Secondly, he has two completely different cultivation systems, and all of them are turned into his own combat effectiveness, so he can control two different magic weapons at the same time, especially two defense magic weapons at the same time, which makes his defense far exceed other Uber.

Finally, after the emergence of the ninth wave of natural disasters, his greatest advantage in survival was that the strength of his Yuan God in the middle of Mahayana surpassed that in the late Mahayana, almost equivalent to the ordinary four robberies.
Without any of these three aspects, he will die, while it is almost impossible for other geniuses to achieve all three points.
"Yuan God attacks!"
Whether it’s watching Kouxun or killing the ice pupil of the Quartet, the look is full of unspeakable panic, and they feel the power of the Yuan God, which appeared earlier than robbing thunder.
If the Yuan God’s attack in the late Mahayana acts on the fix-true person who doesn’t understand the skill of the Yuan God’s control at all, the nine powerful thunder-robbing methods behind it are simply unnecessary, and Chen Han will be directly killed by the Yuan God’s attack.
"So that’s it … haha …"
After understanding the cause of the mortal robbery, Chen Han laughed loudly: "What about the mortal robbery?" Lao Tzu is about to break the nightmare of this mortal robbery. Lao Tzu is going to be the fate of the sky. My life is not determined by the sky, and the mysterious arrow is Yuan Chen! "
During the Mahayana period, the Xuanling arrows were promoted again, and the number increased from eight arrows in Eight Wilderness to twelve arrows in Yuan Chen.
Twelve transparent gas arrows burst out from the eyebrows, which originated from the Yuan God attack technique of Xuanyuan Huangdi, and surpassed the ordinary Yuan God attack technique in essence.
Although Chenhan was only in the middle stage of Mahayana, and the attack of Yuanshen of Armageddon reached the late stage of Mahayana, however, the attack of Yuanshen of Armageddon was only a skill, and there was no subtle application of skill. Just like the power of 100 kilograms, hitting it out in the most direct way can only produce 100 kilograms of destructive power. If you join the powerful lighter, you can play the power of 200 kilograms or even 300 kilograms. This is the magic of lighter.
Armageddon doesn’t exist, it’s just the simplest, most primitive and barbaric confrontation, but Chen Han has a powerful’ skill’.
More importantly, his Yuan Shen’s power is still in the middle of Mahayana, but his essential strength exceeds his own realm by more than one level.
The Yuan God attacked and collided, and a deep blue electric spark broke out in the void. Under the strengthening of the innate elite, the Yuan God did not cause any anti-shock and damage at all, and remained in a clear state.
Two arrows tore the void to meet the thunder, and at the moment when the arrows were shot, Chen Han’s body suddenly flashed to display the broken void posture. Now it has broken through to the middle stage of Mahayana. Even though the space here is more stable than the outside, it still spans more than 100 meters.
Bang …
Two arrows let JieLei slightly stagnate the crackle moment, that is, at this moment, he broke the void three times in a row and pulled himself away from JieLei for more than 500 meters.
The longbow of the Chinese fairy was once again drawn into a full moon, and the two arrows roared away again.
At the same time, his whole body skin burst open countless blood stains, and the three extreme distances without any interval broke the void, which was beyond his physical limit. If we continue to break the void, after the skin is devastated, the muscles will be fatally damaged, which will directly affect the combat effectiveness.
The second time, the two arrows were weakened again, which was almost equal to his four full-scale attacks, and the power of robbing thunder was weakened by 20% on the spot.
He blasted a blood hole the size of a fist in the abdomen, and under the guidance of a little spirit, the little Yuan baby drove the flying sword of the Chinese fairy to rob the thunder.
"Oh my God! What is he doing? Use Yuan Ying to fight against mine robbery? " Kouxun was frightened by his crazy behavior.
"If I didn’t guess wrong, he not only didn’t have a baby before, but even the abdomen was broken. Yuan Ying is only used to hide people’s eyes and ears. As long as the abdomen exists, the Yuan God is not damaged, and the realm remains the same, it will only take three to five months to re-cultivate with the strength of his meridians, which is much more cost-effective than being fatally wounded in the flesh. What a good move! " Ice pupil’s answer let KouXun big heart.
Yuan Ying has not yet touched the thunder-robbing, and it has already burned a blazing flame. All the life’s core monuments essence is turned into the strongest energy, and it is poured into the flying sword of the Chinese fairy, facing the powerful thunder-robbing.
Giving up Yuan Ying on his own initiative is no harm to Chen Han. There is a hole in the abdomen, and it can only be considered as a skin injury on a master of his level, which will not have any impact on combat effectiveness.
Booming …
Burning the whole Yuan Baby with the help of the blow launched by the flying sword of the Chinese fairy, the power of robbing the thunder dropped by more than half again, and the cloud combating Dao was swung with all its strength, which weakened the power of robbing the thunder by nearly one third, and at the same time, there were legs all over the sky.
Chapter 347 Too XuanXian make
The shock wave is like a substantial diffusion violently, and Kouxun’s sword, which is hundreds of miles away, flashes, and it is not a strong defensive sword curtain in front of him.
Even with the true yuan of his late peak in Du Jie, and the increase of flying sword and armor of the first fairy, he was still pale and even retreated several steps after a hundred miles away.
The aftermath raged all the way to Wan Li, and no trace of life could be found within 3,000 miles except those who fix the truth.
From towering old trees to weeds and flowers, they are all fly ash!
Mountains and rivers or waterfalls in the valley, razed to the ground!
The area with a diameter of 500 miles centered on Chenhan, under the bombardment of nine waves of thunder, fell into a depth of more than 1000 meters. This is a fierce place, and the toughness of any substance far exceeds that of the outside.
The five-color robbery clouds in the air released the last glimmer of power, as if the clouds were parted to see the sky, and the haze gradually dispersed and disappeared.