"Let him in!"

As Huang Yin’s dust sank, he told the jade tree to stagger, then turned around and staggered out. Su Ling couldn’t help frowning and muttered, "What’s wrong with him?"
Huang Yinchen took the bowl chopsticks with elegant manners, took a bite of green vegetables and said, "I didn’t sleep well!" "
I haven’t gone far outside the door. I almost cried when I heard this! Third master, didn’t he sleep well? Did he sleep last night?
Not yet. moving things to your old man’s house for third master? Now he can’t breastfeed. Is there anything he hasn’t done? My heart is so tired that I will never love again!
When Su Yu came into the dining hall wearing a green gauze blouse, he raised his smiling face and said cheerfully, "Yo, it’s just the right time for me to come!" Lin Feng gave me a pair of bowls and chopsticks! "
The breeze "…" Look at this guy. Let him do all the work. He’s an open guard, okay? Dark guard, hey!
Yushu and Moying let you two lie on the roof and play dead. You two wait for me!
Su Yu Bai Xi Jun Yan and Huang Yin dust wheat color skin contrast is fresh, Su Ling suddenly felt how Su Yu didn’t look so good!
Before, she thought that a small white face like Su Yu was naturally charming, and I don’t know how many Beijing flower girls she was fascinated by, but since last night, she felt that she had not only a problem in her heart, but also changed her aesthetics!
"Second brother, long time no see!"
Su Ling spoke quietly and picked up her bowl chopsticks and slowly pushed them to Su Yu’s front. She couldn’t get rid of the old wind for the time being. These two chicken thighs still have so much fat when she is a pig!
Su Yu, I let go of the bowl chopsticks and let you come!
Smell speech Su Yu’s long and narrow eyes flashed and didn’t think much about directly holding Su Ling and handing him the bowl chopsticks. Then he ate for a moment before answering, "I’m busy recently! You know, little master, I’m very busy! "
"Smelly shameless!" See Su Yu so boasting performance Su Ling directly back to him.
Of course, this conversation between the two people has long been common, so-called habit becomes nature, but watching the old burn is a bit dull for them!
I haven’t seen Su Yu and Su Ling for many days. It seems that both of them are unhappy with each other, and they don’t talk about it. On that day, Su Yu was also worried that Su Ling would pay special attention to her actions with You Qing.
But now times have changed, just as Su Ling had an accident the day before yesterday, it’s inhuman for him to be the second brother and not come again!
"Dad already knows about the official business. Don’t worry, Dad won’t let that Jing Zhaoyin be happy!" Su Yu only lifted her eyes and looked at Su Ling lightly after a few mouthfuls of food.
Then the eyes seemed to be glued, and Su Ling’s little face was carefully looked at!
"Hey, did you know that Jing Zhaoyin had a sudden illness in the prison yesterday?" Su Yu seems to have disappeared for a few days and returned to the wind wandering appearance. He looked away from Su Ling’s face and turned his eyes to burn the old one. As his voice fell, he realized that his face didn’t seem very good!
"What’s the matter with you? Are you sick? " Su Yu watched burn old face so eyes open and asked 1 at the same time.
Burn three-dimensional dust slightly heavy eyes cold light floating and Su Ling heard Su Yu words couldn’t wait to nod! She also thinks it’s true that Huang Lao is ill! It’s true!
When Su Ling and Su Yu both cast a striking line of sight to Huang Yin dust, Huang Lao forced the bottom of his heart to be unhappy and let go indifferently. The bowl chopsticks picked up one side of the white silk towel and gently and elegantly wiped the mouth opening. "I know! Already dead! "
Su Yu and Su Ling opened their mouths with different mouths, and even their expressions were exceptionally the same. Jing Zhaoyin died like this. Isn’t the mastermind behind it at large?
Huang Yin-chen saw that the two men had a heart-to-heart performance. How could this face control the gloom? The sound became cold. "Someone secretly entered the cell the night before. Jing Zhaoyin was not suddenly ill, but was poisoned!"
"Why? The heavenly prison is much more closely guarded than the government dungeon. Who can enter the heavenly prison without disturbing a soldier and a guard? " At this time, with these words, Su Yu’s eyes are also gloomy.
