Jinyang heart dark surprised this stick abnormal condition at the same time. I’m also glad to catch the incarnation that has just been smashed. The body that God Emperor has sacrificed for millions of years is so strong, and only such a strong and abnormal body can I feel a little dizzy and not be smashed.

Jinyang secretly guessed that if the body was hit by this black iron rod. It is estimated that it has been smashed into a pool of flesh and blood for a long time, and even the Yuan God can’t escape. This black iron stick is so overbearing that it leaves no room at all. Even Jinyang feels the biting wind and suddenly thinks of someone.
The fire monkey of Huaguo Mountain is the real king, the monkey who secretly ascended to heaven by his own way. What he used was a similar iron stick, which was almost the same as the one just now, but the power was different. When he thought of the monkey, Jinyang thought of the Monkey King who once said that it could only beat the jade emperor and the stone monkey who demonized the tailbone of the goddess Nuwa.
Only he has such a strong strength. It is said that his position in the western paradise is even with that of the Tathagata. However, they seldom take charge, and they are basically closed for years, and rarely go through the customs, so the outside world doesn’t know much. In order to cover up their own scandals, the Jade Emperor naturally won’t publicize it. So not many people know that this monkey is as powerful as the Jade Emperor Tathagata.
When the stone monkey fought the Jade Emperor in World War I, the Jade Emperor was still superior in strength, but the stone monkey broke the jade emperor’s two innate spiritual treasures with the help of the black subway stick in his hand. At that time, the relationship between Buddhism and Xiandao was good, and Buddhism did not show any ambition. The Jade Emperor invited the Tathagata with great mana, which finally subdued this wild stone monkey.
Because the stone monkey is made by demonizing the tailbone of the founding god Nuwa, it belongs to the founding artifact. Has a relatively immortal property. At least even if the most powerful of the three realms, Sanqing Daozu, uses the founding artifact to whip God. Take him as well. In the end, I can only suppress the stone monkey with the help of a weird multiplier. I don’t know what happened. In the end, the stone monkey took refuge in the paradise of the West and became the same noble fight as the Tathagata to defeat the Buddha.
Thought of here, Jinyang immediately began to calculate. Tathagata, the old bald donkey, had already begun to calculate himself, but he just didn’t know whether he was hiding in the dark. If he suddenly attacked from the dark while fighting with the stone monkey, it was really impossible to prevent. At the moment of thinking, Jinyang quickly passed through the low ground, and the real yuan all shrank into the body. With the protection of the third real yuan, no one outside could feel the existence of Jinyang at all.
There are many words, but from the time Jinyang was driven into the ground by the black iron rod to the time he finished thinking, it was just a matter of lightning and flash. From the point of view of those Buddha soldiers, but just blinking an eye, Jinyang was surprised from another direction, just at the foot of the ancient Buddha, and before the old bald donkey could react, the light of Jinyang had already shot into his golden body, and with the smooth light, the golden body was automatically broken.
But Jinyang didn’t fly far, so I felt that a black shadow flashed in front of me. It turned out that the black iron rod had been blocked in front of me, and I didn’t give Jinyang any chance to escape. Jinyang used his quick wits to see that the stick was about to leave the body, and suddenly threw the relic the size of a basketball in his hand. The relic was banned by Jinyang’s secret method, so he couldn’t dodge and hit it on the black iron rod.
The black iron rod suddenly showed his invulnerable attribute. As soon as the relic met the iron rod, it was completely smashed into nothingness, and there was no last true spirit left, not to mention being reborn, and even not qualified to go to the list of gods. It directly became the dust of the three realms, turned into the most basic energy, and returned to the three realms.
However, it is also the essence of a master Xuanxian. The sarira explosion also caused some trouble to the stick, at least it blocked it a little. Although the silk block was invisible to the naked eye, it was enough for Jinyang to follow the stick and face the direction of the stick owner. After playing for a long time, he didn’t even see the other person’s figure, which really hurt his self-esteem.
Along the place where the iron bar broke out of the space, Jinyang mobilized all his strength and slammed it on the space. I saw the iron bar shudder fiercely, and the space suddenly burst. A statue of a great ape sat quietly on the golden lotus platform, wearing a golden cassock and staring at Jinyang with a little anger. Although this meson space can be refined again, it took him tens of thousands of years to refine it.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 394 Demon refining pot
Celestial Volume Chapter 394 Demon refining pot
Looking at the great ape in front of him, Jinyang is more determined to think that it must be the stone monkey in the western paradise, but there is a flicker of doubt in Jinyang’s heart. This monkey’s eyes are wrong, which is not a real irate look. Jinyang can’t say clearly. How to put it, it’s like performing, making some pre-arranged expressions according to some specific orders.
