Qin Yi spit out one mouthful blood, pale.
"Hum!" Zhuge snorted before he lit up, and the brick flashed back into his body and said, "Do you want to fight again?"
"You, you actually destroyed my fairy sword!" Qin Yi gaunt, eyes flashing with resentment, the abuse of XianJian in his hand has been broken in two, lying quietly in the hands of Qin Yi.
In the Qing Xiao Sect, some disciples had a bustling discussion, and the thunder from the back hill deeply touched their hearts. No one knew what a scene it was.
"The sound of fighting seems to have died down."
"Who won?"
"Of course, it’s Qin Yi’s senior martial sister. How can that boy win the foundation period?"
"That’s right, besides, the elder martial sister still has a peerless fairy sword in her hand."
"Look, I’m back!"
Everyone looked inside and saw a light and shadow coming from the back of the hill. Zhuge stepped on the empty step without bright feet, flying long and standing with negative hands, looking graceful. He didn’t stop and flew directly to his yard.
"That boy doesn’t look injured."
"Hum, I must be afraid of losing face and holding back."
"The master elder sister is back!"
Qin Yi pale, royal sword rickety fly back, her dress was stained with a lot of blood, white as paper, loose hair.
Another mouthful of blood, Qin Yi body shaking, almost fell from mid-air.
"Elder martial sister, how are you?" A disciple asked.
"I’m fine." Qin Yi gave a hand, no longer stay, royal sword to leave.
The disciples immediately began to talk.
"How did that happen? It seems that the elder martial sister is badly hurt. "
"Is it the teacher elder sister lost? How is this possible? The other party is just a small role in the construction period. "
"That guy must have hurt the elder martial sister with some trick!"
Everyone around him talked about it, but Zhuge was unaware of it when he was not bright. He returned to his room, sat quietly and pranayama, and recovered his lost real strength.
Take out the two jade bottles that Xiao Zhuo gave him before, open the cork, and the faint fragrance permeates the whole room. Zhuge Liang licked his lips, took a sip, and suddenly felt a pure force, such as the body, driving the true force in the body to recover quickly.
"This elixir is really good." Zhuge smashed his lips when he was not bright and closed his eyes.
But at this moment, in a hall, Qin Yi stood there pale. In front of her, Hua Yunfei, the head of Qingxiao Sect, and several elders.
Hua Yunfei’s hand was holding the broken sword of abuse, and his brow wrinkled.
"The abusive fairy sword has been sacrificed and refined by us. It’s hard to hurt it with an ordinary magic weapon. That boy actually broke it." An old man’s snow-white eyebrows knit together.
"Qin Yi, how did he break the evil sword?" Hua Yunfei looked up and asked.
Qin Yi shook his head and said, "I don’t know. I’ve never seen that magic weapon. It’s dark and looks like a brick."
Hua Yunfei and several old people are all stunned: "Brick? Are you kidding? Throughout the ages, the magic weapons of practitioners are mostly flying swords, pagodas and precious seals. Who will use bricks as magic weapons? "
"Let’s not say what magic weapon it is, but it can break the evil fairy sword, which is enough to see that it is a great magic weapon." An old man next to him said.
At this time, an old man on the other side lit up and said, "Do you remember the news that came from the state some time ago?"
Smell speech, several people are refreshed.
Hua Yunfei said: "I heard that Jiuyou Black Iron was born to the world and was acquired by a builder wearing a ghost mask. Later, he fled from the state. It is said that Jiuyou Black Iron was more than a foot long and shaped like a brick, which is very similar to that described by Qin Yi."
"Do you suspect that Zhuge Liang is the practitioner with a ghost mask?" An old man raised his eyebrows.
"I’d rather believe it or not. If it’s really Jiuyou black iron, we must try our best to get it!" Hua Yunfei’s eyes flashed with cold light.
"Do you want to tell Elder Ye?"
"Well, I’ll tell her." Hua Yunfei gave a hand.
At the moment, people who don’t know about Qingxiao Sect when Zhuge is not bright have begun to pay attention to him.
The next morning, Zhuge Liang came to the back hill again before dawn. In that broken relic, the residual bricks and tiles were covered with moss. Walking in the ruins, Zhuge didn’t want to feel disappointed. It seems that no one has come here for a long time, and no one has taken care of it. There are vines and weeds everywhere.
At this time, Zhuge did not reveal a broken stone tablet, on which countless words were recorded.
Zhuge’s eyes were wide open, but fortunately, it was not an ancient script thousands of years ago, and he could read it himself.
Zhuge Liang was greatly surprised by the records on the stone tablet. This side wrote that the ancestor of Qingxiao Sect was from Shuntian League, and he was a genius of Shuntian League at the beginning. Later, after leaving Shimen, he created his own Qing Xiao Sect and became the seventh of the top ten schools in Kyushu!
Only later * experienced a catastrophe, and Qingxiao Sect gradually went into decline.
Zhuge Buliang took a breath of air conditioning. I didn’t expect that there was such a history of Qingxiao Sect. The founder of Qingxiao Sect, Tianzong Wizards, led the newly rising Qingxiao Sect into the seventh of the top ten schools in Kyushu, but it was only after what a catastrophe it experienced that Qingxiao Sect was ruined to such an extent.
"No one comes here, but it is a good place to close the door."
Zhuge looked around before dawn and nodded frequently.
When I got back to my residence, I happened to see Ye Xun coming back from the outside, leaning on a crutch, and seeing that Zhuge was not bright, he said, "Take this."
Ye Xun took out a piece of jade slips and threw them to Zhuge.
"This is" Zhuge didn’t light a wonder.
"This is the resolution of the Qing Xiao Zong Lian Qi technique. You can understand it slowly. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me." Ye Xun said, and went into the yard on crutches.
Zhuge didn’t move in his heart. What’s going on? He just came to Qingxiao for less than a month, and he actually handed down the method of refining the device. Zhuge was puzzled, but he was still happy. That’s why he came.
I don’t care so much. Zhuge thought before he lit up.
That night, Zhuge stayed up all night, and studied the law of refining in jade slips. Zhuge couldn’t help but marvel that this refining technique is profound and profound, even better than some difficult spells.
One night, Zhuge didn’t light up, but only got a rough idea of a refining technique.
For the next period of time, no one came to disturb Zhuge, and two months passed. In the past two months, Zhuge has not shown off studying refining techniques in his room every day, but practiced in the ruins of the back hill. Most of the top-grade Lingshi in Gankun’s bag has been consumed. Zhuge finally turned the second star of the seven caves completely purple when he was not bright, and the third star began to glow with faint purple light.
There seems to be some connection between the three purple stars, and a thin purple light connects the three purple stars together.
Elder Ye Xun seems to know that Zhuge Liang will go to the ruins of the back hill every day, but he didn’t say anything. The uninhabited place is not forbidden and there is nothing worthy of reference.
Through the observation these days, Zhuge Buliang felt that Ye Xun’s eyes were obviously different. Sometimes there would be a flash of hot light. Although it was impossible to check, he still did not escape Zhuge Buliang’s keen knowledge.
"Not good, what did they do now?" Zhuge hesitated when he was not bright.
On this day, Zhuge Liang came to the ruins again. In the past two months, Zhuge Liang spent almost all his days wandering in the ruins. Everything here is familiar with Zhuge Liang.