In the second, the blind monk went to Akali Circle in ez.

In the third second, the blind monk has entered this circle.
This circle is much larger than the skill range of blind monk e. Now it is time for two people to play.
In the fourth second, the blind monk hesitated for an e skill and finally released it.
Generally speaking, after playing Akali stealth, they will stick to the edge of their circle and wait for a chance to escape quickly.
The blind monk’s choice is that the smoke bomb is near the right edge. Akali can go from here if she wants to escape, because it is the closest to their second tower.
The most important thing is that Akali will inherit the smoke bomb and be invisible for 5 seconds if he gets out of it. This time, he can walk from his hiding place to the grass of the wild monster stone man, which is also the only chance for the blind monk to escape.
But I missed! After the blind monk patted the floor, there was no Akaliying beside the root.
"Where have you been?" Huoyunyu shook his head. It seems that he misjudged.
Now they don’t have group attack skills, and ez hit two Q’s and W’s blindly, and nothing was gained.
However, the blind monks are not in a hurry. They all know that Akali smoke bombs have dragged by for a second, and Akali will die sooner or later.
Two seconds later, their eyes have detected Wei’s movement, but because the vision is good enough, a deceleration wall appeared behind Wei when he died, which delayed Wei’s footsteps.
In fact, the dead song played a great role. Just now, he successfully delayed the policewoman and Leona from returning to the city, so that they didn’t support them so quickly.
The policewoman and Leona should be here soon when they get home.
One person is missing for support, so even if the policewoman arrives for support, she won’t try to save Akali from him.
In fact, what they know is that the policewoman horse is about to arrive and hasn’t left because they killed Akali carefully in this game. They can let Shenda move to their side to continue to form a situation of three strikes and two strikes.
"Why didn’t he hide in the grass and maybe get away?"
"I don’t know, but he didn’t flash over the wall!" The night watchman shook his head and said that it was really a good choice to walk out of the smoke bomb into the grass.
While staying here, ez, the night watchman, is not idle. He is cleaning up the enemy soldiers quickly, thanks to ez’s own big move just now. This wave of soldiers’ blood volume is not satisfied, and it is not so hard to clean up.
Akali flashed for more than five minutes, and now she must be not well.
After seeing the position of Akali smoke bomb, Huoyunyu did have a chance to flash over the wall, but since the other party didn’t flash and his blind monk did, he was not afraid of him.
At the last second, the blind monk has also seen the policewoman figure. It is estimated that Leona should also reach the position of the second tower at this time.
This time, the blind monk is located near the wall of the smoke bomb, which is close to the grass next to the stone man. If Akali can escape from here, the blind monk is located in Akali and the grass, which will make Akali have no way out.
This second is the key to whether Akali can escape.
Soon the smoke bomb disappeared and Akali appeared near the grass.
The blind monk’s attention is very direct with Akali, but because of the deceleration effect of smoke bombs, he is not as fast as Akali and can’t output it at the first time.
Akali has entered the grass, but "bang!" It is a necessary skill for every blind monk to put his eyes in the grass directly, which is why he is not afraid of Akali entering the grass.
But there is no one in the grass!
Where’s Akali?
Chapter 96 Alternative escape!
It turns out that Akali gave the last shadow essence R to the stone man at the moment when she entered the grass!
"no!" There are two reasons why Huoyunyu said this with the blind monk. One is that Q in his hand is almost ready, and the other is that Akali’s blood volume will never be able to carry two stone men, and they will definitely be killed by wild monsters.
Sure enough, Akali was attacked by a stone man just after R arrived at the stone man. Two stone men beat Akali in the residual blood. One man beat Akali and died.
Even if you hide for so long, you can’t escape!
But Tong Shi interrupted his thoughts.
“ ` ` w w w
Akali is still dead, but the head is not counted as a blind monk or a body, but as a monster stone, which is judged because the other side failed to reach Akali in the last ten seconds.
At this time, everyone realized that Akali had already figured out the escape route, and he helped himself to recruit four shadow essences in the most accurate places.
The first one hides the piano girl and ez’s big move, the second one kills the piano girl, the third one runs back to Ta Xin to get a new one and flies to the stone man.
Akali waited so long to walk in the grass, except dragging her teammates to die for the wild monster!
In fact, he has already decided on this route because his blood volume is too small, and he will die if he wears a stone, so he has delayed it for so long.
People often send towers to this game, and now Lu Zhan has chosen to send wild monsters’ heads, which is equivalent to killing Qinnv in vain and successfully escaping!
"Second time!" He has a long-standing resentment against Lu Zhan. He was robbed of the blue buff in the first game, and now he finally finds an opportunity to kill each other, but he didn’t expect the other party to lose his gold coins in this way.
"Let’s go!" Night walkers are more stable than blind people. Tell him that since people are dead and the tower has fallen, there is no point in pestering them now.
"I said I’d make a big move for you not to let this go!" Aside Wang Ji condemned the fire and rain.
Fire, sex, anger, pie-pie, but words can be said that it was really because he thought Akali would be like this after eating.
He angrily dropped a mouse and angrily controlled the blind retreat. Although depressed, he didn’t lose his sense of proportion until the night watchman was right.
By this time, the policewoman and Leona had just arrived, but the battle was over.