At the instant of Jinyang’s doubts, the black iron rod came by surprise, and it was given to Jinyang as a pledge, which made him dizzy and confused. However, Jinyang was not smashed into the rocks again this time, which was an accident at one time, and it was a matter of face again and again. The western paradise dispatched a bucket to defeat the Buddha, and the heaven moved the Great Wilderness, which must have attracted the attention of the three realms.
Jinyang roared, and his body suddenly began to get bigger, and it rose more than ten thousand feet in an instant, which was about the size of the great ape. Both fists became the size of hills, and the two peaks were smashed into pieces in an instant. At least thousands of Buddha soldiers suffered for no reason, but as a result, Jinyang’s body quickly stopped.
With a roar, Jinyang tried his best to use the body of God Emperor, and the whole body exploded with strong purple and gold, just like the ancient gods, flying directly into the air, letting the black iron bar hit him, and every time he hit it, he would take up Mars, but Jinyang didn’t feel any pain. He was surprised that God Emperor sacrificed the body so abnormally, and his heart became more confused.
The great ape is like a machine, only knowing how to hit Jinyang’s body desperately. There is no discipline at all, and the tactics are messy and chaotic. What puzzles Jinyang most is that although the great ape’s eyes are full of anger, there is no desire to win, which is absolutely unreasonable for a Gao Yuxian master.
If you can meet a jade fairy expert like Jinyang incarnation, it is absolutely exciting. Whether you are fighting or fighting hard, you will go all out. No matter whether the result is to win or lose, enjoying the process of competition is the most important thing, but this great ape has no desire to fight at all, just like a robot monkey.
All of a sudden, Jinyang heart one leng, this guy is stalling for time. But Jinyang is more confused. Jinyang is confident. With his own strength, even if the Tathagata guy wants to sneak attack, he won’t be completely unaware, but within the scope of the spirit force, there is no sign of anything wrong. The Tathagata is definitely not here. Then why on earth?
Just when Jinyang was more puzzled, Jinyang’s heart trembled, and under his nose, a duckbill pot rose without any modification, bronze in color. The shape is very simple, and there is no spell picture carved on the pot, but there is a faint blue light. Wherever the pot body goes, the space is avoided.
"Founding artifact devil pot?" Jinyang was shaking all over, no wonder he didn’t feel it at all. This thing didn’t break the space at all. Wherever it went, the space automatically got out of the way, just like it was integrated with the space. It is space. No matter how it walks in space, space has not changed. So there is no feeling of breaking the space.
Between lightning and flash, Jinyang didn’t hesitate. For the first time, he used his strength beyond his own, and fully operated the dark purple true yuan, which was full of war breath. His body quickly began to shrink, and Zijin true yuan was wrapped around him. Although his body became smaller, his momentum was even better. Before that, he threw two punches, one on the black iron bar and the other on the abdomen of the great ape.
Thirty-three days outside the heaven, three different voices were raised in different areas at the same time, and the voices were full of surprise and doubt. After verification, the three voices immediately began to discuss, finally agreed, as if they had reached some kind of agreement, and then withdrew from the spirit.
Jinyang’s two fists in anger directly hit the iron bar out of the sky, and the great ape disappeared in an instant. After getting rid of this big super trouble, Jinyang didn’t show the color of joy, but his face was even more worried. He looked serious and stared at the pale blue pot body, and his heart also muttered. He has been arrogant with the god emperor’s flesh, and today he hit the iron plate.
Although Jinyang is confident that the body of God Emperor is strong enough, God Emperor is not the founding God after all. Although he has already realized some fur, compared with the real founding God, it is still a world of difference. Although it is only a founding artifact, Jinyang’s incarnation is far from the heyday of God Emperor, at least until the other two souls and seven souls are brought back, it will never catch up with the former God Emperor.
Suddenly, the pale blue pot body suddenly turned over, and the spout that was originally facing the sky suddenly turned to Jinyang. Jinyang was suddenly frightened, and a powerful suction that was tens of thousands of times stronger than the’ splendid mountains and rivers’ suddenly wrapped itself up, and the body was completely fixed by the suction. There was no way to escape, but to stare.
At this moment, two golden lights suddenly cut across the sky and suddenly appeared several feet away from the head of Jinyang incarnation. When the golden light flashed, it turned into two golden dragons. The two dragons trembled slightly, and the dragons’ tails were knotted together. The faucets were fiercely separated and turned into a pair of golden scissors, which were fiercely cut off against the invisible suction.
