"Xiao asked!"

"They are coming again!"
No matter how embarrassed Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing escaped last time, even Xiao Wen left an arm here, but this time, when the consciousness of people in the floating mountain city arrived. The first emotion turned out to be fear …
After all, most of them are no match for them.
What’s more, if they are not fully prepared, how can they come to die?
But, why come so fast?
General Wei said before, just stick to it for another month. Their reinforcements will come!
At the other end, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing didn’t care about this. Xiao Wen directly exhaled and shouted, "Wei Yun, come out."
"Ha ha ha ha!" In the laughter, General Wei rushed out of the palace, but he didn’t intend to chat with them at all. He rushed up directly, and it was still far away, raising his hand was three firm but gentle!
Xiao asked with a snort of cold, left hand sword refers to a vertical, phoenix feather barrier suddenly appeared, "choke, choke, choke" will all the three firm but gentle block out.
It’s not that the phoenix feather barrier is strong enough to block the blow of Xianhao’s realm, but that General Wei has not untied the ban.
"I thought you would have some new means." General Wei said this, and then he heard a "sigh" in his body, which was already the first layer of the ban.
At this time, the rest of the big immortals of the God League didn’t make moves, and they didn’t know what they were going to do.
But in any case, Xiao Wen is playing with J and jīng, and his left hand jerked forward, and a fireball flew out and rushed to General Wei, who was a hundred feet away.
At the same time, Nan Yunqing also took action, and Xianjian directly beheaded the past.
Then the situation was slightly beyond Xiao Wen’s expectation, because General Wei didn’t untie the second ban again, just entangled with the two of them in the realm of the Great Immortal. At this time, the rest of the big immortals in the God League turned out to have never made moves.
But Xiao asked soon understood what was going on. General Wei also knew that his feelings were not enough for him and Nan Yunqing, so he decided to take defense as the attack, and only waited for the reinforcements to come down … While the rest of Daxian’s banned solution was once less, so it was only natural to save it for the most critical moment. As for his Wei Yun, maybe it’s nothing to untie Daxian’s ban, but with his strength, he can really spend it alone with Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing.
To understand this, Xiao asked if Nan Yunqing could make him satisfied, so he immediately left General Wei alone and rushed to the palace below again!
As long as the palace is destroyed, no amount of reinforcements can pass!
The general Wei immediately became passive, and no matter how severe he was, he could only block one direction, but the palace was so large that Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing could completely attack many corners of the palace.
Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen’s new bombing power is really too great. After two loud noises, the circle of magic was flickering and dying.
How many times can you hold on?
At the same time, the commander Mei, who was standing in front of the palace, couldn’t help sighing, and then said to the five people around him, "Let’s go."
A total of six people, all untied the ban in the body and rushed to the sky together!
At the same time, general Wei also untied the second ban!
They have already discussed it, or they will not do their best. If they want to do it, they will certainly form great oppression in a flash, killing or injuring Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen! Otherwise, they will be killed by these two people in the celestial world!
At this moment, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing suddenly stopped their offensive, and Xiao Wen and 90,000 people tried their best to condense the phoenix feather barrier to cope with the attacks of General Wei and others.
After all, he didn’t have enough realm, and 90 thousand couldn’t make up for the big gap, so he listened to "boom, boom" twice, and the phoenix feather barrier was already flying with two people outside the suspended mountain city.
But at this moment, it is "yeah" to a sound, this sound, directly to the general wei and others all listen to leng!
All of them have completely lifted the ban. How can there be such a sound?

Chapter three hundred and twenty-four Victory
Almost at the same time, General Wei and others reacted successively, and the "sigh" came from Nan Yunqing or Xiao Wen [body]!
But the two are so close, who is it?
Of course, they hope it’s Xiao Wen, because Xiao Wen won’t be much stronger even if he improves his realm strength, and it’s still within their control.
However, the next thing they saw, they rushed to Nan Yunqing’s road robbery …
Then a scene that surprised them appeared. Until then, Xiao Wen didn’t even get away!
Those robbers don’t have long eyes. As long as he is near Nan Yunqing, they will attack him!
As a result, Xiao asked not only that he didn’t have any intention of leaving, but also that he took a hard look and opened the phoenix feather barrier to the maximum!
He wants to protect Nan Yunqing all the time!
At that time, including General Wei, everyone in the Victory League of the World God Chapter 324 had a bad feeling. Xiao asked Nan Yunqing to resist the robbery. Isn’t Nan Yunqing able to do his best to make the avatar? !
Although she has just been promoted to the realm of the Great Immortal, she has the foundation of the Asian God!
General Wei shouted and took the lead in attacking. At this moment, he did not hesitate to do his best!
Fingers of both hands jerked forward, and a silvery white firm but gentle appeared, about ten feet wide and nearly ten feet long, and then suddenly rushed towards the phoenix feather barrier!
Xiao asked about general Wei’s methods, but it was the first time to see this level of firm but gentle. I knew by intuition that I might not be able to stop it, and my eyes narrowed.
Nan Yunqing in the phoenix feather barrier didn’t seem to see the shock wave at all, but his hands were tied in front of him. Concentrate on something.
The shock wave is getting closer and closer to the phoenix feather barrier, and it is impossible to hide at the speed of Xiao Wen. It can only be hardwired with the phoenix feather barrier, twenty feet, ten feet!
At this moment, Nan Yunqing’s knotted hands suddenly exerted strength, and suddenly there was purple and black gas pouring out at the left front of the phoenix-feather barrier. Only a moment will cover the Fiona Fang nearly ten zhangs!
The silvery white firm but gentle is still moving forward, and then an incredible scene appeared. Chapter three hundred and twenty-four victory, and suddenly I heard a "shout" sound. They only feel huā at the moment, and there is a big hand sticking out of the purple-black breath, which is pinched on the side of the silvery white firm but gentle!
After all, the firm but gentle is ten feet wide. And the strength is great, the big hand hold firm but gentle, did not let the firm but gentle stop immediately, but let it make a "bursts, bursts" friction sound slightly rushed forward for several feet.
However, its tip is not stabbed on the phoenix feather barrier after all.
Until then, the rolling black gas suddenly rushed inward, and all of them poured into a giant who was about ten feet high and dressed in purple and black armor!
At the moment of fully seeing the purple and black armor giant, almost everyone’s heart jumped wildly involuntarily. His armor did not cover the whole body, but only covered the shoulders, chest and other key points. The exposed skin is hard and looks extremely brave. However, the most important thing is not its shape and appearance, but its mixed body exudes two kinds of smells, one solid and one virtual, and the real one is the purple and black smell. What is empty is the sense of depression brought by the realm. It seems that he is not a ghost spirit of life’s core monuments in the realm of the Great Immortal, but a higher order!