Obviously, I want to tell others that I don’t know this madness, and Mr. Zhang regained a little consciousness at this time. His body was slightly shocked. This sound is too familiar. I didn’t expect to meet him here.

"eh? Who said he was a friend of Zhang Wen? " Dragon stab tiger face a heavy soon someone will be surrounded by Zhang Tao.
"My Lord has found this little one." Zhang Tao was taken around the execution platform to watch people whispering. Obviously, they have never seen such a stupid fool. At this time, there was a grimace on the dragon’s face. "You said you were his friend?"
Zhang Tao is not afraid of "yes" at all. Seeing Zhang Tao touch the dragon and stab the tiger, he said, "You are brave but also stupid. Don’t you know that you will get yourself killed if you do this?" Zhang Tao was chained around Mr. Zhang trembling lips hoarse voice said, "you, you, you, what are you doing this? Let’s go. "The other party has five leaders. Zhang Wenru doesn’t know? Although he knows that Zhang Tao is very strong, there is no chance of winning one against five.
"Don’t worry, since I’m here, I won’t let you die." Zhang Tao’s words made the dragon stab the tiger’s face sink. "Do you think you can leave alive?"
"Of course, not only that, you are all going to die." Zhang Tao’s words made the dragon stab tiger jump out of the corner of his eye. He didn’t laugh because few people dared to provoke him. "Just sit down and see what you can do to save him." Seeing the golden light suddenly appeared in the eyes of the dragon stab tiger, he jumped from the high platform and was all golden. "Go to hell."
A few golden lights shoot like sunlight, which makes people unable to see clearly that the metallic attack power is really outstanding. Few people dare to confront it head-on, but it is obvious that he has found the wrong opponent this time.
Zhang Tao gently raised his right hand, a sunflower water shield appeared, and a golden light shield appeared, but a trace of ripples appeared. The root method penetrated Zhang Tao’s eyes slightly, and the dragon and tiger were much stronger than they thought.
I am now a world-class force. Kwai Shui will be influenced by his golden light. If it is at the same level, Kwai Shui will not be penetrated.
"What?" Dragon stab tiger obviously didn’t expect that his attack would be solved by the other side lightly, and his four lords saw something was wrong and jumped to Zhang Tao’s encirclement. "You look like a master, but I advise you not to lose your life because of friendship," said one of the lords.
"There is no need to persuade me to kill him today, and no one dares to disobey me." Dragon thorn tiger is obviously angry. Does he win the stage?
"That’s what I mean. You don’t have to talk nonsense because today is your end!" The world forces formed a barrier and immediately surrounded them. It was only a moment when the five lords’ faces changed at the same time. "Who are you?" They didn’t expect to be the strong at this level.
"My name is Zhang Tao, and I will kill you in the name of your new boss!" Zhang Tao said that the sound became cold here, laughing at Zhang Tao’s idiot passerby who had planned to escape from here. He meant well, but he didn’t expect Zhang Tao to appear in this way
But now it seems that the somebody else has the strength not chapter 831 and won.
When I heard Zhang Tao’s words, the faces of the five lords became ugly. They naturally knew the gap between the lords and the leaders. I didn’t expect that they wanted to kill people only recently.
Moreover, this commander-in-chief heard that he was a very strong general. At that time, the competitor department was too scared to fight. I didn’t expect this commander-in-chief to come here and be a slave friend today
"I don’t know that I won’t be able to meet you in the future." One of the lords wanted to get away with it, but Zhang Tao laughed coldly. "There’s no need to act like this. I told you that today # # # will die."
"Is there really no room for manoeuvre?" Asked one of the lords who never gave up.
Yu Long Cihu hasn’t been talking. Looking at Zhang Tao with a surly face, his eyes are like trying to swallow Zhang alive. If it weren’t for Zhang Tao’s strength and identity, I’m afraid he would have already done it. It’s not the kui is a vicious Lord. Even if Zhang Tao shows his strength, he will be shocked [
"It’s hard to catch up with a word!" Zhang Tao this sentence completely let several lords face heavy, and finally unbearable "what are we afraid of? Even if he is in charge? Today, we will rebel and kill you. "Dragon stab tiger’s eyes are crazy. Several lords looked at each other and finally had to unite. Five lords brought strong hands. There are indeed many people here.
