"In that case, the princess will withdraw from the Jinse princess first, and I will wait for your good news!" Su Ling then slowly got up and slowly walked out of the crimson snow porch in the light of burning smoke son’s fine mans eyes.

At the same time, Heon Jinse and Sun Qiner looked at Su Ling with their own worries. When they saw Su Ling walking out of Lang Yiyuan with Bi Rao, Heon Jinse smiled and looked at the burning smoke son and said, "Smoke son is so much for her!"
"Jinse, don’t underestimate this Su Ling. Since she can get the most hated female san huang brother to accept her princess, it shows her ability. I heard that brother san huang was still helping her at the palace banquet last night. Don’t you think she will be your enemy?"
Hector even jinse cheek a frozen breathing with disorder light sigh a eyes also filled with faint dim "smoke son when I did something wrong? If I hadn’t insisted on going back to the tribe six months ago, maybe this marriage wouldn’t be her! "
Chapter 45 hit people, don’t hit them in the face and curse them, don’t expose them!
The stars are shining, the moon is shining, the palace is lonely, and the early summer night is full of gorgeous and charming luxury scenery. The palace lanterns and red candles are swaying in the wind and flashing hazy and yellow.
After Su Ling left Lang Yiyuan with Bi Rao, they walked slowly along the cloister in the back hall of the palace, and were deeply graceful and twisted, and they were projected with a slightly delicate figure by the bright road of the clear moon.
"Miss, this is not the way out of the palace!" A little while, Bi Rao looked at the walking direction of the two people and couldn’t help but be a little surprised. Looking at Miss Su Ling, it won’t be angry!
Su Ling’s beautiful eyes and sparse stars complement each other and shine brightly, bursting into a warm smile of youth. "It’s rare to come in once and take you to the door!"
Bi Rao "…"
When the East Palace archway came into view, Bi Rao stared slightly and was excited. She blinked at Su Ling’s back and secretly snickered. "Miss, you came to see Tai!"
She didn’t forget that when she first saw it, she was handsome, beautiful and indifferent. It was simply elegance, and the more she thought about it, the faster her heart beat and the lighter her pace.
Nazhi Su Ling smell speech looking back beautiful eyes with a strange glanced at Bi Rao wryly "longing for love? Who told you that I came to Taitai? "
"ah? Miss, I … This … Then what are you doing in the East Palace? " Bi Rao’s excitement is still frozen in his face. When he heard that he was not looking for a slight disappointment in his heart.
Su Ling’s hands pointed to Bi Rao and looked down at her fingertips, and suddenly it was quiet. What’s more, she came to see the Fourth Report!
Wang Ye’s bedroom is located in the East Palace behind the front hall. It happened that Su Ling and Bi Rao came here. Huang Yinji was coming from the opposite side with a palace guard. Su Ling smiled and Huang Yinji whispered "Little Four!"
The burn assumed her face with a light dignified seems to be talking with the bodyguard. I heard Su Ling shout frowns and patrol to see her. My face can’t hide my surprise. "Huang Sao, why are you here! Go back first and discuss this matter later! "
Burn assumed her side guards commanded 1, then quickly walked to the Su Ling face pear vortex shallow now grinning little tiger teeth came to Su Ling front.
"I just came to see you when I entered the palace today!" Su Ling said seriously, but when Huang Yinji heard this, the peach blossom eyes suddenly caught the arc, and the tender face suddenly approached Su Ling, laughing like a fox and muttering, "Huang Sao, you must have something to find me!"
"Nothing can’t come to you?" Burn three-dimensional kyi want to tease a Su Ling which know her eyebrow rhetorical question then unexpectedly suddenly turned around and waved in the "again! “
This burn assumed her face banter suddenly stiff a few minutes before repeatedly took Su Ling please say with smile "ah ah Huang Sao a joke will take it seriously! Go and sit in my palace! "
Su Ling immediately smiled slyly, "Respect is better than obedience!"
When Huang Yin Ji walked side by side with Su Ling, Huang Yin Ji kept her eyes hovering around Su Ling. Although she was less than a weak crown, her height was already higher than Su Ling’s. She squinted at Su Ling’s eyes and seemed to hide a lot of mysterious and clear mans.
"Small four, do I have flowers on my face?"
Su Ling raises her eyebrows and raises her eyes, even if she doesn’t burn Yin Ji’s height, but shrewd smart temperament and aperture moist eyes always seem to see through people’s hearts.
