But just around the partial temple curtain, I heard Huang Yi suddenly patting the dragon case "damn it! Who gives her courage! "

Smell the previous line Siyu didn’t look back at Su Ling’s hidden meaning in his eyes, which made Su Ling frown!
"Princess Shengchen asks for an audience!"
Siyu casually lifted the curtain and went to Huang Yi’s side and whispered in his ear!
Wen Huangyi’s ugly face first gasped and then rushed to converge, and his expression was slightly surprised. "Is Ling Shantou here?"
"The emperor sin! Old Nushan advocates that Princess Dust has been brought here! "
"Let her come here quickly!"
Si Yu said that the small rag moved to the edge of the curtain and stretched out his arm at Su Ling. "Princess Dust, please!"
Su Ling nodded and walked slowly into Wenyuan Pavilion along the direction indicated by Siyu!
Although it is not the first time to come here, Su Ling felt something was wrong when she stepped into the main hall of Wenyuan Pavilion!
The large main hall is still the case of Chang Shi Mi Long, but even if he pretends to be calm, the veins stood out on his forehead are still very obvious!
"Su Ling see father!"
I don’t think it’s strict enough for etiquette, but Su Ling unexpectedly keeps the ceremony at this moment!
Huang Yi gathered away his angry look and looked at Su Ling again with a gentle and elegant expression. "Ling Girl, what do you want to see me about?"
With that, Huang Yi looked at Su Ling’s side and looked for it carefully, but he didn’t find him thinking about it day and night. The villain couldn’t help but be surprised and asked, "Girl didn’t come with you in May?"
It was not until May that Su Ling’s face was so deep and then she was slightly silent for a while before she slowly spoke, "Don’t tell my father that May … was taken away!"
"what!" Burn yi surprised at the same time, palm force again in the dragon case "what’s the matter? Who took May? How come no one reported to me? !”
"Father be calm! When I entered the palace today, Su Ling actually wanted to verify with her father! "
Su Ling’s words are not enough, but her brow is getting tighter and tighter!
"Ling Shantou, you say it’s ok!"
Seeing that Huang Yi’s attitude seems to be peaceful, Su Ling still thought carefully for a moment. "My father heard the news that Aunt was killed a few days ago. Do you know anything about this?"
"well! I’ve asked the punishments to investigate this matter thoroughly! Now that the murderer has been punished, Ling girl doesn’t have to be too sad!
I also know something about Beijing, but don’t worry, I will carefully check the mastermind behind it! "
Huang Yi obviously knows everything like the back of his hand!
But getting such an answer is also the first step of Su Ling’s plan!
WenSuling’s heavy cheeks drooped slightly and then sighed faintly. "Father, in fact, Aunt has always treated me as her own!
However, I believe that my father is an experienced person. Emotional affairs are always forced! Although Auntie was abandoned by Dad because of me, it was also an act of kindness!
This time, Su Ling, the aunt’s accidental death, was doubly sad! But I didn’t expect such rumors to appear in Beijing. If it is the will of the people, I don’t think so! "
"Ling Shantou, what are you trying to say?"
At this time, Huang Yi’s look became very deep, especially his eyes seemed to be dyed deep and deep!
Even if Su Ling’s mind is exquisite, she can guess what her heart really thinks for a while!
Breathe a little, Su Ling’s eyes are as bright as a rainbow. "Father, in fact, I want to say that although I know who spread the rumor, I don’t want to make a big deal about it!
After all, the royal family’s reputation for Su Ling is also sloppy! "
It was not until this moment that Su Ling flashed the inscrutable expression of Huang Yi that she clearly felt what it meant to be a companion like a tiger!
No matter how much trust and love Huang Yi had for her and Huang Lao before, his position on some issues must still be the starting point of the country!
"Royal reputation? Go on, girl! "
Before long, Su Ling walked slowly in front of the dragon case to meet the line of sight of Huang Yi. "Father, I know that I was absolutely in the green state!
But I wouldn’t have done it if the princess hadn’t tried to do it to May!
Of course, I also know that the princess has never liked me, but she must not be careless in front of state affairs!
Now that the princess has returned, if she is still prejudiced against me, I am naturally willing to tell her face to face!
But I can’t just sit back and watch May! "
"What? Princess? You mean … smoke? "
Burn yi looked at Su Ling with Zheng Yi’s eyes, which seemed a little surprised!
Seeing that Huang Yi was so surprised, Su Ling was also surprised. "Don’t father know?"
"Ling wench will you know all say it out! Tell me every word! "
Obviously, in Su Ling’s exposition, Huang Yi managed to control his anger, and at this time, he had an impulse to break out again!