Lindsay, who has been struggling in a daze, and his angry and sad admiration were also shocked by Qin Shaojie’s sudden surprise. They all recovered, and I don’t know why Qin Shaojie suddenly had a cow.

"Shao Jie, you, you mean, it’s my brother … Ryan. He wants to kill admiration?" Lindsay didn’t believe it, but with her mind and seeing Qin Shaojie so angry, she seemed to guess something.
"Who else but him?" Qin Shaojie grind said.
He is completely angry now.
If we say that Qin Shaojie can endure the provocation in Linsell’s house before, if we say that Qin Shaojie can endure the first two murders in the street. But now Qin Shaojie really can’t stand it.
An elder said that if you can’t bear it, you don’t have to bear it anymore. At the same time, this elder also has a four letter word——who beat him.
Qin Shaojie has a good temper. Even after becoming a yogi, he has a good temper and never takes the initiative to cause trouble.
Today is the most painful day for him to live for 21 years. Even if he was always robbed and bullied by those gangsters, he was not as angry as he is today.
His wife was calculated and his brother was calculated, which has greatly exceeded his patience bottom line.
Fight back, Qin Shaojie vowed, we must fight back hard!
A Ryan Howard, Qin Shaojie didn’t give a damn, what about terrorists? So what if you are so powerful?
A yogi can’t attack ordinary people? Bullshit, that’s China, and Qin Shaojie is abroad now, even if he pokes a hole in the sky, no one will care about him. Besides, a Ryan Howard
"Shao Jie, brother, tell me, what’s going on?" Admiring Qin Shaojie’s arm, he asked anxiously, and now he is eager to know who wants to kill him. He wants revenge for the child who died before he was born.
Qin Shaojie also calmed down now, and looked at admiration with a full face of apologies and said. "Admire, I’m sorry, it’s for Lindsay, and it’s for me, too. We’ve got you into trouble."
"What the hell is going on?" Admire a face of anxious asked. "Are you talking about Ryan?"
Say, admire glanced at Lindsay.
"It’s him. Who else but that bastard?" Qin Shaojie said in a cold voice.
"Admire, when do you think about it? When did you bring Annie to check last week?"
"Last week?" Admire wanted to think, said. "It seems to be last Wednesday."
"Yes, last Wednesday, today is only Tuesday." Qin Shaojie said. "This bastard, first call you to harass you, make you think it’s a prank, and then find someone to pretend to be your doctor to call you at night, asking you to bring Annie to check. Look carefully, is that the phone number of the hospital?"
Hearing what Qin Shaojie said, he admired and quickly took out his mobile phone. Although the screen was broken, it could still be used.
I looked at my own phone records, and my admiring face suddenly became ugly. After Qin Shaojie’s reminder, he discovered that the phone call was not their doctor’s phone at all, but he was worried about his wife’s health, didn’t pay attention to the phone number, and didn’t pay attention to the voice of the person who called him.
"I knew it." Qin Shaojie sighed and said. "He should have found out your identity and your past, and know that you have a good relationship with me, and Lindsay is my woman. If something happens to you, you will definitely call Lindsay for help, and Lindsay will definitely come."
"As long as Lindsay will come, then I will definitely come." Qin Shaojie analyzed. "Whether you call me or Lindsay, the two of us will come together. What a stroke! Kill three birds with one stone! "
"First, use your wife’s business to let you have a car accident, and then use your relationship with me to let you ask for help. Then, just do the same thing on the road and arrange a car accident for us, but it didn’t succeed."
"I have to admit that he was hateful and smart enough. He didn’t succeed the first time, and then he used fake police to shoot Lindsay, but this time, he still didn’t succeed."
"Then, one of the police officers named Owen was threatened by him and attacked Lindsay again in the elevator. Unfortunately, I found out earlier and was stopped by me. But then, after three consecutive failures, he even had a trick. If I hadn’t been there just now, the elevator would have fallen directly from the seventh floor to the first floor, and I’m afraid as many people as there are in it would have died. "
Admiration has been heard with a full face of shock, and so has Lindsay. Her face is full of shocked and incredible expressions, and her heart is also extremely uncomfortable.
How did that brother who loved her so much when he was a child become like this?
"Now, we can be quiet for a while." Qin Shaojie said. "I’m afraid that Ryan already knows about the elevator crash just now. He must think that Lindsay and I are dead. Hum, if we are not dead, I’m afraid he will have other plans waiting for us next. "
Qin Shaojie has to admit that Ryan’s series of actions are very powerful, and one ring is buckled. I really don’t know how many tricks he has prepared for Linsell.
Qin Shaojie don’t understand, don’t money and power, can make a person become this pair of virtue? The people closest to you can kill without blinking.
Just then, I heard a hurried footsteps in the corridor. Then, a group of reporters carrying long guns and short guns appeared at the door of the stairwell on the eighth floor.