People around the theater fled in succession because they knew there would be a big war here, but the dragon and tiger people came around to Zhang Tao. The performance shocked Zhang Wen. I didn’t expect Zhang Tao to change from a Sangguquan hunted by Tianming to a leader in just half a year? This man is really incredible
At the head, however, it’s hard for Zhang Wen to imagine a high god! Now it is his friend Zhang Wen who feels that he is dreaming. He feels that he is willing even if he dies immediately. "You, you go quickly. There are too many of them. Don’t worry about me to help me take revenge." At this moment, Zhang Wenyi is not afraid. Even if he is killed, Zhang Tao’s strength will surely crush the dragon and tiger in Yuanyang City.
"You don’t talk, let me solve this group of Uzbekistan." Zhang Tao smiled.
"Arrogance, even if you are in charge, after all, you are a person. We work together, and your roots are vulnerable." Dragon thorn tiger surly with a hint of madness and refusal, he never thought that such a thing would happen, but he would not be afraid.
Zhang Tao can’t deny that "we’ll know if we try". When Zhang Tao finished, all five lords burned their own power. Obviously, they also had this plan, whether it was a mule or a horse.
The strength of the mixed-yuan boundary is still far-reaching in the world. Now Zhang Tao is the peak of the mixed-yuan boundary. How many ants will look at it and "attack together"? Everyone has launched their strongest attack. They also know that there is still a gap between Zhang Tao’s strength and dare not leave a hand.
Zhang Tao is smiled kwai water again! This ability is really more suitable for Zhang Tao than the convenience theory of attack or defense than the combination of cold crystal and silver mans ice spirit
Whew! All attacks are thunder and little rain! Such a powerful and dense attack broke through this small layer of water film and was protected. Zhang Wen in Kwai Shui also stared at this moment. He finally knew that Zhang Tao was completely different from him at that time. "Boom!" Suddenly, the water film explodes to form several water droplets, and the shooting speed is extremely fast.
Five lords quickly jumped into the face, so people were not so lucky. In a short time, five or six people were hit by sunflower water and screamed. These people who were hit by sunflower water soon lost their fighting power. After sunflower water invaded the human body, it was extremely cold, which made people tremble and muscles deadlocked. It was a powerful challenge to keep standing.
"Is that all you have?" Zhang Tao smiled, the dragon and the tiger looked gloomy, and the attack was meaningless. "Run separately!" The dragon stabbed the tiger to reach the order, so it was a death to go to the root. Although he was crazy, he was not a fool. After he said it, he went to Zhang Tao for the first time and frowned slightly. I didn’t expect such a change to happen. They tried their best, but I didn’t expect them to steal rape and escape.
The five commanders fled from five different directions, respectively. Zhang Tao smiled. "If it was before, maybe I would really release the tiger to the mountain!" However, Zhang Tao in the achievement world will naturally not be so simple to "split!" This is the ability of all circles, but the circles rarely make such ability greatly reduced after division.
Clone the entity according to the creation gap! It is the ability of the world. In those days, the main temple was divided into two parts, and the cold palace was extremely powerful. Now Zhang Tao is one point and five points! Strength is also five! The death of a doppelganger will make Zhang Tao suffer heavy losses, but Zhang Tao is sure to beat them one-on-one
Whoa, whoa! Five busy people chasing five lords respectively. This scene makes Zhang Wen dull, but there is kwai water protection around Zhang Wen. Even if someone wants to fish in troubled waters and take the opportunity to assassinate, they have to have the ability to pierce the kwai water shield. You know, just adding five commanders is of no help.
"hmm?" Dragon thorn tiger nature also found that the situation was wrong. He naturally knew that Zhang had stopped five lords in one minute and five minutes, but the dragon thorn tiger didn’t say any more nonsense. He roared furiously and attacked Zhang Tao.
"Punch!" Although there is one-fifth strength, Zhang Tao’s fist still contains his own understanding
Bang! The sky is full of blood and rain, and this punch directly smashed the body of the dragon and tiger into powder. Although there is no fusion of spiral strength gas and attribute power, the power of such a punch has greatly surpassed the past.
In the five bloody rains, five lords were killed by Zhang Tao, and then five Zhang Tao returned to the execution platform. It was only ten seconds before and after the fusion. The whole square was silent. "Now my jurisdiction has lost five lords. Maybe one of you is interested?" Zhang Tao said to the square people.
In the hands of the five lords, the henchmen have escaped. After Zhang Tao settles down, they will naturally be assassinated. If there is a net, it will also affect Zhang Tao [
"Are you all right?" Zhang Tao’s right hand through a trace of true qi immediately let Mr. Zhang’s spirit shake. You know, there is a world force in this true qi, which is definitely a great supplement.