Looking at Ye Han so voracious, Yan Xin couldn’t help but burst into a wry smile and immediately gave way to her heart. "You eat slowly and no one will rob you!"

After Yan Xin said so, Ye Han immediately became one leng and immediately his face was covered with a layer of embarrassing color, and he came to bed with a plate of food.
Looking at Ye Han’s move, Yan Xin suddenly shook his head and immediately said, "You don’t care if I’m not hungry now, you’d better eat it yourself!"
Ye Hanwen suddenly shook his head and said, "I know you can solve the hunger problem with your strength, but now that you are seriously injured, I think you should listen and eat!" "
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Yan Xin hesitated for a moment, then stopped talking and nodded with a smile. "Well, then feed me!"
"hmm!" Ye Han didn’t hesitate to listen to Yan Xin’s words, so he slowly fed a delicious meal into Yan Xin’s mouth with a clip.
Yan Xin didn’t refuse the food that Ye Han personally fed. He was busy chewing a drop of income before slowly swallowing it.
After Ye Han took care of Yan Xin, although her appetite was not very good, she still had a snack until she was full before she refused Ye Han to feed her.
See Yan Xin really had enough Ye Han didn’t importune meaning, just remembered that he was still hungry at the right time, so he came to the table to fill his belly.
After the meal, Ye Han had to explain to Yan Xin, then left the room and then went to the inn. The man carefully ordered to take a look at the already crowded scene in the inn and left the inn.
After leaving the inn, Ye Han went all the way south along the street and soon came to the door of the cold family. The guards watched with awe and entered the door of the cold family.
Just entering the gate, I heard a series of denunciations in the courtyard not far away. It was obviously that a senior member of a family scolded himself.
For such situations, Ye Han used to know a lot when he was at Ye’s home, so he didn’t have much curiosity, and then he slowly walked towards the meeting hall.
Cold aristocratic patriarch Lengao has appeared in the hall for a long time, and there are only a few core brothers in the hall except Lengao.
When Ye Han came outside the hall, he heard a shouting from Lengao’s mouth, and it was also white that the core brothers of these families were being taught by the heads of families because of their unfavorable work.
Nai shook his head Ye Han didn’t continue to listen to the meaning. Although he is now a cold family son-in-law, he is still an outsider. He is not in the mood to pay attention to Sino-German things in a cold family.
In the middle of the hall, Han was busy saluting the hall coldly and respectfully, and immediately said, "Little brother Ye Han has seen his father-in-law!"
"Cold son? How did you come back? " As cold and proud as when I was sent by Lin, my face was full of surprise when I saw Ye Han coming back himself.
Ye Han suddenly gave a wry smile when he saw Lengao. "It’s a long story. Let’s talk about it later. By the way, I heard that Linger has come back. I wonder if she is still at home?"
Being asked by Ye Han, Lengao shook his head with a wry smile. "Linger did come back, but she went back to Ye’s house without seeing you!"
Get cold ao answer Ye Han immediately also remembered that he had heard the white-haired old man say that LengLing had returned safely to the leaves home, and he had no doubt that Lengao nodded at him.
Looked at the side is also a face of shock cold family brother Ye Han although don’t want to go to other people’s housework, but also on a whim, so he smiled and asked, "What’s wrong with them?"
"What’s the matter? You don’t know yet. During your disappearance, our cold family and Ye family have been looking for you day and night! "
Heard Ye Han question cold ao timely also take a look at a cold family brother then give a sigh at Ye Han bitter laughed
After Lengao said so, Ye Han suddenly became white. All this was caused by his sudden disappearance. Otherwise, these people would not be reprimanded for no reason, and they would be willing to do it one by one.
Ye Han can’t help but remember that when he entered the cold family, he heard someone reprimanding his hand. If it weren’t for this matter, he wouldn’t have been reprimanded early in the morning.
Dijie inn stay
This leaf is deeply sorry but also smiled at Lengao. "Now that I have come back, please let my father-in-law leave them alone first!"
After listening to Ye Hanyan’s cold and arrogant self-knowledge, he knew that it made sense, so he nodded at those cold aristocratic brothers and said, "You go first!"
Ye Han, who is cold and arrogant, has never seen it, but he has also heard of it. Seeing him treat his brother so gently now, Ye Han suddenly felt a loss.
From the middle of Lengling’s mouth, Han also knows that Lengao’s temper has always been hot, but for this, Lengyuan would not have given him such a name.
But now the situation is obviously very different from what LengLing said. Ye Han was suddenly puzzled. I don’t know whether LengLing cheated himself or whether this Lengao suddenly changed sex!
I really can’t think of Bai Yehan and I don’t want to be interested, so I don’t want to smile at Lengao any more. "Now that Linger has gone home, I think I’d better go back and find her first?"
Ye Han was ready to leave when he finished speaking, but he didn’t want to turn around and listened to the cold and proud smile behind him. "Cold son, please stay!"
Hearing Lengao calling Ye Han, he turned around and took a look at Lengao, then asked with a puzzled face, "Does the father-in-law have other business?"
Lengao immediately hesitated when he heard this, then he nodded his head and said cautiously, "I heard that there are several high-level institutes in Bingling City now. I want to ask if you can know what they want to do?"
"This" ice city master cloud things Ye Han nature also know is for such a situation today he is still a little knowledge.
If you don’t know something, he also knows that there will be such changes in this ice city. Most of them have been helped by the cold forest faction, and the cold forest faction won a big victory, but the cold family naturally ended in failure
The original Hanshan wanted to avenge his own son, but he didn’t expect to end up in a pale field. It is naturally impossible for him to be invited by the experts to gather in the ice city and want to avenge his own son. That is also reasonable.
But there is one thing that Ye Han can’t understand. This cold family is one of the best families in the northern ice sheet, but it is unreasonable to invite so many experts to help out.
This Ye Han is not sure what this ice city master cloud is now, but now he has some suspicions after being cold and arrogant.
I’d like to ask if it’s so simple that even the heads of cold families can see it. Even if Hanshan wants revenge, it won’t be so big, right?
After thinking for a while, Ye Han finally didn’t want to understand, so he heard Lengao suddenly sigh, "It seems that after a hundred years of calm, the mainland will set off a bloody storm again!"
Listen to cold ao Ye Han but dare not careless busy a face of don’t understand and asked, "I wonder if my father-in-law’s mouth is trying to say what great things will happen in the mainland this time? And this event must have something to do with the Han family? "