Xiao Xian’s fighting capacity is really weak, but his tricks are more varied and mysterious than Daoism. He is famous for his beautiful visual effect. First, he blows out a puff of smoke, and then he throws out a handful of black liquid, followed by two palms and a push, which actually flies out. A few "buzzes" call the golden-headed worm has not flown out yet, but actually shoots a few thin lines that are almost imperceptible from behind and flies in front of the worm.

It’s a pity that immortality is a typical way to break all laws. The skyfire is wrapped around the essay. What he throws out is burned, and the only thing he can do is to throw out piles of things to stop the skyfire circle from shrinking.
Huang Bei, it seems that Tianlu can still fight with Changsheng, which is equivalent to the fact that this bald freak is too weak. Being thrown out by Changsheng casually, a skyfire will make him weakened as if his horse were dying.
After reading it for a long time, she couldn’t help saying, "You will struggle to hand over Yukikaze. Yukikaze has nothing to do with you. Do you have to cover him up?"
She looked at Tianlu again. "It’s not that you don’t know who is right and who is wrong between Yukikaze and me. Can’t you tell the difference? So stubborn is really helping. "
Tianlu gasped, "Yukikaze has worshipped our door, but who else can my apprentice protect if he doesn’t protect his apprentice?"
Xiaoye said, "Do you know what to do if there is snow, wind and energy to turn around and give Yukikaze to your little bamboo sister?"
Huang Bei bit her lip and looked rather pale. "I can wait for you to save Xiaozhu first."
Tianlu couldn’t help laughing. "How can we do this?"? If Yukikaze really saved Xiaozhu, it means that he has great kindness to Lingshan. How can I give him to you? "
Huang Bei cold way "that’s no way out"
The word "le" has just been exported to immortality, and suddenly the light around the body is bright, and the sky fire seems to be ten times instantaneous, and the brush illuminates the whole day. It’s not good to drink a "le"! "The light has been completely forced back by Xuan Bing condensed shield. The light rolled back and almost swallowed itself. He finally came to condense a vitality to protect his chest and felt a burning sensation. Black at the moment almost fainted on the spot.
For a moment, the body is freezing cold, and Tianlu struggled for a hand and foot. I don’t know what I was bound by, and I can’t move even if I move.
"Now you know I’m good." Immortal laughed wildly and impudently, and both Tianlu and Xiao were completely imprisoned by him, Xuan Bing, and he slaughtered the fish. "If you don’t hand over Yukikaze, you will die."
Small heavy hum a "afraid of death, old don’t come out"
Huang Beixue’s white teeth clenched her lips and hesitated for a long time. "I finally asked you if you would hand over Yukikaze once?"
Tianlu scolded, "If you don’t pay or die, you will kill us."
Huang Bei’s face became even colder. "Are you really just talking about the bloodbath of Lingshan?"
Tianlu looked up and sneered, "Whatever."
"Very good, very good." Changsheng laughed and looked very gnashing. "That’s how Shushan was forced on us that day. Shushan’s brother didn’t expect it to be my turn to force Lingshan’s brother today. Well, I’ll burn all the way in from here and burn your whole Lingshan!"
He smiled and imitated the tone of Xiaotian every word. "I want to see when you can stand it!"
At the moment, the sky is white, and the sun is shining from as high as possible to live forever and be handsome. In this light, it is even ferocious. His finger flicked a bowl and a big skyfire fell to the foot of Lingshan.
This skyfire is ten times less bright than his flame, and obviously it contains great power. Seeing that Lingshan is about to turn into a sea of fire, Huang Bei frowned slightly and passed a little unbearable and fleeting.
But suddenly there was a breeze in the sky, as if there were a little splash and a slight ripple in the middle, and the powerful skyfire was extinguished in shape, and a familiar sound rang at the same time, "Haha, just in time."
Changsheng was taken aback, and when his eyes lifted, he saw a group of people suddenly appeared in front.
It’s a group of people, and there are only six of them. One man and five women look at themselves at the front. It’s the chosen one, Yan Xiao.
Small eyes turned to Huang Bei and frowned. "Miss Huang, I can understand that you want revenge on Yukikaze, but isn’t it a bit too much for you to take immortality to wash Lingshan?"
Xiao Yun didn’t speak behind her, but she was obviously angry at her tight face. Her big eyes stared at Huang Bei with bulging eyes, and she wanted her good sisters to give a statement.
Huang Bei lips inched thoughtfully for a moment before grinding his teeth. "I can’t consider so much for revenge."
Xiao yue took a glance at the longevity and said, "Miss Huang, even if you want revenge, I’m afraid he’s a little short."
When Changsheng heard this, he was furious. With a flick of his finger, Mars flew over to xiao yue and shouted "Bold!"
This Mars is dim and the size of a grain of rice. Small people took a faint glance, probably because they thought it was too humble. No one stretched out his hand to stop and take a look. That Mars flew to xiao yue’s front and could not help but feel a slight joy.
You know, Mars is the essence of skyfire, which is condensed into an ordinary flame. A few minutes ago, Mars lived a little longer. Two flying swords, Tian Heng and the Millennium, still knocked Tian Heng back a few meters. This shows that it is powerful.
This time, the immortal indignation xiao yue despised this for him. Although Mars looks more bleak, it is more powerful than just now. It is said that a small fox is probably a general fix true sect leader and may not be able to stop it.
However, xiao yue smiled and stretched out her fingers of fine fine jade, and she heard "poof bursts" with only one shot. The essence of this fire should be extinguished by hand.
Immortal ate a surprised or who secretly stepped in to help him eyebrows a vertical "snapped" two Mars shot at two o’ clock in the past.
Xiao yue is not afraid, and once again, he will turn two Mars into shape.
Changsheng is a little annoyed. It seems to him that this group of people across the street is a little tough, but now it has been swept by a small fox. This is obviously a shame for Shushan. His hands even played a brush of Mars and flew over, as if fireworks were set off during the Chinese New Year, and Mars spilled out.
Xiao yue looked a little nervous, but more novel and eager. She stretched ten fingers like white jade as if playing the piano and danced at the flying fireworks. The posture was more graceful than a layer of barriers in front of her eyes, and all Mars was played to ashes.
"Well done!" Xiao Lianlian clapped his hands "Come on, xiao yue"