"Lindsay, call someone to deal with it." Qin Shaojie said with a wry smile, when I saw those reporters coming with cameras, Qin Shaojie suddenly changed his face and said, back channels are not good.
"Wait, don’t call anyone." Qin Shaojie immediately grabbed Lindsay’s mobile phone, and found out the old Howard’s phone and dialed it.
"Old man, don’t ask anything. Call my friend, Maureen Sal, to the hospital at once and arrange for her to take your helicopter." On the phone, Qin Shaojie threw himself at old Howard and sent a call to arms. Then he lifted up his admiration sitting on the ground and said. "Where is Anne? Take her and let’s go to the top floor. "
Chapter 558 How did you get it back?
Admiration and Lindsay don’t understand, but Qin Shaojie can’t be careless.
These reporters and policemen who came in suddenly put Qin Shaojie on the alert, mainly because the efficiency of this group of people was too high.
The police said nothing, because Owen had already contacted his boss before, but how did the reporter come so quickly?
From the elevator crash to the arrival of reporters and police, it was only about ten minutes. Qin Shaojie suspected that there were still killers hidden in these reporters.
At the same time, Qin Shaojie has another consideration-even if this group of reporters came so quickly because they are very dedicated, once he or Lindsay appeared on TV, it would definitely be known by Ryan-some changeful killers just like to hide in a corner and watch their proud masterpieces, and Ryan has long been classified as changeful.
From Ryan’s point of view, coupled with his series of serial killings, Qin Shaojie thinks that if this guy sees that Lindsay is not dead, he is likely to make a cruel move, even if he blows up this hospital, it is possible.
"Trust me, don’t ask so many questions." Qin Shaojie looked at admiration and Lindsay said.
"I believe you." Lindsay nodded repeatedly, and she absolutely believed in the man she loved unconditionally.
"I believe you, too." Admiration said. "But, Annie, she has just come out of the operating room and hasn’t woken up yet, and she is so badly injured that she can’t move."
"I have an idea." Qin Shaojie said.
While speaking, several people had already arrived outside Anne’s ward. Qin Shaojie, without saying anything, went in directly, waved away the nurses inside, and sat down beside Anne’s bed.
In the eyes of admiration and surprise, Qin Shaojie helped Anne, who was pale due to blood loss, and a golden light came out of her right hand and pressed it on Anne’s back. A real yuan entered Anne’s body and began to repair her injured internal organs and meridians.
Soon, Anne’s face was already rosy, and fine sweat appeared on her forehead.
"Stop staring and go to the top floor. I’ll hold Annie." Qin Shaojie to a face of dumbfounded, looked at his palm become speechless admiration said.
"Oh, good, good." Admire and know that don’t ask at this time. He believes in Qin Shaojie.
Qin Shaojie quickly unplugged the medical devices tied to Anne, picked her up, and went out of the ward with admiration and Lindsay, and ran upstairs. At this time, reporters and police had already arrived at the door of the ward.
Fortunately, there is a safe passage on the other side of each floor. Therefore, Qin Shaojie and others don’t have to worry about being stopped by reporters and police, so they turned and ran upstairs from the other side.
When reporters and policemen saw Qin Shaojie running away with the patient in his arms, they immediately ran after him. When a group of people all ran to the rooftop of the top floor, the helicopter from old Howard just landed on the rooftop.
Before the plane stopped completely, Molinsar jumped off the plane and ran quickly to Qin Shaojie’s side.
"Admire, take Anne and Lindsay and leave." Qin Shaojie handed Annie into admiration and said.
"Shao Jie, I’m not leaving. What will you do if I leave?" Admire haven’t talk, Lindsay asked anxiously.
"I will be fine." Qin Shaojie said. "Even if that guy Ryan gets a nuclear bomb to bomb me, I still have a way to get it back as it came from."
"Be obedient, go quickly, go back to your home and tell your father all these things." Qin Shaojie touched Lindsay’s face and said.
"I listen to you." Linsell said with tears. "But, you must live. Without you, my life will lose its meaning."
"Don’t worry, it’s okay." Qin Shaojie urged.
This is no time to play with my brother and me. If you want to stir up emotion, after I finish Ryan, let’s go to your big bed at night and stir up enough.
As soon as Lindsay and Admire got on the plane, the group of policemen and reporters had already run up. While running, the flashing lights kept flashing, but the huge airflow of the helicopter propeller still blew them stagger, and they could only keep taking pictures in the distance, afraid to get close.
At this time, a "dedicated" reporter saw that the plane was about to take off, and ran out with the camera in his arms against the airflow, even ignoring his own danger, and ran directly to the helicopter that had slowly left the ground.
A group of policemen and reporters looked at this "dedicated" reporter, all dumbfounded, and an idea came to mind at the same time.