It turns out that Jinyang has long been aware of the danger. Since this fight against Buddha will come forward to sneak attack, Jinyang doesn’t believe that Duobao, the despicable guy who can compete with the Jade Emperor, will stay in the bliss world and watch the battle safely. Therefore, Jinyang’s ontology in the sun palace has long controlled Zilan’s "golden dumpling scissors" and came to Xiniu Hezhou to help the avatar out of trouble.
In thirty-three days, the three ideas came together again. In view of this sudden emergence of the founding artifact, the three senses quickly exchanged opinions. Some of them were so restrained at first, but in a few seconds, the three ideas immediately quarreled, and they all had their own reasons. No one was willing to give in.
At the same time, when the three great consciousness quarreled,’ Jin Jiao Jian’ fiercely exerted his greatest power under the full operation of Jinyang ontology. The golden light shone to the extreme, and the sound of Long Yin suddenly broke the screen wall of the Three Realms and spread into the earthly hell, and the world changed color for it. Two huge gold scissors fiercely cut to the invisible suction, trying to rescue the trapped incarnation.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 395 Stealing
Celestial Volume Chapter 395 Stealing
Bang! ! !
After a loud noise, the two golden dragons in the ontology of "Jinjiaojian" were abruptly scattered, and the brand of the Yuan God attached to Jinyang was completely scattered, and the Jinyang ontology in the inflammatory temple suddenly spurted out one mouthful blood, which made my little girl freya cry. Fortunately, Jinyang was standing outside the Yuanyang Temple and didn’t hear it from Zilan, who was in labor, otherwise she would worry about death.
Jinyang incarnation roared, and the suction suddenly became ten times larger. Originally, it was the embodiment of a spent force, and I couldn’t control my body any more. Suddenly, I couldn’t help flying towards the green pot, and Jinyang’s face suddenly turned white. It took me eighteen months to sacrifice the refined incarnation, so it was destroyed. Although Jinyang didn’t know what the harm was after being sucked in by the devil’s pot, it didn’t have to guess, and it would never have any benefits.
Seeing that the incarnation of Jinyang is about to be inhaled, the ontology in the temple of inflammation can only be anxious, and it doesn’t play any role at all. Moreover, as long as the incarnation is destroyed, Jinyang can only move his family to the unique territory immediately, and be a little puss-head for hundreds of years. He can only rely on the strong aura in the strange array on the top of the mountain, hoping to realize the founding Shinto in a few hundred years, and at the same time, cultivate the peak of Yuxian, otherwise he won’t want to come out again.
Not only do you have to worry about the incarnation, but Zilan is still crying in the Yuanyang Temple. It is giving birth here and there, which is ten thousand times more painful than the mausoleum. After half a day, the little guy seems to be hesitating whether to really come out, but it is bitter for Zilan. His stomach hurts badly and he is sweating all over. Even her fairy body could not stop the cold sweat from breaking out.
Both sides were in a hurry, but there was nothing they could do. Jinyang discovered for the first time that he was so useless that he couldn’t even protect his avatar and wife, and he was eager for strength. Suddenly rose to an unprecedented height, if you have the strength of the peak of the God Emperor. Even if you can’t fight the devil pot, you will at least be more than enough to protect yourself.
The suction is getting bigger and bigger, but Jinyang doesn’t want to give up. Seeing that it will be inhaled, the avatar suddenly stretched out his arms and held it hard at the mouth of the devil pot. The avatar has exerted all his strength to the fullest. The potential has already broken out, relying on the strong will of unconvinced and determined not to compromise with the Tathagata.
Seeing such a situation, the ontology far away in the temple of inflammation suddenly rejoiced. No matter what the result is, for now, there is at least a glimmer of hope, and it is good to have hope. Hurriedly began to turn my head, trying to find a way to save the avatar.
The suction is getting bigger and bigger, but the incarnation is like a statue, completely unmoved, firmly supporting, and will not let go of his hands and feet even if he dies. Jinyang has begun to wonder, if it’s time to really insist on it, then it will only blow itself up and blow a path so that the Yuan God can escape smoothly. Otherwise, if Jinyang, the Yuan God, is destroyed, if it won’t produce a miracle, Jinyang won’t recover for ten thousand years.
Just as Jinyang was wondering whether to blow himself up, the suction that had been increasing suddenly stopped increasing. But the devil pot seems to be under control. Instantly integrate into the space and quickly fly to the western paradise. The speed is what Jinyang has seen in this life, and there will never be a faster magic weapon, which is worthy of being the founding artifact flow.
The speed is really fast, and Jinyang’s heart is very anxious, but he can’t help it. If he really arrives in Elysium, Jinyang guesses, don’t say that the powerful flesh left by the God Emperor, even the Yuan God split from Jinyang, is estimated to be run, and this guy’s diabolical with many treasures will definitely not let go of Jinyang’s incarnation, and then quickly.