Although Yang doesn’t dare to touch Zhang Tiequan hard, her posture is quite flexible. Zhang Tiequan has a strong attack force, but her flexibility is far less than Yang’s. Every time he attacks, Yang is evaded by Yang’s clever posture, and every time he evades Zhang Tiequan’s attack, Yang will attack Zhang Tiequan’s knee joint with his legs.

Zhang Tiequan was screaming with anger, but he couldn’t do anything about Yang, a Japanese ninja. He didn’t lose money physically, but he wasn’t very flexible. He used an oppressive style of play, but now he has become a moving target. He can’t hit others by himself, and soon his knee joint is kicked red and swollen by Yang.
"This’ Zhang Tiequan’ has a strong body, but his posture and speed are so poor that he will lose to this woman."
Zhou Yi sighed at Jing Ge. "This woman is not simple. She is experienced. First, Wudang Family Boxing restrained Fang Tianzheng’s Wuzu Boxing. Now, relying on flexible posture, she slowly dies’ Zhang Tiequan’. When you fight with her, you will bully yourself into being close to her. Your posture and resistance to fighting are good. As soon as you get close to her, her posture is estimated to be unable to get rid of what you have. At this time, you can protect your head and then attack her. Only with this lose-lose style can you defeat her in this boxing field.
"Boss, that’s a good idea. When I wait for her, I can’t believe I can’t beat this woman." Jingge nodded and said.
Sure enough, as expected by Zhouyi, Zhang Tiequan not only worked hard, but even Yang didn’t touch the corner of his right leg. After being kicked several times by Yang, his movement became slower and slower, while Yang seized the opportunity to attack Zhang Tiequan’s injured leg frequently. At last, Zhang Tiequan fell to the ground and lost the game in agony.
Yang defeated’ Zhang Tiequan’ and chose to continue to challenge this place. The atmosphere in the hall became more and more warm, and the Sanjin gang became more and more embarrassed.
Boxing scene is the monitoring room of the entertainment club that never sleeps. Wang Ma was livid and watched the surveillance video without saying a word.
"The elder brother of the hemp even silly big Zhang Tiequan lost to this woman now? "Chubby han panted heavily as he ran to ask the king hemp chapter 9 great freak.
"What else can I do? Can you do it yourself [] "Wang Ma walked through a short hexagram from the front of the surveillance video." This group of brain waste can’t even cope with a woman. I have to do it myself. "
"Brother Ma, come on, come on."
At this time, a tall and thin guy sitting in front of the monitoring route suddenly shouted as if he had discovered a miracle.
"What’s your name?" Wang Ma asked.
"Brother Ma, you are quick to come to the surveillance video. Today, that Jingge entered the cage boxing ring." The tall and thin guy said.
"What, this little girl is less than 1.6 meters tall and wants to fight this amazing woman? Isn’t this going to die?"
Wang Ma said, "But since he wants to die, let’s play well. When this little guy loses, he will play again. That’s the way to show his heroism when the sea crosses."
Jing Ge is not the champion of the boxing ring that never sleeps, but he is now the new leader of the boxing ring that never sleeps. He will represent the boxing ring and the Sanjin gang outside the hexagonal cage boxing ring can’t stop him so that Jing Ge can enter the cage boxing ring.
Jing Ge told the host and referee in the ring that he would meet Yang’s challenge in this fight.
"Miss Mianyang challenges the third champion, Jing Ge, and if she wins, the prize will be 300,000 yuan," the host announced.
"What’s the matter today? This woman has even won two three gold gangs. How did she send such a person? Just now, the tall and mighty Zhang Tiequan was lost to this woman. Can this teenager who is less than one meter tall beat this tough woman? Don’t Sanjin Gang really have no masters? "
Jing Ge’s play greatly surprised the audience, and many people talked about it. There were almost no good people in this competition. Because Yang’s strength has been fully demonstrated in the first two games, Sanjin Gang is likely to be defeated by this woman again if it does not send a powerful champion.
"All that glitters is not gold. This woman named Yang was not as good as no one when she was just rolling, but now she easily defeated two masters of Sanjin Gang. My boy named Jing Ge is certainly not simple, otherwise he would not roll."
There are also very few people who think that Jing Ge is not waiting for idle people.
"I want the game to be half an hour late. This challenging lady has just played two games in a row, so it’s hard to lose her physical strength. I don’t want to take advantage of this."
Jing Ge made a request to the host and referee of the challenge. Although the Sanjin gang looked down on Jing Ge, Jing Ge was at least the head of the entertainment club and boxing ring in the city that never sleeps. Sanjin gang had to listen to him and delayed the game for half an hour.
For Jing Ge’s request, the Japanese ninja Yang didn’t quit. She sat in repose, adjusted her breath, adjusted her body to the best condition, and then fought again. Her plan tonight is to sweep away and help all the masters in this boxing ring. She doesn’t want to consume her physical strength too early now.
When Jing Ge just entered the ring, Yang couldn’t stand Jing Ge either, but when Jing Ge asked for a fair fight with her and didn’t want to take advantage of her physical strength, she knew that this opponent was not simple because there were strong people who had this kind of mind to give people a fair fight. She went from Jing Ge’s face to a strong self-confidence and didn’t take Jing Ge lightly.
"Boxing isn’t for you to bump into a gentleman’s demeanor. This Jingge guy is really rude. It’s a fool to let this woman rest. After he loses, he will always save his face. He will know that the entertainment club and boxing ring that never sleeps can’t do without me."
In the video surveillance room, Wang Ma sneered after Jing Ge’s move. He has always been ruthless and focused on the results. If he moves, he will take advantage of Yang’s physical strength to defeat her in one fell swoop without giving others a chance to rest. A fair fight.
After half an hour, the audience waited anxiously and discussed, and finally the contest between Jing Ge and Yang was formal.
Jing Ge is absolutely a wonderful flower, and his ability to fight and fight is quite amazing. During this period, his attack ability has advanced by leaps and bounds, and he is not Wu Amon a few months ago.
Jingge’s small posture is particularly sensitive. As soon as he gave him a quick pace, he quickly got close to the Japanese ninja Yang, and then without saying anything, he bombarded Yang’s head with several heavy punches in a row. The whole process was clean and not sloppy.
This tactic was previously formulated by Zhouyi and Jing Ge. Jing Ge has a strong ability to fight, and he should guard against the head, temples and crotch. Generally, other parts of the body can’t hit Gennai, and he is prepared to attack and suppress Yang until he defeats this arrogant and arrogant woman.