Now their whole house knows about this incident, and my little sister Su Ling’s safety, Torre, immediately entered the palace and asked the emperor to investigate the matter.
And he also hurriedly came back from the outer city to discuss this matter with his father and eldest brother!
But now Jing Zhaoyin actually died in his cell. Who did it? !
"No! If Jing Zhaoyin can be poisoned in the heavenly prison, people who can go in quietly can actually know about it if they think about it! " Always keep your eyes low. Su Ling soon raised her eyes and looked at Huang Lao and Su Yu. Her analysis was not that the wind was coming from the cave. Even worse, when the shopkeeper said the word "palace" before she died, she intuitively recognized it as the palace palace!
Burn three-dimensional dust and Su Yuwen looked at each other. Obviously, what Su Ling said was in the middle of their arms, and the expression of burn old was also transient and cold. His thin lips were sipping sharp arcs and slowly opening their mouths. "There are two people who entered the prison! Gong Tuo found two kinds of toxins in Jing Zhaoyin’s body! The first one will really make him look like a sudden illness, but the second one is oleander! Now that Jing Zhaoyin is dead, no one knows that the king of the Heavenly Prison has sent someone to completely block it, and of course, those who sneak into the Heavenly Prison will stun all the military and health departments so that they can’t prevent it! "
"True or false? Dust, if you say so, maybe someone can still play tricks on your eyelids? I admire him so much! " It’s never too much to watch the scene of bustle. Big Su Yu nodded seriously!
Just as what he said was not sarcasm, it was more like joking! After all, there are really few people who can escape from burning dust eyeliner now!
At that time, three people didn’t speak, but Su Ling looked up at the burning old Toshihiko quietly, although she didn’t speak. In fact, she had several candidates in her heart for this matter, but it happened that all the people she suspected now were burning old ones who had to protect!
Although she is not sure whether the truth is as she imagined, she always feels that someone is really trying to deal with her secretly this time! Otherwise, the shopkeeper happened to be poisoned when she was in the mansion dungeon that day, and everything would not have developed so smoothly without careful layout!
This mystery may be solved soon, and it may also be destroyed by people all the time. But anyway, Su Ling has a general idea in her mind now. What she will do next is to fight back quietly. Since everyone likes to act in the dark, she can do it!
And if it is compared, she is also handy!
In silence, Su Ling’s eyes were fixed on the console table somewhere and she didn’t realize that it was where she couldn’t look. Lao Huang and Su Yu secretly looked at each other for a moment and then passed away!
On the other side, at this time, Bao San, the youngest house in a residential area of Beijing, was being tied to a chair and the person standing in front of him happened to be a man and a woman!
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Chapter 156 Do it yourself and have plenty of food and clothing!
In the afternoon, the lazy sun shines brightly in the whole capital, which is blinding. In the morning, Su Yu left the palace with Huang Yin dust after breakfast.
At this moment, the backyard of Wangfu is getting more and more lively, but the atmosphere in the West Garden wing is somewhat condensed.
"What did you say?"
Just after noon, Su Ling’s eyes are dignified and full of surprise. It’s only been a few hours. This time Bao Da came to Wangfu again from the main entrance, but compared with the previous night, his whole face was tense and twisted together, and even his forehead was covered with thick sweat.
Hear Su Ling couldn’t help but surprise shouted a pack of big couldn’t help biting his lip secretly nods "princess is true! It turned out that Xiao San went out yesterday afternoon, and I and Xiao Er didn’t pay much attention to the fun place.
But just this morning we received this! Small three son now even has been caught by him! "
Bao Da opened his palm in front of Su Ling, and the paper that had been soaked by cold sweat in his palm was crumpled and lying on it!
Su Ling did not care about other fruits. After opening the pleated stationery, she quickly swept her face. Soon, she saw Su Lingfeng’s eyes narrowed and handed the paper to Bao Da. After that, her eyes turned and asked, "Do you know where they are?"
Package big smell speech scrambling to nod "know! The second child is squatting nearby. If there is no way, I will not bother the princess! "
Su Ling immediately looked at Bao Da with sparkling eyes. "All of them are our own. If the other party can catch Bao San, they probably already know that you are here!
You’ll go back to the store first, pack your things and go to the restaurant in the distance for a while! I will solve three things! Peace of mind! "
"Princess, I am with you!"