian is even more excited to hear this. "Qiao Yun said so, but if you pull again, you really don’t treat us as brothers."
"…" Qiao Yun choked him because he was tired of staying up late to write programs.
On second thought, if you are really drunk tonight, you can have a good sleep.
"All right, I’ll watch the Great God drink and you continue." Qiao Yunan sat next to Mo Ran and didn’t persuade or pull.
Mo ran smiled half a glass of wine.
Jiminghao took out a bottle of red wine and slammed the table. "The wine is enough, brothers. Let’s drink it today, and everyone will not get drunk."
Several people continue to take turns bombing Mo Ran one cup after another and soon Mo Ran is the first to fall.
Qiao Yun held the stranger on his shoulder and looked at the three people who were drinking. "Congratulations on your shameless victory."
Fu Yitian and Qi Minghao slapped Liu Xing with a chuckle. "Mo Ran was drunk and drank a bottle of Wuliangye. Will this little red wine be poured?"
Qiao Yun stared at him, but his face was not angry. "Do you still have faces? You have a drink and three drinks."
Liu Xing and Fu Yitian Jiminghao laughed at the same time and touched a cup together.
Qiao Yun was too lazy to pay attention to it and immediately helped the stranger to get up. "You three also drink less. Don’t be drunk and no one will send it."
"Hey, this Qiao Yun mouth is really broken." Jiminghao is funny. "Why don’t we go together later and I’ll take you back."
"No, we have work to do." Qiao Yun held the strange but wobbly building.
Behind him, Liu Xing said, "I knew Mo Ran would protect calves, but he got drunk today."
"which one is coming?" Fu Yitian was as happy as a madman. "Can Liu Xing do it or not? Brother Hao and I will join hands to fuck him."
"Yes, drink Liu Xing-"