Huang Bei gasped at this analysis. "You mean … even he happened to be saved by me when he fell from it with Xiaolin?"

Yukikaze slowly nodded "good".
Huang Bei was silent for a long time before saying, "Since he is so terrible, why didn’t the master just get rid of him before he became a climate?"
Yukikaze smiled bitterly. "I do have this idea. It’s a pity … It’s a pity …" He sighed. "It’s a pity that it’s already late."
Huang Bei alpha males again.
"It’s obvious that he has been following you and listening to the snow for a long time, but have you ever found any trouble when you two walk a hundred miles?" Xuefengdao "Those foxes are bold, although they have low mana, and even I dare to steal Emei’s elixir. What do they rely on?" How dare they dare to offend the biggest sect in the fix-the-true world without someone showing them a greater deterrent than Emei? "
Huang Bei was shocked by the accident. "Do you think … this can shock the fox people … is it strict?"
Yukikaze nodded and said firmly, "There is no doubt that it is strict!"
Huang Bei’s two delicate hands were tightly twisted together and immersed in great shock.
Yukikaze suddenly laughed coldly. "Yan Xiao regarded stealing Dan as a thorn in my side, messing with my mind first, and then using the hands of the fox clan to consume my energy. I wanted to find the last chance to give me a fatal blow, but he never expected me. Yukikaze was not a fool. At the last moment, I suddenly figured out all the keys in it, so I pulled back from the cliff. At that time, if I scattered my energy and attacked many fox clans at the same time, I would be killed by his blow."
Huang Bei sincerely nodded "Master Ying"
Yukikaze’s face was slightly colored. "So I apologized to the fox family on the spot and put on a show of weakness, and then quickly went to the accident Dan and threw the fox out at the same time. These neat and soft and hard really disrupted Yan’s little plan. When I judged my real situation by other methods, I quickly left."
Yukikaze said these words and nodded slightly at Huang Bei. "In order to re-bless Jin Guangding, I am now weakened. Let’s go back to the mountain as soon as possible."
Two snow-white sword lights quickly disappeared into the sky.
The first player in the Ten-hole League, the Tiger clan patriarch, has always felt irritable recently. Since the clan treasure jade bed suddenly lost its efficacy a few days ago, he always felt that something was going to happen. When the fox clan came, their jade bed also lost its efficacy. He even felt that something was going to happen. It was because of his worries that he was more anxious to put his own unique skill, the "King Monument Hand", into practice quickly that he would cheat the fox clan to steal the lucky Dan.
Now it’s the third day, and the fox family still hasn’t found a door to the king. He thinks something is wrong. Does he guess that the fox family was wiped out by Emei or does he know that he cheated them?
"If they don’t come over today, I’ll send someone to ask." As soon as the king made up his mind, he heard someone report that "the fox family sent someone."
Chapter 74 ()
Chapter 74 ()
The heavenly king asked eagerly, "Who is coming?"
"There are four three foxes and a man who looks like a human." The little tiger demon is also puzzled. "I have never seen that human."
"Is it a true fix?" King a little nervous "that man looks bad? Are you armed? "
"I didn’t bring anything, and I don’t look like a fix-true person," Tiger demon said. "King, you know that fix-true people are at odds with our monsters. It’s unlikely that the man who came here looks like an ordinary person, but the other three foxes respect him."
Tianwang frowned. "Forget it, I’ll go and see it."
The tiger family’s reception hall is much more magnificent than the fox family’s. The whole hall is not located, but a wasteland is built aboveboard. It is said that there has never been a human being who dares to come here for no reason. Of course, these haunted things are deliberately created by the tiger family to stop human beings from harassing.
Of course, occasionally bold people come to see the king of nature, and they don’t object to eating human flesh occasionally. For monsters, human beings are always the most nourishing food.
When I walked into the hall, I walked in front and followed by Hu Yunyu, followed by Hu Xiaoyue and Hu Xiaoxin, the five-tailed fox, which can be said to be the strongest fox in this vein today. As soon as I saw xiao yue’s eyes, the king showed a little light of lewdness. It is said that the virginal chastity of the fox family has been coveted for many days, and the higher the fox woman’s morality, the greater the benefit. However, foxes are mostly lewd and have been practicing like xiao yue for thousands of years, which can be said to be a phoenix.
Then the king’s eyes fell on the small body.
Being able to walk in front of the three foxes is obvious. The foxes have already recognized this human status. However, this human footsteps are vain, his eyes are dull, his gestures are full of mediocrity, and he can’t see any special place. The king has always boasted of high vision, but it seems that he thinks this is an ordinary person. He is full of doubts and finally can’t help but say, "You are …"
Hu Yunyu smiled and his attitude was surprisingly calm, which was very different from that of passive Nuo Nuo when he came here on weekdays. "This is the famous natural selection door, and the name of the 250 door owner is strictly small."
Indeed as expected or a fix true! But also a door master! This is the first thought of the tigers and demons who stand in awe on both sides.
With this idea, all the tigers and demons immediately became nervous, their fists were pinched, their weapons were shaken, and their magic methods were pinched, and they were eager to try one by one.
King, after all, is also a strong man who immediately calmed down and pressed his hands to both sides to signal his hands not to be impulsive. "It turns out that the Lord who is the closest to the God Sect’s chosen door is really making me proud! I wonder what brings you here? "
He was a little nervous when he saw tigers in the zoo, but this time he saw tigers face to face, not just ordinary tigers, but hundreds of thousands of years of tiger essence. These tigers are not like foxes, foxes and foxes, and there are no signs of foxes. And this group of tigers are all exposed with their heads and fangs. Tiger Claw’s sharp nails are cold and shining, which is different from a tiger’s roots.
Although I was nervous, I had to rely on it. I almost died because I ate it once. Yukikaze waited for three days. Every night, I had to drop two or three drops of blood to four old men. Four old men have been prepared for me for three days. There are four magical spells, two town charms and four stealth charms. This is the current small basic configuration. In addition, the four old men have accumulated enough vitality to help me at any time when improvising.
Touching the charm in my arms, Xiao suddenly stood up and smiled confidently. "I am accompanying them to discuss the cold jade bed with the king."
Pop all smiles suddenly a folding of the fierce clap his chair brush up big drink a way "bold! Which round of my ten-hole affairs will get you an outsider to intervene! "
He shouted at all the tigers and demons on both sides and drank together. "You are so bold! Aren’t you afraid of death? "
The whole hall was immediately filled with powerful roar, and the shock momentum was extraordinary
What a big horse!
This trick is often used by kings to deal with these small and weak races, such as foxes, snakes, rabbits, and so on. It’s a never-ending experience. Every time Hu Yunyu comes to visit the king in the Tiger Hall, he will encounter it once. Although the effect is numerous, he is scared and shivering every time, and after many drills, the cooperation between the hands of the king has become more and more proficient. This cooperation is obviously very successful, and even the ears of the king are buzzing. He is sincerely proud of his loud voice.
It’s a pity that this time the effect is not so good. It should be shivering. Immediately, several foxes didn’t lie down to the ground. Three pairs of beautiful eyes were fixed on the face of the heavenly king. The first chosen door owner looked at the heavenly king with a strange look, just like looking at a mental derangement.
"You … you’re not afraid?" King some dumbfounded.