Huang Yinji scratched her head awkwardly, and then she turned to ask, "What are you doing in the palace, Huangsao?"
"Watch the play!"
"The theatre? Where can I see it? I haven’t heard that there is a singing opera in Zhanfang Pavilion today! " Burn assumed her one-way chanting 1 immediately also let Su Ling mind.
Soon after the two men paced and walked around the path of the East Palace, they arrived at the bedroom door of Huang Yinji’s bedroom. The imperial secretary saw Huang Yinji appear with Su Ling, and everyone looked at the two with their own worries.
Being in the palace compound, I’m afraid that many of these palace secretaries are in Cao Cao’s heart. I’m sure that when she comes to the small fourth palace tonight, things will go all over the palace.
"Huang Sao, you haven’t said where you saw the play?"
Entering the main hall of the bedroom, Huang Yinji and Su Ling both took their seats, followed by the first imperial secretary. Su Ling did not answer, but secretly gave Bi Rao a look. When she walked out of the main hall and conveniently opened the door, Su Ling turned her eyes to Huang Yinji and asked, "Do you know the princess of Xiaosi Jinse?"
"Miss Jinse knows that she just returned to the palace today. Do you know her?" Burn three-dimensional ji this one export Su Ling heart andao bad from his tone Su Ling heard Hector even jinse and they are afraid to be closer than they are.
Su Ling’s dark eyes, like a deep whirlpool, gradually gathered away the cold light and smiled. "Tonight, I chatted with her and Yincui gorge Sun Qiner in Langyi Garden for a while. It seems that you are familiar with the Princess Jinse!"
Huang Yinji took a few mouthfuls of tea cups and then nodded and agreed, "We are not only familiar with that girl who has followed Helianlai since she was a child. Qi Chu only goes back to the tribe occasionally in recent years, and her mother also likes Jinse Huangsao very much. Since she has seen her, she must like it!"
Like your sister!
The red candle in the temple fills the air, and the simple stone floor shows the long time. Su Ling’s eyes are fixed on the polished and smooth floor, and she smiles deeply. "Why not kiss her if you are so good? Wouldn’t it be better if you married her!"
Burn three-dimensional dust smell speech zheng suddenly shook his head "Huang Sao you don’t stop that now that wench like eldest brother I when she is a sister! Besides, you don’t take away what others like, right? "
Does Lian Jinse like to burn glass? Big news!
But before this fellow performed in front of her, it was wrong to covet the burnt dust!
"Are you still gentleman? Who scared away when I saw your third brother in the daytime? " Su Ling’s view of Hector even Jinse is slowly changing, but at the same time she continues to tease Huang Yinji.
Everyone in this palace is careful. Don’t look at Huang Yin-ji’s young age, as if she is distracted, but this little shrewd fear is not as simple and immature as it seems.
"Huang Sao hit people not dozen face call names don’t expose! I respect my third brother. You don’t know how many people in the whole capital like him and how many people want to have children for him! "
Su Ling "…"
Huang Yinchen, you won again! What a rotten peach blossom with a paralyzed face!
"Small four since Jinse infanta likes your eldest brother, why don’t you help fix it! I see that she looks good and behaves quietly. If she is a toffee, she should be a good helper! "
"Huang Sao it can not be my word! Eldest brother is so worried that he always keeps a straight face on weekdays, and he has already reached the age of Nafei, but he has been silent, and even his mother can’t be the master! But there’s one thing I tell you, Huang Sao, don’t be angry! "
Huang Yinji suddenly became a thief. Su Ling nodded in her heart. "I’m listening if you’re not angry!"
"In fact, the emperor’s sister-in-law got married with her mother six months ago, but later she didn’t know why, so she was heartbroken and went back to the tribe. This time she came back, I heard … I heard …"
"Your mother wants to give her to Huang Yinchen, right?"
As soon as Huang Yinji got up from her chair, she lowered her eyes and stared at Su Ling’s face. "How do you know about Huang Sao?"
Young Master Zhang Si-liu, they really broke their hearts!
"How do you think I know?" Su Ling lifted her eyes and looked panic-stricken. Huang Yinji had a hunch that his performance was really a little extreme. But think about it carefully. If Hector even liked Huang Yinli before, is it inappropriate to marry Huang Yinchen now? !